Essay on pollution a severe crisis

Pollution is a terrible crisis essay : Pollution is a word about which children are aware today. Pollution means contamination. And man cannot deny that the problem of pollution which is increasing day by day is also the reason for this. Due to human activities, nature and environment are damaged in many ways.

Today our house is clean, flaring and air conditioned but our external environment is contaminated. Pollution is ruining our earth badly, so we have to stop thinking about the ill effects of this as soon as possible.

This earth, it provides land, clean water and air to all humans, plants and live animals to live peacefully without discrimination. But human is becoming a threat to the destruction of all kinds of species for its own benefit.

Therefore, it is the duty of every person to understand the value of nature and to protect it and contribute to it by moving forward.

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In this article today, we are presenting an essay on pollution in a terrible crisis, in which we are going to tell you about the ill effects of pollution and ways to get rid of it.

You should encourage your children to read and learn about essay articles on pollution or any subject related to it, because only these children can improve the future of our country.

Essay on pollution a severe crisis – essay on pollution

The problem of pollution is one of the most serious problems facing human society today. Not only the human community, but the whole living community has come in its grip. Its side effects are visible all around. All the countries of the world are worried about losses from this. In earlier times, when people lived in the forests, they used to get the resources of nature as well as conserve it.

Whatever we take from nature, nature reproduces as many resources. Man took advantage of this and he started to use resources indiscriminately, regardless of the fact that in future it can become a danger for us.

Ever since man has tampered with nature, he has been furious with man. To make their buildings beautiful, humans cut forests, cut mountains, cut trees, make nuclear furnaces, make deadly things like plastic, make unnecessary construction of nuclear weapons, bombs, pesticides, increase in population, which used the earth to build houses. Much was done.

Green forests were cut down, machines accelerated this work, which caused the balance of the environment at risk. The effect of the industrial revolution began to be seen on the environment by the people, the gas gases emanating from the factory polluted the air. In the same way, the problem of pollution slowly came on our head.

Pollution should be taken seriously, as it has a negative impact on natural elements, which are essential for life on Earth, such as water and air. In fact, animals, humans and plants cannot survive without it.

Types of pollution

There are many types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, land pollution.

Air pollution

Air pollution means getting polluted of air due to unnecessary mixing of some elements in the air. At present, air pollution is the biggest problem in big cities all over the world especially due to industrialization.

Contaminated gases from factories, gases from vehicles, gases from waste, gases from plastic burning, dust, dirt etc. are the main sources of air pollution. Harmful and toxic gases emitted from factories and motor vehicles cause great harm to the weather, trees and humans.

The air that we breathe every moment is completely polluted which goes through the blood circulation in our lungs and entire body and causes countless health problems. Due to air pollution, polluted winds cause tree plants, animals and humans to be destroyed in a direct or indirect way.

Air pollution is also the reason for the increase of global warming because the temperature of the atmosphere is increasing due to the increase in the level of green house gases. People are suffering from various diseases like cancer, heart attack, asthma, lung diseases etc. by breathing in unclean air.

Air pollution is a serious problem , we have to find a solution to avoid it, for this we have to make people aware first because today due to the work done by human beings, problems like air pollution have come to the fore today.

Many schemes are being run by the government, but until people do not have awareness, we cannot end this problem.

Forest protection and tree planting is an effective treatment to reduce air pollution because the amount of carbon dioxide can be reduced by trees. Along with this, the use of vehicles will have to be reduced, the poisonous gases of factories will have to be converted in the right form so that this problem can be got rid of.

Water pollution

The main source of life on earth is fresh water. Any living organism can spend a few days without food, but it is difficult to imagine a life without water and oxygen even for a minute. The definition of water pollution is that such substances are found in the water of river, lakes, ponds and sea, which makes the water unsuitable for the use of animals and animals.

Rapid industrialization and unplanned urbanization are increasing due to the increasing population, which are leaving a lot of garbage in the sources of water, big and small, which are causing water pollution .

The chemical waste that is released from the industries and factories is released directly into the rivers and ponds, it is very much jeweled and it also makes the rivers and ponds to be jeweled. The garbage that comes out of our cities and villages is also dumped in rivers and ponds.

As the plastic pile grows, it is thrown into the sea. People wash clothes and utensils near the river or ponds at the place of washing at home, due to which soap, pot dirt, surf water are all found in the river and pond water.

When we drink polluted water, dangerous chemicals and other pollutants enter the body and spoil the functions of all the organs of the body and our life is in danger. Such dangerous chemicals also affect the life of animals and plants badly.

When plants absorb dirty water through their roots, they stop growing and die or die. Thousands of seabirds die due to oil spilling from ships and industries.

Spreading dirt near water sources, bathing with soap and washing clothes should be banned. The animals are bathed in water, due to which there is a possibility of germs of their body spreading in the water, therefore the animals should be banned from bathing in rivers, ponds etc.

Sewage, garbage, etc. coming out of cities and cities should not be put in the water. The plastics have to be reused by not throwing them into the sea and they have to be used to generate energy. Orders to close factories which cause more pollution should be issued. These are all water pollution measures that every person should follow.

Sound pollution

The balance of sound waves in the atmosphere is also necessary. A healthy human has a hearing capacity of 40 to 60 decibel. A sound more than this makes a person deaf, stressed, impatient, restless and excited.

Noise pollution occurs when the level of noise in the environment is much higher than the normal level. Nowadays, due to the collective noise of vehicles owners, loudspeakers, factories, machines, blood pressure, mental stress, deafness etc. diseases are increasing.

Noise pollution affects wild life, tree plant life and human life on a very large scale. Normal social celebrations like wedding, party, pub, club, disco or place of worship make noise in residential areas like temple, mosque etc. The means of increasing traffic in cities such as cars, bikes, trucks, buses, airplanes, trains, etc., make a loud noise.

Increasing noise pollution day by day reduces the working capacity and quality of human beings. Affects pregnant women the most and causes irritability and miscarriage.

Due to too much noise, the animals lose control over their brain and become very dangerous because the loud noise affects their nervous system. This tree also affects the plants, due to which the poor variety is produced.

If the measures to stop noise pollution are not done soon, it can pose a huge problem in the future. To reduce noise pollution, industries will have to be kept away from the populated area, needlessly stop playing horns, reduce the use of loudspeakers, obey traffic rules so that the roads do not jam, so people will not continue to horn, Low noise machines will have to be used.

Although efforts are made by the government to reduce the effect of noise pollution, noise pollution cannot be reduced until people themselves think of reducing it.

Soil Pollution

Land pollution is a major problem these days, especially in urban areas. Land pollution means – any kind of chemical or biological change in the land that causes harm to the environment.

Land pollution is caused by solid waste which is increasing due to increasing number of industries due to urban reasons. Due to land pollution, the fertility power of the land is decreasing and this problem is in most cities.

After cleaning every day in the house, dirt comes out, where on one side there is dust and soil, on the other side there is also paper, cloth, plastic, wood, metal pieces etc. Apart from this, there is residual material from industries, waste debris from the mines, garbage from agriculture and the dirt of those most different sewage and urine.

All these waste materials are collected and put in some place, where this material keeps rotting. Various bacteria continue to be produced in it, which causes pollution and ultimately disease.

Due to contamination of the land, the environment and life are being affected very negatively. Crops do not grow properly on contaminated land and organisms do not get high food.

In order to preserve the fertilizer power of the land and for human welfare, we have to take measures to prevent land pollution , for which we should not throw garbage in the open, stop using plastic, and plant more and more trees and we will be polluting the land. Has to be stopped.

Land is a fundamental requirement of man and it is our duty to keep it clean. Every person will have to think of keeping the environment clean so that the whole world can be kept clean and all the people can be kept healthy.

Side effects of pollution

Pollution has a very dangerous and risk effect on the environment which spoils the natural balance of the environment. Environmental degradation occurs due to the incorporation of pollutants into the environment’s natural resources such as air, water, or soil.

The result of this indiscriminate progress of human beings is that our entire environment has been filled with life-threatening elements. Due to tree cutting, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is continuously decreasing. Carbon dioxide in the air, factory smoke, acid chemicals, toxic gases, radioactive rays, hazardous organisms have dissolved unbalanced.

Today, the air of the cities has become so polluted due to pollution that it has become difficult for humans to breathe. Man has longed to breathe clean air in metros. Burning of eyes due to air pollution, skin allergies, respiratory problems, dengue, etc. are many fatal diseases taking birth.

The weather cycle around the world has deteriorated due to indiscriminate industrialization experiments. Heat is increasing on the earth. There have been many holes in the Ozone layer. Animals are dying in rivers and oceans. Scientists warn that if this kind of energy continues, the icebergs will melt, the floods will increase, the sea water will increase, the habitable land will be less.

The waste coming out of the factories is dumped in the rivers and drains, due to the water pollution, it is now difficult for people to get potable water.

Ways to get rid of pollution

The best way to get rid of pollution is to be aware of this problem. Other pollution prevention measures are to plant trees nearby, give more space to greenery, stop deforestation, find new alternatives to wood, reduce unnecessary noise.

Stop using polly bags and plastic utensils and items, instead use paper or cloth bags. The garbage of the houses should not be thrown out in the open, mineral material should also be used carefully so that it can also be used for the future.

Increasing pollution cannot be controlled but its effect can be reduced by planting more trees. Because trees not only give us shade or pure air, trees absorb carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere and also absorb various harmful gases emitted by vehicles and industries.

Planting more trees means reducing pollution. Apart from all this, trees also help in preventing water pollution, noise pollution and soil erosion.

Postscript on pollution

Preventing pollution is very important, environmental pollution is a very big problem today, if it is not stopped in time, no one can save us from its complete destruction. No creature present on earth can remain untouched by its impact.

The life of trees, plants, animals and birds etc. is in danger because of us. We also have to protect their lives, our existence is possible only by their existence.

I hope that you will like this article essay on pollution a terrible crisis and you also got to learn from here that how deeply pollution has an impact on us and other species.

We are human beings also the cause of pollution, so it is our duty to apply measures to prevent this and to make society aware of its importance. So start it from today and share this article with maximum of your relatives.


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