In every work that is involved, we must ensure that we always do the best. Likewise when serving customer complaints. When serving customer complaints, we must exert emotional intelligence and other abilities in order to provide professional, high-quality service.


Building and maintaining good relations with customers is a must thing to do if we are in the field of customer service. However, if customers have complaints, how can we provide high quality and professional customer service? How can we deal with customers without feeling annoyed and upset ?


Implement some capabilities.

There are 4 capabilities that must be used in providing high-quality and professional customer service.

1. Empathy.

The first capability we must have in providing high-quality and professional customer service is empathy . How can we empathize in serving customer complaints? Here are the ways that can be done:

– Understand the emotions and points of view we have.

– Listen carefully to what the customer is saying.

– Understand the situation at hand and the feelings the customer has.

– Consider the point of view of the customer.


How to show empathy for customers:

– Ask questions to follow up on the customer’s situation.

– Take a personal approach by saying the customer’s name. This will make customers feel cared for and valued.

– Listen without interrupting the conversation.

– Focus on talking with customers, don’t do other tasks. Even though it is possible to serve customers over the telephone, doing other tasks can make us unable to focus on what the customer says.


2. Patience.

The second capability that we must have in providing high quality and professional customer service is patience. We have to be patient in facing complaints or whatever the customers say. How can we remain patient while facing customer complaints?

– Make sure we have enough sleep.

– Make sure we have breakfast or lunch. Do not let us face customer complaints in a state of hunger.

– Inhale slowly and deeply.


3. Be positive. 

The third capability that we must have in providing high quality and professional customer service is to be positive . If we are positive, customers can also feel the positivity. Then, how can we maintain a positive attitude?

– Focus on long-term goals.

– Have a desire to always learn and try things that make us curious.

– Have responsibilities.


How can we show a positive attitude when serving customer complaints?

– Control the language used, for example, make sure that we use the word “should” not “should.”

– Make these complaints an opportunity to improve the quality of our service.


4. Emotional intelligence. 

The fourth ability that we must have in providing high-quality and professional customer service is emotional intelligence . Emotional intelligence enables us to be able to behave and respond to others with appropriate actions. Emotional intelligence also enables us to manage stress well, be proactive in difficult situations and hide the real feelings we are feeling.



Communicate the right way.

When serving customers, we must also pay attention to how to communicate . Make sure that we communicate clearly and understandably, so that customers can trust and not have misunderstandings. How can we communicate clearly and easily understood?

1. Listen to.

Listen to what the customer says carefully and try to repeat what he says. This shows that we really pay attention.


2. Make a schedule.

To have a long-term relationship with customers, make sure that we contact customers regularly, for example notifying updates or asking customers for their needs.


3. Be consistent with the meeting notes made. 

Make notes with the same format when we attend meetings with customers. Make sure that we note down the important points and the deadlines specified.


4. Set the expectations we have.

When can customers contact us? In what ways can we be contacted? Let customers know. Of course, we must convey in a polite and friendly manner, fellow reader.


5. Ask the customer. 

Ask what kind of communication the customer prefers, whether by telephone, e-mail or text message? Also ask the exact day and time to contact him. There is nothing wrong if we contact customers to ask things that are not understood. Then, what can be done if a customer contacts us, makes a complaint and expresses his dissatisfaction?

– Keep calm. Try to identify and find out the problems that exist.

– Don’t blame the customer. Have the error and say sorry.

– Focus on the solutions we have to overcome the existing problems.

– After that, take action. Let the customer know the actions we will take and promise that this will not be repeated.

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