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An irrelevant element involved in air which is harmful to the environment is called air pollution. In India, the biggest reason for this is vehicle pollution which causes many problems including lack of oxygen in the atmosphere which is the major issue of respiratory diseases and global warming for all living beings.

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Essay on vehicle pollution, vehicle pollution essay in hindi (200 words)

A vehicle has always been the main requirement for the general public in India, be it a scooter, motorcycle or car; This is not the time when own transportation was considered a status symbol, but nowadays it has become a necessity for everyone to move from place to place in urban or rural areas.

While some changes prove beneficial for one part of the generation on the other side, it becomes a curse for the whole world. For example, the invention of vehicles with petrol or diesel fuel. At present, the world is going through an alarming rate of air pollution and the main reason for this crisis is the pollutants emitted from vehicles.

Vehicular air pollution

India is a country of 125 million people and the largest consumer of motor vehicles or automobiles. These vehicles are powered by either petrol or diesel, greatly affecting the environment and our ecosystem. Pollutants typically emitted from cars are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. As we know that the whole world is going through fear of global warming and the biggest reason for this is the increasing level of vehicle pollution which all of us need urgent attention.

The impact of the automobile on the environment is about 80 to 90%. According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), road vehicles account for one-third of air pollution and 27 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions from all transportation.

Essay on vehicle pollution problem, essay on vehicle pollution in hindi (300 words)


Pollution in large metropolitan cities is increasing day by day and the main reason for this is pollution through vehicles other than industry. As more people are moving from small cities to big cities, the number of vehicles is increasing and this is deteriorating air quality. In big cities, various diseases are caused by vehicle pollution.

Impact of vehicle pollution on environment

With the increase in the number of vehicles, pollution from these automobiles is increasing drastically. The combustion of fuel in the vehicle emits various gases like sulfur oxide (SOx), carbon mono oxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx), suspended particulate matter (SPM), etc. These gases are causing immediate and long-term effects on the environment. . Health hazards have an immediate impact on humans for development and long-term effects are damaging the environment by creating global warming, acid rain, imbalances in the eco-system etc.

These gases trapped the heat in the atmosphere and increased the temperature of the Earth i.e. global warming. This increase in temperature affects ecology such as the rise in sea level; Destroying the natural landscape, floods, floods, cyclones etc. in many parts of the world, these gases are hollowing out the ozone layer; Due to this, ultraviolet rays are easily reaching the atmosphere which is a source of various skin diseases. SOX and NOX in the atmosphere are converted to acids during the rains and destroy crops, forests and other flora. The CO2 concentration in the air is increasing and has reached 400 ppm at its hazardous level.

Diesel vehicles are more prone to causing air pollution and various diseases like cough, headache, nausea, asthma and other respiratory problems etc. Earlier, lead was used in fuel to increase burn efficiency, although it was discontinued because it was releasing hazardous and deadly gases such as benzene into the atmosphere which are harmful to health.


With increasing number of vehicles on the road, the effects of vehicle pollution are increasing day by day. The effects of vehicular pollution are badly affecting the living beings on Earth and are causing a lot of health problems. Slowly but surely, it can create an unsuitable place to live; Therefore, we should take it seriously and take steps to prevent vehicle pollution regarding all possible solutions.

Essay on vehicle pollution problem and remedy, vehicular pollution essay in hindi (400 words)


Pollution through vehicles is a major problem in the world, especially in metropolitan cities. Vehicles are increasing day by day due to urbanization and increase in income of people. Everyone wants to go with their car or other vehicles to avoid congestion in the public transport system.

How to control vehicle pollution?

Here are some methods that the government is taking to control vehicle pollution:

Promote vehicle use with CNG fuel (compressed natural gas) instead of petrol and diesel fuel. CNG is called Green Fuel i.e. CNG vehicle has much less pollution than petrol or diesel. Regularly check the pollution of the vehicle through the registered authority.

Promotion of electric powered vehicle to reduce pollution. Ejecting old or highly polluted vehicles from the big city. The implementation of Euro-VI fuel across India was progressively implemented in Delhi initially from April 2018. In other major cities, it will come into force by December 2018. Sulfur in Euro-VI fuel will be reduced from 50 to 75.

Government of India is working to introduce LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as a fuel, it will reduce pollution from the vehicle. The government has taken the initiative to increase mass transport system i.e. buses, improving metro, infrastructure development, road network in various cities.

Implementation of automatic tag system in toll booths so that vehicles can go easily without waiting in queue for tolls. Build a bypass in big cities so that a vehicle coming from one end does not need to pass through the city to go to the other side. Recently Eastern Peripheral Expressway opened which would be a bypass for trucks or buses in Delhi, if there is no stop in Delhi. This will reduce traffic conditions as well as reduce pollution and save time for the public.

Delhi government implemented Aud-Even car to run on special day based on its registration number.


Urbanization is highly needed for the development of any country but unfortunately it has become possible at the cost of the unwanted situation of air pollution everywhere. The reasons for this drastic issue may be considerable but there is always a solution for execution.

Essay on vehicle pollution, vehicle pollution essay in hindi (500 words)


A large part of the polluted air in the atmosphere is due to vehicles and other means of water through the road or air. Vehicle pollution needs quick attention to control it to save people’s health and avoid global warming. Some of its metro cities in India are so heavily polluted that it has become difficult for people to breathe. The situation is so bad that Bangalore has got the title of ‘Asthma Capital of India’.

Meaning of vehicle pollution:

Vehicle pollution is the pollution caused by the type of vehicles plying on the road. Petrol or diesel is needed as fuel to obtain energy to drive vehicles which emits a variety of harmful gases into the environment after combustion. These harmful gases (carbon monoxide, unbalanced gasoline, lead, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, etc.) spread to the atmosphere and pollute the pure air leading to air pollution. Air pollution caused by emission of automobiles / cars / vehicles is called vehicle pollution.

Reasons for vehicle pollution:

It clearly defines that the reason for the increasing vehicle pollution is the increased population of the country and thus the rapidly increasing demand for cars, bikes, scooters or other vehicles. Urbanization is also a major cause of vehicle pollution. As people are constantly moving from rural areas to urban cities, which lead to increased demand for vehicles on the road day by day.

Passenger vehicles with petrol or diesel fuel release a large amount of nitrogen oxide, carbon mono oxide, sulfur oxide (SOX) into the air. Vehicles are responsible for unwanted elements in the atmosphere that directly or indirectly affect people and all people living on Earth.

Effects of vehicle pollution:

In various manners, vehicle pollution is affecting our environment such that it is making our environment so harmful that breathing in metro cities is just like taking slow poison from the air. Many diseases are emerging or we can say that vehicles are increasing in urban areas due to pollution.

Pollution in the air produces a major impact on human health, including animals and plants, it is badly damaging our ecosystem resulting in global warming. The automobile industry is directly impacting the emerging greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by 80 to 90%, a group of compounds that are able to trap heat in the atmosphere, such as nitrogen oxide carbon mono oxide, sulfur oxide (SOX) ).

Vehicle pollution measures:

Vehicle pollution is a major environmental issue in India that needs to be resolved as soon as possible for our future generations. Air pollution caused by the vehicle can only be controlled by tightening to traffic regulations and increasing the quality of automobile and manufacturing industries.

Proper care of the tires and fuel tanks of any vehicle helps in lower exhaust emissions. Car pooling, use of transport buses, better and proper road management, use of CNG powered vehicles instead of petrol or diesel always helps in reducing air pollution.

It is necessary to check for regular vehicle pollution from authorized centers, also to remove old vehicles from cities and also to introduce electric vehicles in cities for transportation. For the control of vehicles on the road, the government has tried to make some efforts from time to time by implementing some new traffic rules like the Odd-Even Policy in Delhi NCR, due to which vehicles have to be run on their designated day based on the registration number Does matter.


Problems are always solved, which we just have to find and implement better. Vehicle pollution in India is at high risk which requires individual attention and support to each individual

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