Essential accessories for Nintendo Switch that you must have in 2021

Releasing Nintendo Switch in 2021? Well, make the most of it with these accessories that you need to buy right now to complete your new hybrid console.

Have you finally got your hands on that Nintendo Switch that you wanted so much? !! Congratulations!! You finally have in your hands a hybrid console full of video games and with which you will spend hours playing either inside or outside the home thanks to its portable personality.

Mind you, no Nintendo Switch is truly complete without the right accessories . These types of accessories improve the gaming experience either because they are more ergonomic, because they adapt your console or because they give it much more capacity to store an infinity of games.

Controllers, bases, memory cards, adapters … There are many accessories available for Nintendo Switch, but these are the essentials to get the most out of your new hybrid console .

So, here are the five essential accessories for Nintendo Switch that you must have yes or yes in 2021 . And all by Amazon, so you can get them as soon as possible at no additional cost by signing up for Amazon Prime or Prime Student . Let’s give it!

An adjustable base for Switch: HORI PlayStand

HORI is a brand that has designed many very useful peripherals and accessories for gamers, especially for Nintendo Switch. With its adjustable base you can support your console on a very stable and durable base, and only for 10.39 euros , six euros less than its usual price.

Many users complain that the leg that the Nintendo Switch comes with to support it is a bit flimsy and uncomfortable. Instead, this base provides you with stable support that you can place at three different angles . If it even has an official license from Nintendo!

HORI PlayStand

HORI Adjustable Base for Nintendo Switch. With non-slip rubber buttons and adjustable angle. Leave the USB port exposed so you can charge the console while it is on the base.

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The dock leaves the console’s USB port fully accessible so you can charge it while you play and don’t have to decide between running out of battery or stopping playing. It incorporates non-slip rubber buttons and when you are not using it, you can fold it completely so that you do not occupy anything at all.

An HDMI adapter for travel: Nintendo Switch HDMI

If you want to replace the original Nintendo Switch Dock with another exclusively designed to guarantee perfect HDMI adaptability, you have this Adapter for Nintendo Switch HDMI Hub for 21.98 euros .

With this adapter you can plug your console into any HDMI port and keep a resolution of 1,080 pixels . In addition, this dock dissipates heat so that the console does not overheat, a problem that is usually common with the original dock.

Nintendo Switch HDMI

HDMI adapter for Nintendo Switch. With heat dissipation so the console does not overheat and the ability to charge it while in use.

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In addition, its design is very light and portable, so you can take it everywhere and enjoy your games with its multifunctional mode. It includes 4K support and you can also use it for some Samsung phones and MacBooks. And you can charge your console while you play!

An extra controller: GameSir T4 Pro

We have already told you more times about the GameSir T4 Pro controller. It is one of the best Third Party peripherals on the market, as it is compatible with a large number of devices. It is usually used to play on mobile phones, but it can be your extra command for Switch for 39.99 euros .

Its design is characterized by a semi-transparent cover with colored RGB LED backlighting on the ABXY buttons and the right joystick. It has configurable keys to assign complex macros that adapt to your style of play.

GameSir T4 Pro

Controller with RGB lighting compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC games via Bluetooth or with USB cable and for Android phones, iPhone or even iPad.

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To ensure realism and immersion, it has an asymmetric vibrating motor with five speed levels . It works with WiFi 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connection. It has 10 meter connectivity and a 600 mAh rechargeable battery that gives you hours of interrupted play.

A replacement for Joy-Con: HORI Split Pad Pro

We have also told you more than once about these HORI peripherals, which returns to the list with one of its star products: Split Pad Pro, the controller that will replace the Joy-Con and will become your favorite peripheral for Nintendo Switch. It costs you 49.95 euros .

Many users complain that the Joy-Con are quite uncomfortable, especially to play at home for several hours. Split Pad Pro solves that problem with a much more ergonomic and larger design that improves grip and guarantees hours of comfort.

Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch

These dockable controllers for Nintendo Switch have several features that make them stand out from the Joy-Con, as well as a much more ergonomic design.

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It has an official license from Nintendo and programmable back buttons to save macros . It also boasts a turbo function with three settings of five, ten and twenty keystrokes . And of course, it is compatible with the Switch base, so you can charge the console without removing it.

The downside is that it sacrifices some functionalities , such as the battery, the HD vibration, the accelerometer, the gyroscope, the NFC or the infrared motion camera. But in return, it promises you ergonomics and comfort that you will not want to change for the world.

A large capacity microSD to put more games: 400GB SanDisk Ultra

Another common complaint about the Nintendo Switch is that it has very little memory. Its 32GB barely fits the wide catalog of games it offers us, so the option is clear: resort to a 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSD that costs you 69.90 euros .

It is a class 10 card that incorporates an adapter if necessary. With its 400GB of capacity you can download one game after another without worrying about running out of space, so forget about sacrificing a game or a game to try that title that you have so much desire to play.

SanDisk Ultra 400GB

The 400 GB SanDisk Ultra memory card is one of the best options to use both in game consoles such as Nintendo Switch and in smartphones or tablets due to its good quality / price ratio.

Buy it at the best price

It boasts lightning-fast transfer speeds, with a read speed of 100MB per second and a write speed of also 100MB per second . The perfect card to play much more on your new favorite console.


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