Fall Guys: all the tips and tricks to win the Gafados test

Fall Guys has become one of the most demanded games of the moment and in which fun is more than assured in each of its minigames. It is clear that the important thing is to have fun, but we all love to win to get more points and crowns to exchange for suits. That is why in this guide we are going to give you all the indications to win the Gafados test .


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All the tips and tricks to win the Gafados test

The Gafados minigame is one of those that is included in the category “By Teams” and in it the players will be divided into two teams with the same number of members in each one. Some of them will start the game with the status of infected , with a cloud that will appear around their character, and their objective will be to infect each and every one of the members of the opposing team.

You could say that this minigame is very similar to that of Grab the Tail by Teams, because here you will have to flee at all costs from those players who are infected, so those who are healthy are as if they were wearing a tail. Every time a tinker touches another that is not, it will become a new tinker , so as the game progresses it will be more difficult to flee from the rivals.

To snort the others you have to chase and catch them , nothing more. So until one of the two sides is completely infected, which in turn will mean that it will be the loser and the one that will be completely eliminated. It is useless to chase those who are already gagged, so you only have to focus on those who are healthy, nothing more.

The stage consists of a lot of ramps, balls that swing and spirals through which you can spin without stopping. In short, there are several places that can help you to succeed if someone is chasing you, but for this you have to take good advantage of the environment or the help of other players , since you can mix with your own teammates to go unnoticed.


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