Everything You Need to Know About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

A new game from the creators of Pokemon Go will finally bring to reality the fantasies of everyone who waited for an owl in childhood with an invitation to Hogwarts

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a new project by Niantic Games, the authors of the acclaimed Pokemon Go . Like its predecessor, this is an augmented reality game, but here the action takes place in the famous fantasy universe, invented by J.K. Rowling. In this article, we have collected the most important information about the project for those who plan to plunge into the world of magic.

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite takes place in our time after the end of the book saga. Dark magic has broken through into the Muggle world, and now wizards need new allies. Players are given the role of volunteers who have joined the Security Team. You need to find magic objects and bring them back, as well as destroy rebellious monsters. The developers promise to introduce a full-fledged storyline in Wizards Unite, which was not in the same Pokemon Go. Already, you can find a lot of interesting information about the universe in the game: in order to study all the mini-stories from the world of Harry Potter, you need to look for special stickers, which will then be added to the Book of Memories.

What should be done here?

The gameplay of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is reminiscent of the more complex version of Pokemon GO. You need to walk with your phone or tablet through the streets of the city to explore magical zones in search of artifacts (they are called “finds” here), fight dangerous creatures and help allies.

Each spell with which you strike at opponents, you need to “draw” on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. If it didn’t work out, the enemy will remain intact, and the supply of your magical energy will still be partially reduced. This nuance alone makes the gameplay more difficult than in other similar projects. You can restore your mana in a tavern or with the help of a potion, and a miracle drink can still increase damage or heal a severe injury. Potions can be bought, found on the street, received as a reward, or brewed from ingredients. This will require plants that grow in greenhouses, and in order to grow them, you need to find seeds and water. Making potions yourself is much more profitable than buying.

Each profession in Harry Potter: Wizard Unite has its own mentor

In addition to random encounters and quests in the game, there are also so-called fortresses in which bosses live. To defeat them, you can attract the forces of other players, but it should be borne in mind that in this case the enemies will also become more dangerous. True, the reward for killing them will also be higher. It will take a lot of effort to go through all 20 floors of the fortress, but it’s worth it: only in the fortresses can you find the most useful items – spell books. In addition to raids, there are special events in Harry Potter: The Wizards Unite: for example, from August 27 to September 3, one of them will be able to visit Hogwarts.

How to become a cool wizard?

The game provides pumping. Your character has 12 different characteristics, as well as 30 active and passive skills for each profession. There are currently three professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite:

  • Auror – a tank with high attack and defense parameters;
  • professor – a magician who is especially strong in using spells;
  • magozoologist – a wizard who knows how to tame animals and heal allies.

As in traditional MMORPGs, the strongest teams are those with representatives of all classes. Well, if you play alone, then we advise you to opt for the professor – this is the most flexible class in the game. By the way, if something goes wrong and he disappoints you, keep in mind that you can always change the class.

To defeat enemies, you need not only to pump your hero, but also to learn how to draw spells

Once you’ve identified your class, follow these tips to excel at the game and outshine Dumbledore himself:

  • In training mode, learn how to draw spells correctly. In this way, you will prepare for battles with monsters and get experience points.
  • Come into the game every day and complete daily tasks.
  • Clear fortresses and take part in events.
  • Look for items with a yellow or red glow. They are the most valuable.
  • Play tonight. Some finds are found only in the dark.
  • Use Brain Elexir, which will increase the number of experience points from any of your actions.

When will the game be released in Russia?

The game was released in August, but so far only officially in the US and UK. The developers have not yet announced even the approximate release date in Russia and the CIS, but if you recall the similar situation with Pokemon Go, you will have to wait at least another year or two.

How to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite right now?

Fortunately, it is not necessary to endure so long: in fact, Wizards Unite can be downloaded and unofficially installed in Russia right now, and all game features will work perfectly. The Android version can be found here . Another way is to change the settings on your phone so that it is not clear what country you live in, install a fake GPS application and indicate that you are in the United States. After that, you can legally download the game from Google Play. Well, to run the game on iOS, you will have to sign out of your Apple ID, create a new account indicating that you live in the United States, and download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from the App Store.

Already, the community of Russian-speaking players Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is growing in the social. networks at an extremely fast pace, and knowing the love of domestic gamers for the work of J.K. Rowling, hardly anyone will be surprised if there are more Wizards Unite fans here than Pokemon Go fans. The latter, by the way, also makes sense to pay attention to Wizards Unite, even if they are indifferent to the world of magic: Harry Potter offers almost the same gameplay as Pokémon, but deeper and more interesting.

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