Ethics in Islamic Banking Business

Ethics or rules of behavior become a very important element in Islamic banking, because it can control the behavior of stakeholders , especially employees and other related managers.

With the application of the right ethics, it can provide several benefits for Islamic banking, including:

  • Service users or customers will feel satisfied, because it is served well and wholeheartedly.
  • Employees who are one with other employees will become more intimate, good ethics or character will make them understand each other among each other.
  • Financial statements will be more accurate and reliable, because ethical people do not dare to manipulate data.
  • No one feels wronged (all based on mutual pleasure).
  • Good owner and employee ethics will provide convenience in making Islamic banking a truly Sharia bank.
  • Good ethics will give birth to products that are Shariah compliant.

It would be desirable that ethics could become a formal or major part of the operational system of Islamic banking.


Because, this can be one of the efforts to maintain the mandate, precisely in managing customer money.


If the rules regarding ethics are set correctly, then every party related to Islamic banking will get used to a good environment, so that it will provide its own color or strength


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