Eternal: Lightning Attack Puzzles

Eternal: solving new puzzles, section “Lightning Attack”


With patch 1.28 , new puzzles have been added to Eternal . Now their total number has exceeded 100, and a new achievement has appeared accordingly. But not only achievement, but simply solving the problems themselves allows you to farm a little gold.

This is a guide for those who, for one reason or another, do not want to waste time solving puzzles. There are only five tasks in the “Lightning Attack” section. It is worth noting that Lightning Attack is one of the combat abilities most represented in black and red, and these tasks will not only help you play better in these colors, but also against them.


Bronze challenge

A strange task, three units with a lightning attack are attacking us.

The enemy has a Silver Haven Provocateur , so for the death of units, each of the players will take damage. Our goal is to block everyone, while killing one of them, because at the end of the turn we will die because of the relic. We only have three units with a second attack: the Agile Piglet and two Obsidian Golems , so with them we block the Rogue Queen . The provocateur will deal 4 damage to us, and 1 to the opponent.

The strangeness is that we will win. What’s the strangeness? The fact that we also have 0 hits left.


Silver challenge

The task begins on the opponent’s turn, he targets our only unit with Shooting , which deals 5 damage to a creature without a lightning attack. We play Palba and save the Mad zaumant , do not defend against the attack of Rolant .

In our turn, we transform any unit into a carnosaur , it doesn’t matter. We play the Swift tracker and the rune , we send two units to the attack. We turn an unblocked unit into a carnosaur with the help of a Dinosaur , and play a high- speed fire on it . The problem has been solved.


Golden challenge

We put the Leader of the battle squad , we equip the Six- Armed Blade Master with the Carbine of Hellfire . He gets a lightning attack and deadly poison. We send both units to attack. The opponent blocks the Rebel Archer , kill the leader with Instant Death , choose the arrow as the target to buff the leader and win.


Diamond challenge

A task in which we cannot bypass the Paladins of the Copper Guard , because there are four of them, they are full of strength and charged with theft of life. The answer is simple – we do not need to bypass them, we just need to go on the attack with units with the first strike.

The opponent blocks General Izalio with three units , and lets the Rebel Archer pass, we impose a mute on one of the paladins who blocked the general with the help of a Gag and win by killing one of those with the theft of life first.


Champion challenge

Here we have an abundance of cards and mana. We’ll need almost everything. To begin with, we put the Provocateur of the Silver Haven , equip him with the Hunting Harpoon , now we have a provocateur 4/4, who sips a card every time an opponent’s creature dies. We give the provocateur hunting with the help of the Twilight hunt , we kill the Draconid of the foggy veil with it . Ability Burevestnitsy kill ThunderClan eater . We play Dueling Pistols on Dilfedok the Hunter , by preparing pistols we reduce the Storm Dragon’s stats . Play the Hero of the Free Clans, its spark is activated. We kill any of the remaining dragons with the hunter , play the Breath of the Dragon on the hero and finish off the second one. The opponent has five hits left, we finish him off with a Talented Psionic , who, after the death of four enemy units, grew by the efforts of the provocateur to 5/5.

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