Every happy couple talks about these 6 things

In the beginning, married life can be a great adventure of mutual discoveries; however, over time, it can become extremely monotonous because almost the same thing happens every day. Despite this, there are sporadic situations that make couples need to talk about them.

I know that the way I illustrate this is not pleasant and makes marriage seem unattractive; yet, things are also not so tragic. The couple will always find topics to talk about, new tastes and small pleasures that they can both adopt to make life in the marriage more varied.

The curious thing is that these interesting details will appear little by little. What the couple must do is to have their senses sharpened to capture these issues and talk about them. And they must be embraced to bring the marriage to life.

What topics need to be discussed with two?

There are so many things to talk about in a relationship! The point is that you never stop meeting the person you have woken up with 20 years ago. The themes are:

1. Misunderstandings

For many people, what causes conflicts in relationships most are  marital problems . Whether you like it or not, there will be problems because, as much as you love each other, you are different in many ways, and this will lead to unpleasant encounters.

Ignoring problems will only generate more. Therefore, it  is important that you talk about them in time and do not spend more than a day without talking about what made you uncomfortable about your partner. If they do not speak, it is possible that they will end up accumulating resentments and, when they are emotionally overwhelmed, they may end up mistreating themselves.

2. Finance and debt

This is a very important subject, on which both should speak clearly and know how to organize themselves so that the financial aspect does not end with the patience of either.

It is a matter of just putting everything that has to do with money on the “negotiating table”. It is necessary to ensure that there is clarity in this regard and, above all, agreements. That way, you will have less stress and a clearer way to settle the money that comes into the house every month.

3. The couple’s daily life

It may seem like the most obvious thing in the world, as many couples are believed to do this, but are you really interested in what your spouse’s day was like? If the internal answer is no, know that you should be interested, for the simple reason that we all need to “get rid” of the uncomfortable situations of the day.

Do you think your wife has no problems at home? Try to replace it for a day or a week. Do you think your husband has an interesting life for working out? Well, believe me, professional life is very tiring and, at times, really boring.

It doesn’t hurt anyone to be “the pillow” for the other to vent the bad things in life. Of course, not everything is bad, it can also be fun to tell the funny things that happen to you. These things are the pepper that season the wedding.

4. Intimacy and mutual affection

It is incredible that, today, there are marriages in which sexuality is still seen as taboo. This is due to the type of breeding that is still used in many homes around the world. It does not mean going through life without any decorum; but that, inside the couple’s room, things should be more uninhibited for both.

There is nothing wrong with talking about preferences, fantasies, frustrations and so many things in   the couple’s sex life , but it would be a mistake not to have the confidence to do so.

In addition, sexual relations are not just to bring children into the world, it  is the way to express the love and desire they feel for each other. Therefore, it should be something natural to be addressed. This is because satisfactory intimacy encourages the couple to understand each other in a way that would not be possible through a kiss or bouquet of roses.

However, a love note, a gift or a way out, just because they want to do it, are the materialized expression of affections. It is not that sex encompasses the whole expression of love. But, as much as small gestures and a well-assumed, understood and talked about sexuality, they make the couple come together in ways they never imagined.

5. Participation of the two in domestic work

Housework never ends. I think that all of us who have a home to look after agree with this. The frustrating thing is that, living more than one person at home, the biggest burden falls on one party.

The fact is that it is difficult to establish an equitable division of work at home; however, it is not impossible. Perhaps it is due to the culture or education that some men have received. The truth is that  many believe that looking after the home is a woman’s business. The good news is that things have changed in recent years, and many men have as much, if not more, ability to manage a home than many of us. Still, if you notice that there is some imbalance in these tasks, it never hurts to talk clearly about it.

6. Plans

As human beings willing to build a happy life, it is natural for us to make plans for the future. To make this possible, it is necessary to put on the table the dreams and desires that the two have and make an assessment of the points in common.

They can be any goals, like vacation trips, savings, buying a house or a new car. The correct thing is to enter into an agreement, because you are a couple and this type of matter concerns both of you. It is also not bad to have individual dreams, however, it is just and necessary for the other to know them in order to feel part of their life.

Talking about each aspect mentioned above helps a lot in understanding and understanding the person next to you. Try to make good and fluid communication your number one weapon to combat monotony and add flavor to your married life.


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