Examples of valuable skills on a CV

1. Multilingualism

We live in an increasingly globalized world, where many businesses and companies serve customers from all over. Therefore, learning languages ​​easily is a skill that should not go unnoticed on a CV. Currently, the  languages ​​most requested by companies  are English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese . Even if the position you are applying for does not require interaction with clients, your fluency in another language is a great asset to mention.

2. Troubleshooting

If you solve problems easily, add it to your CV! Employers like active and initiative people , who are not afraid to look for several alternatives to find the solution to a problem. Furthermore, this says a lot about your autonomy and ability to face challenges.

3. Digital skills

On the other hand, these skills demonstrate that you can easily handle  current basic technologies, that is, that you have the ability to handle a computer, smartphone, tablet or other device with ease, that you know and use digital applications for your work, either at an initial level or as a professional.

These skills are often highly appreciated as all companies implement different technologies for various purposes. Also, because it shows your interest in innovating and updating.

4. Organization

Organizational skills are used to complete projects and work more effectively. They show that you are a structured, committed person who knows how to meet delivery times . Plus, it shows that you can keep your space, documents, and work tools organized.

5. Continuous training

This quality is like having an “aptitude for learning skills.” It may sound a bit redundant, however, this means that you have the ease of learning new things and that you have more possibilities to improve. This is something that recruiters value, especially when they are looking for a competent, competitive person with a desire to learn or grow. 

6. Leadership

Not everyone can be a leader. For this reason, companies are constantly looking for professionals who carry out management activities, as they need people with the confidence and intelligence to lead others , with empathy and dignity.

7. Creativity

Although creativity is practically essential in professions that are developed in areas such as art, fashion, photography, architecture, graphic design or digital marketing, the truth is that many more positions require the ability to explore aspects from new perspectives . If you have it, don’t hesitate to add it!

8. Adaptability

If you are one of those people who have many social and communication skills , perhaps you have also developed certain gifts of adaptability to get along easily, in any place or situation. Recruiters usually look for this in workers because, thanks to it, they manage to get along and integrate easily not only with your work team, but with other departments that require your support.

9. Training and development of personnel

If you are going to apply for a managerial or directive position , these skills are essential, since they imply the possibility of assuming responsibilities regarding your work team and correctly guiding everyone to achieve their objectives.

You have probably developed this skill because you are a born leader or you love collaboration . If you think this skill relates to you, include it!

10. Communication

If you have this skill, it is likely that, more than once, you have been told that you are very clear when explaining things. If so, let us tell you that you have a very useful and effective quality in any job, because not only can you start conversations or provide information, you also know how to listen, ask intelligent questions and thus form opinions, ideas or value propositions. 

This expertise can be expressed orally, in writing or both , which will make you a good asset, since others will trust you to resolve their doubts and will understand you.

11. Autonomy

This aptitude means that  you can move around on your own without needing a guide. You look for information in different media, you use tutorials, you read books, you ask the necessary questions to learn about something , as well as the most useful tools to carry out your tasks. If you are self-employed, it means that you have responsibility and initiative , two very important aspects for any company.

12. Self-control

If you are a person who, by nature, knows how to handle different situations of stress, anxiety and pressure well, then you have self-control skills. You know how to get along with other people and deal with a wide variety of personalities, attitudes and circumstances. This is very useful in areas where you deal with clients or spectators (if your field is entertainment or events).

13. Integrity

This means that you are realistic, frank, and reciprocal in your relationships, while knowing the value of truth and ethics . Therefore, you do not do what you would not like to be done to you. This is highly valued in positions where there is a direct relationship with suppliers and clients or when it is necessary to manage money or any type of material resources , since good management and transparency will benefit the company.

14. Teamwork

Many candidates mention this in their job interviews, but not all of them follow it completely. This is because working as a team does not only mean having a healthy coexistence with your work area, but also creating valuable synergies throughout the organization .

This aptitude indicates that you like to learn from others , which makes you an excellent collaborator. Other people know that they can come to you and you will help them to the best of your ability, with whatever they need.

15. Resilience

There are workers who have the skills to cope with errors and conflicts, as well as to overcome them in a simple way . This is called resilience, which is valuable in any job. It is likely that time and life itself have taught you to overcome some complex situations or situations that have not turned out as you expected . Someone who does not let himself be defeated is welcome in any company.

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