Everything you need to know about fall asthenia

The decrease in the hours of sunlight and a daily routine marked by stress make the arrival of autumn for some people more than just a formality. And it is that health and humor can be altered with the cold . Although the official beginning of autumn does not take place until September 23 , the entrance of the meteorological autumn —this is the beginning of the drop in temperatures and changes in time— can take place up to twenty days before .

During this adaptation process, fall asthenia may appear . A syndrome that is much more common during the hot months – the dreaded privaternal asthenia – but that manifests itself more and more in the autumn. The reason is mainly the reduction in hours of sunlight and the body’s own response to temporary change.

Alberto López, president of the Madrid Society of Family and Community Medicine (Somamfyc), explains that “asthenia is a syndrome that brings together many things , and that specialists use to rule out more serious ailments or diseases caused, for example, by a neurological, endocrine disease or a tumor process ».

Physical and emotional manifestations

Its symptoms appear and normally affect the emotional state of those who suffer from asthenia. The most common are tiredness , apathy , bad mood or lack of sleep . Anhedonia is also normal —this is the inability of a person to feel pleasure when doing any activity— and lack of concentration . Even the absence of sexual desire is a regular of this syndrome.

López recalls that «it is a syndrome that is temporary , and as such it should disappear after five or six days . It may last a week or a week and a half, and at most fifteen days . But if after this time it persists, a specialist should be consulted ». But his recommendation goes further “if the first symptoms appear accompanied by fever, weight loss or respiratory failure, you should immediately see a doctor.”

20% of Primary Care patients suffer from asthenia

Prevention, fundamental

To cope with fall asthenia, prevention comes first. The key is to follow a balanced diet that includes vegetables and greens to ensure the intake of vitamins and minerals. Along with diet, it is essential to sleep well — at least eight hours a day for optimal rest — following a sleep routine, that is, going to bed and getting up (whenever possible) at the same times and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits .

Of course, these guidelines do not ensure that a person does not suffer from asthenia because it is a consequence of a poor adaptation of the body to the changes in season and usually lasts only a few days or, at most, a couple of weeks.

How To Overcome Fall Asthenia

Alberto López points out that the first thing to do is rule out that it is a more serious ailment . To do this, you have to see if it worsens or not when doing physical exercise . Also, another sign that it is autumn asthenia is that mood and emotional state improve throughout the day . Therefore, it recommends carrying out activities that generate pleasure and force the body to produce endorphins.

In addition, these are other tips that can help overcome the arrival of cold:

  1. Include stimulating and antidepressant foods in the diet. The University of Alicante points out, among others, turkeymilkchicken , cheese , soy . Also the chocolate , the pineapple , the banana and the pepper , which are the ” happy foods “. All of them are foods rich in tryptophan , a substance that directly affects the production of serotonin and, consequently, the mood .
  2. Hydrate.
  3. Eat five or even six times a day. In meals, experts recommend including a significant amount of carbohydrates suchas rice or pasta (which can be low in calories).
  4. Do sports daily. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins, making it the best antidepressant.
  5. Choose an activity that is pleasant and dedicate a moment to the day. Finding a moment to spend a few minutes, half an hour or an houris something that can become the injection of energy that a person needs.


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