Faith in Angels: Knowing the Names of Angels and their Tasks

For all of you friends, you must remember about the six pillars of faith. Well , if you want to mention one by one, there must be one that says faith in angels. This faith in angels is number two after faith in God.

The meaning of faith in angels is that we as Muslims must believe and believe that angels are one of God’s creatures that are unseen or cannot be seen with the naked eye. Now , have we believed in angels ??

On this occasion we will learn together about faith in angels. From here we also know who the names of the angels are along with their duties, coupled with what wisdom we can take from faith in the angel.

Know the Meaning of Faith in Angels

Apart from what has been explained in the introduction above, there is a little additional explanation, about what the meaning of faith in angels:

First, believe and believe that angels exist even though their existence cannot be seen with the eye.

Second, angels are creatures created by God and we should not worship.

Third, believe and believe that angels have different characteristics from other creatures (specifically), which is always obedient and obedient to Allah’s commands, do not eat or drink, are created from light ( nur ) and have their respective duties.

The Beginning of an Angel

Angels are Allah’s creatures created by Him from nur or light. Nur or Light here is certainly not like the light of a lamp, candle, or like the neon light that we see. What is meant here is an angel created from Divine nur ..

As an unseen creature, of course humans cannot see, hear or feel it. This means that angels do not have physical appearance or form like humans. However, with Allah’s permission, angels can also transform into whatever they want.

We also need to know that this angel is a holy creature of God, has never sinned. A creature of God who is always faithful, obedient and always ready to carry out His commands.

In contrast to humans who are equipped with lust. Angels are not equipped with lust. He always dhikr exalted Allah’s name and prayed to Him so that people would remain obedient to Him.

Names – Angels Names and Their Tasks

Who already knows the names of angels and how many are they ?? If you talk about the names of angels surely many people already know, but if how many of them surely no one knows. Regarding the number of angels, actually very many. Only God Himself knows.

Of the many angels in existence, there are 10 (ten) angels which as a Muslim must know. Here are the names and duties of each angel we should know:

  1. Angel Gabriel, this angel is tasked to convey revelations to the prophets and messengers of Allah swt.
  2. Angel Michael, this angel is tasked to deliver sustenance to God’s creatures.
  3. Angel Raqib, this angel has the duty to record the good deeds of humans
  4. Angel ‘Atid, this angel is tasked with taking down human bad deeds
  5. Angel Izrail, this angel is tasked to take lives
  6. Angel Munkar and
  7. Nakir Angel, these two angels are tasked with giving questions to humans in the grave
  8. Angel Israfil, this angel is tasked to blow the trumpet, later when the Day of Judgment has arrived.
  9. Angel Ridwan, this angel is tasked with guarding heaven
  10. Angel Malik, this angel is in charge of guarding hell

Those are the ten names of angels that we must believe and believe. These angels certainly have different strengths to humans. He was given power by Allah. in order to be able to carry out strenuous work though, and be able to travel long distances with a short time. All His commands are done well and without merit to Allah Almighty.

Practices – Practices That Describe Faith To Angels

After knowing about what is meant by faith in angels. Surely we all know, that whatever we do there must be an angel in charge of recording the deeds of our deeds, whether it’s good or bad practice.

مَّا يَلۡفِظُ مِن قَوۡلٍ إِلَّا لَدَيۡهِ رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٞ ١٨


There was not a single word that he said but there was a nearby guardian angel who was always present (QS. Qaaf (50): 18)

From the information above, we are all instructed to always do good wherever and whenever. As for the deeds of charity are:

  1. Be diligent in doing the deeds where those who do so get prayers from the angels. Like learning to seek knowledge, doing prayers in congregation, visiting and praying for friends or relatives who are sick.
  2. Loves giving alms to people who are more in need (caring among people). This is as explained in the words of the Holy Prophet. which means:

“There is no one where in the morning a servant but there are two angels who descend to him, (one) said one of them: ‘O Allah, give compensation to those who are active’ and the other said: ‘O Allah, perish or destroy (property) those who are stingy “(Reported by Imam Bukhari and Muslim)

  1. Always love to carry out God’s commands and stay away from His prohibitions. such as being obedient to parents, respecting teachers, respecting fellow human beings.
  2. Always remember death or death, and many other good deeds.

Hopefully by knowing and knowing what is meant by faith in angels, we can make ourselves more confident and believe that in our daily lives we are not alone.

There are many angels who are always dhikr, submissive and obedient to Allah Almighty, and also in charge of the positions they are assigned to, including supervising and recording what we do everyday to get their reward in the End Times.

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