Facts About How To Memorize The English Words

Many of us are wondering How to Memorize The English Words quickly and as soon as possible. Of course, the best way to memorize words is  communication, and use common words in everyday life. How to speak English quickly and completely? This question is being asked by millions of students around the world. However, any obstacle can be overcome; the main thing is to choose the right direction to achieve goals. We have collected for you the most simple and effective tips that will help you to improve spoken English and to achieve fluency in communication.

Facts How To Memorize The English Words


 Read in English

This is the most effective way to learn new words. For example, some people have a great knowledge of the vocabulary in the field of Internet marketing, because they read a lot on this subject. How you can learn by internet? Read online news and blogs. Articles are usually short and compact. You will find many new English words that have not yet used. You should see the Google News and current affairs Blog.

Those who want to learn professional English, I recommend reading the Guardian, The Economist, and The NY Times. If you come across a new word, and did not know the translation, you can use Google Translate or install Google Dictionary in Chrome. Click on a new word twice and you will see its meaning in English.

The more you look with the same word, the more it is fixed in your memory, and you will soon be able to use it in his speech.

 Use a Thesaurus:

A thesaurus is a dictionary that gives no sense of the word, and the word synonyms (words with similar meanings).For example, if you type the word «business», will give you such words as «commerce», «exchange», «trade», «firm», etc.

Recommend Thesaurus: Choose Grammar Words Translation. But you can also use the well-known Cambridge Dictionary. You will bring great benefit by using visual thesaurus. It’s a great way to learn more words and increase your vocabulary in English. However, the only memorization will not be only solution for learning words. Therefore, it is necessary to remember using a card, for example. You can download Quiz let for this.

You Must know the Secrets About How To Memorize The English Words

Methods paper cards

Paper cards increases your vocabulary. This simple method is based on the mechanism of using short or long term memory.

Students have a deck of cards, on one side of each of which is written a foreign word, and the second “translation”. He flips through the cards, pronouncing foreign words and memorizing translation. If the word memories – puts the card in the direction of, if not, it removes the bottom of the deck to repeat later. After memorizing all the words cards are set aside, and repeated and after a certain period of time.

Use the power of emotion.

Tell me what comes to mind if mention of the word honey. You can visualize honey as a source of pleasure. So you can associate word for something important to yourself, then you can easily remember the word.

For example, the same word “honey “can be imagined as someone girlfriend (because this is how Americans call those whom they love).This word is emotionally attached with some ones personality.  And if you find a new word in an interesting story, it will contact those emotions that you experience while reading the story. Interesting conversation in English will also help you quickly memorize new words.

Recommended: Learn English with the help of interesting text and movies, .you should communicate with interesting people. This training will be a positive emotional factor that will help remember the words.

Remember the goal:

Studies have shown that people, who have good reason to learn the language, can learn it much faster than the others. For example, one of Moscow doctors managed to learn English in just a month – knowing that it will allow him to go on an internship abroad. Students who say certain words would be required in the next lesson, Statistics remember them better than those who do not mention it.

Why it works: All beginnings are impossible without a desire and motivation. Motivation gives strength. People began to learn English, because it’s fashionable, often drop out halfway. And if you have a goal, your chances of successfully master the language is much increased.

Recommended: Remember why you are learning English. Perhaps you want to go to study in the United States, want to get a promotion, or want to give a lecture in English.


if you want to really quickly learn English and are willing to sacrifice other things, make it your priority to highlight a few hours a day and work are not the limit, not forgetting, however, take breaks. Find the speakers; communicate with them in person or by correspondence via Skype, Yahoo Messenger or ICQ. So you will see noticeable changes after 3-4 weeks.


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