Everything we know about Guardian games in Destiny 2

One of the new events we will be participating in during Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2 is the Guardian Games. All three classes will compete against each other for top honors and a very interesting reward.

When are the Guardian games?

The Guardian Games will begin on April 21 and end on May 11. Both the start and the end of the event will coincide with the weekly Reset.

What are Guardian games?

The Guardian Games is a competition between Destiny 2 players trying to prove which class is the best. Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters will go head-to-head, trying to maximize your score to get that first place.

What I am going to do

We’re still not sure, as Bungie has been light on the details thus far. All we know is that you will need class challenges from Eva and Zavala in the Tower. These will allow you to earn points for your class score.

What do I get from the event?

Bungie has given the following list of potential rewards, although we are still not sure how exactly they will be obtained.

  • Daily rewards packages
  • A new exotic machine gun
  • New exotic ghosts
  • A new class item that will change color depending on its ranking in the event.

The fun thing about the class article is that once the event is over, the color will be blocked for the rest of the year. So, the first place will get Gold, the second place will get Silver and the third place will get Bronze. We have also seen some images of new armor, and the current assumption is that they will be obtained from the daily reward packs.

The new exotic machine gun is the heir apparent, but once again, little is known about how it will perform in the game yet. It appears to be a larger version of the Cabal Slug Thrower, which will certainly be fun to use.

As Bungie makes more information about the event available, we will update this article accordingly.


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