Essay on Ramadan and when does its month begin?

Essay on Ramzan: In India, people of many religions live together, where people of all religions are given complete freedom to celebrate their own festival with great pomp. Such a view and such freedom is not seen in any other country of the world. All those people are happy who have taken birth in a country like India.

Here, as much respect is given to people of Hindu religion as much respect is also given to people of Islam religion. Just as Muslim people celebrate Holi and Diwali with Hindu brothers and sisters in love, in the same way Hindu people also share their happiness with Muslim siblings on the day of Eid.

Eid is the biggest festival for the people of Muslim religion, but before that they have to keep fast for a month, this fast is completely different from fasting of people of Hindu religion. In the twelve months of Muslims, one month is called Ramadan, in which Ramadan is fasted .

All of you must have heard about Ramadan from your Muslim friends, but what is the whole history of Ramadan, what is the story behind it, I  am going to tell you through Ramadan Eid essay today .

Every festival has its own importance and I believe that all of us should have complete knowledge about every festival so that when young children ask you the story or reason behind celebrating any festival, then you give them right. To impart knowledge With this purpose, let us start the article on Ramadan .

Essay on Ramadan – Essay on Ramzan in Hindi

What is Ramadan? Ramadan or Ramadan is considered a holy month for the religion of Islam . In this holy month, people who believe in Islam keep fast on a regular basis. During this time, eating or drinking anything is forbidden throughout the day.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the moon is given the highest importance in this religion. Praying, fasting, getting food and maintaining mutual harmony is the main feature of this festival.

It is believed that in the month of Ramadan, the doors of Jannat are opened. Allah accepts the blessings and prayers of the worshiper and in this holy month, freedom from sins is obtained. Muslim people have to follow very tough rules in Ramadan. During fasting, Pitay does not eat anything from sunrise to sunset.

It has also been said to stay away from bad habits in Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is considered holy because during this time Muslim people have been asked to bring bad thoughts, slander someone, lure, lie and swear falsely.

Rosa in Arabic is called ‘Saum’ which means avoiding not only eating and drinking, but also with bad deeds, bad thinking and bad words. Therefore, fasting is not just a physical abstinence, but a person’s body and soul have a responsibility towards the spirit of fasting.

Rosa is a duty for everyone, keeping it is a practice of purification of soul, full attention to Allah and sacrifice so that man is able to keep himself away from the greed of any inner being.

However, those people of Muslim religion who are ill during Ramadan, are older, women are in pregnancy or have any other problem due to which they are unable to keep fast, then they are not compelled to keep fast.

But if a healthy person is not able to keep fast in the month of Ramadan due to illness, travel or any other reason, then after Ramadan, counting can be done by keeping the fast. Those who cannot keep fast, they provide food to poor and hungry people in return and give alms to charity.

History of Ramadan: Why celebrate Ramadan?

The process of Ramadan has been going on for centuries. According to the beliefs of the Islamic religion, it is said that the Holy Book “Quran Sharif” descended to the ground through the Prophet Muhammad in 610 AD . It is said that since then, Muslims all over the world keep fasting for the first time in remembrance of the Quran. Therefore Ramadan is also considered an occasion for the celebration of the Quran. In the religion of Islam, Rosa is considered a festival to thank Allah.

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The month of Ramadan is very important for every Muslim, in which fasts are kept for 30 days. According to Islam, the whole of Ramadan is divided into three parts, which are called the first, second and third usher. Usher is the Arabic number 10. In this way every usher is of 10–10 days.

The first Ashar is of Rahmat i.e. the first 10 days of Ramadan month are of Rahmat, in which Allah has mercy on those who fast and offer prayers. During this time, Rosar should donate more and help the poor.

A second usher runs from the 11th day of Ramadan to the 20th day, in which people pray to Allah and apologize to them for their sins. According to Islamic belief, if a person apologizes for his crimes during Ramadan, then Allah accepts his forgiveness.

The month of Ramadan is sometimes 29 days and sometimes 30 days. The third and last usher of Ramadan runs from the 21st to the 29th or 30th day. This usher is considered to be the most important because the purpose of this usher is to protect oneself from the fire of Jahannam. During this time, every Muslim should pray to Allah to avoid Jahnam.

Importance of Ramadan

People also get to learn a lot from Ramadan. People forget to pray Allah or do not take time out while doing their daily chores. The month of Ramadan reminds the people of Allah that this life is the name of that God, take some time out for his prayer so that God’s mercy remains on all of us humans.

At the time of Ramadan under Islam, all Muslims should try to understand the purpose of their lives again. Even if someone has done wrong to us, they should be forgiven. Bad habits should be avoided and poor, unhappy people should donate money, clothes, food etc. which is called Zakat. It is said that in this month of Ramadan, whoever does righteousness and keeps his heart clean during Roza, Allah gives him happiness.

When is Ramadan in 2021 – Ramadan 2021 Date

After knowing so much about Ramadan, it must also be coming in your mind that when is Ramadan or when is Ramadan started? Ramadan , the holy month of Islam, full of Barkat, will begin on the 23rd of April in 2020 and will end on 23 May.

In Ramadan, every day for about 1 month, before the sun rises, food is taken up and called Sahari, then it is kept fast throughout the day, and in the evening, the food that the person eats to open or break the fast is called Iftari. The prayer that is asked from the true heart at the time of Iftar is acceptable.

The person breaks the roast by eating a date palm. According to an Islamic literature, a messenger of Allah has been written to break his fast with dates, on the basis of this, all the tenants break the fast by eating dates. Apart from this, dates cure other diseases like stomach problems and weakness. By staying hungry thirsty in Ramadan, a person gets the courage to stay away from any kind of greed and walk on the right path.

Which festival comes at the end of Ramadan?

In the religion of Islam , the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated on the occasion of observing the moon sinking of Ramadan and observing the new moon of Eid after fasting for the whole month of Ramadan . For the people of Muslim religion, this is the occasion of feast and enjoyment. The word Fitr is derived from the Arabic word ‘Phatar’ which means to donate.

It is the duty of the believers of Islam to donate according to their status to the needy on the day of Eid, this donation is also called Zakat and Fitra in Islam.

By the way, there is a tradition of donating alms during the fast, which gives blessings of Allah. This donation is known as Zakat. Zakat is also offered during the fast, but on the day of Eid, before the namaz, the poor are distributed the Fitra, which is called Fitr Dena, due to which Eid is called Eid-ul-Fitr.

Eid is a day of happiness in which Muslim people take their first bath in the morning, wear new clothes and offer fragrant perfume and go to Eidgah and offer Eid prayers. Generally, men wear white clothes on this day because white color is a symbol of purity and simplicity.

After the Eid prayer, people embrace each other and give Eid greetings and everyone eat together. Eid festival teaches us to live together. The mercy of Allah is on those who adopt mutual love and brotherhood.

Article on ramadan

Ramadan is the month of the worship of Allah, which is known all over the world for its strict rules. The purpose of every festival of India is happiness and unity. Ramadan is also a festival that teaches unity and love. The festival of Ramadan teaches us to stay away from bad habits and always help the needy.

I hope you will like this article essay on Ramadan Eid, in which I have made every effort to give you all the information related to Ramadan. If you want to share any more information related to Ramadan, then please tell us in the comments. Also, share this article more and more with your friends on social networking sites.


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