Fall Guys: all the tips and tricks to win in the Hoarders test

Fall Guys has become one of the most demanded games of the moment and in which fun is more than assured in each of its minigames. It is clear that the important thing is to have fun, but we all love to win to get more points and crowns to exchange for suits. That is why in this guide we are going to give you all the indications to win the Hoarders test .


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All the tips and tricks to win in the Hoarders test

The Hoarders minigame is one of those that is included in the category “By Teams” and it is probably the test of this section in which it will cost you the most to win, because usually until practically the last second it is not usually decided which two teams of the three participating will win .

All the players will turn red, yellow or blue and will have in front of them a total of seven giant balls that they will have to bring to their base so that it becomes their corresponding color. The two teams that keep the most will be the ones that will pass the round, but in the event of a tie between the two worst ones, extra time will be added so that there is a clear winner.

These huge balls will not always end up where we push or hit them, so it will cost you sweat to get them to your base and avoid being snatched by your opponents. As in the Egg Hunt event, his thing is to agree to take the balls to the team that is worse , since the only thing that matters is not to be the one with the least when the timer reaches zero.

As the balls are so big, it is possible that it will be difficult for you to move one if you are alone, so always try to help a partner before acting on your own, because the more players it will be easier to get hold of one of these balls. If you get one, the ideal is that you try to take it to the bottom of your area , because chaos is usually formed in the center and if the ball passes through one of those lines it will change color instantly, so that It does not matter where it is located on your base to add a point to your marker.


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