Fall Guys: everything you need to know about the video game of the moment

If Games Without Borders met the frivolous Japanese madness of Mai dire Banzai by Takeshi Kitano in a half-sleep raving and together they decided to develop a battle royale-style party game, they would give life to Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout , the phenomenon of the moment. With over 20 million players on PC and PlayStation 4, where in the PlayStation Plus service it has won the crown of most downloaded video games ever , the latest effort by MediaTonic has become an incredible worldwide success overnight.

Yet the way to this goal, just like in a game session, was arduous and studded with difficulties.

In an interesting Twitter thread, Jeff Tanton, creative director of Mediatonic, talks about the genesis of this singular product and how initially the publishers were more than skeptical of the idea of ​​financing a game inspired by Takeshi’s Castle but with battle royale dynamics. Skepticism that faded when the designer Dan Hoang presented the sketches of what would become the avatars of gamers, simple and colorful anthropomorphic beans that vaguely recall the Minions.

The character design turned out to be a winning element of Fall Guys that behind its apparent simplicity hides a successful mix of genres set in an online, competitive and cooperative context, which captures from the first moment of the game, also thanks to the absence of violence and the immediacy of the control system. In fact, the title is played using the analog sticks and literally only two keys on the pad.

Each game of Fall Guys is divided into rounds in which sixty gamers initially challenge each other in an exhilarating race for survival and qualification to the next level, with the ultimate goal of earning points to unlock decorative elements to apply to the character.

A little less than a month after the debut, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has imposed itself with its light-hearted joy in a very difficult terrain, dominated by boulder-like titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone . Its lightning success has recently forced the creators to state that the ports, the versions, for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles are a real possibility, because at the moment Fall Guys is only available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Instead, it was revealed that the mobile version is currently under development in China and given the numbers generated by the title it is to be expected that it will soon be available on all mobile devices in the world … and beyond.


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