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A doctor is a medical practitioner who performs a health checkup and diagnoses any problem related to a person’s mental or physical health. Physicians are an integral part of society.

Doctors specialize in various fields to treat and treat different types of health problems. The field of medical science is very large and education and rigorous training is required to get into this profession.

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Doctor essay, doctor essay in hindi (200 words)

Doctors are considered one of the most important parts of society. Having a hospital, nursing home or a doctor’s clinic nearby is the first thing one is looking for in a home. This is because having a medical aid nearby realizes safety.

Doctors specialize in various fields to provide specialized treatment to patients. Some of these include anesthesiologist, cardiologist, allergist, gynecologist, immunologist, neonatologist, oncologist, radiologist, obstetrician, physician and pediatrician. Most people meet with general practitioners when faced with any medical issues. These doctors examine the patients and give them medicines and also send them to specialist doctors when needed.

While people should trust doctors with life, many mistrust is spreading late. Doctors these days do not practice to cure patients but for the purpose of earning money. People are suggested to undergo several tests for even a simple medical problem. Government hospitals and clinics claim to provide medical services for free, but there is a lot of corruption in these places.

Although there are many talented doctors in India, but the healthcare sector here is not as good. Many qualified doctors these days are going abroad to look for better opportunities. Aspiring doctors are also going abroad to study medicine and settle there.

Essay on doctor, essay on doctor in hindi (300 words)

Preface :

In our society, the doctor has been given a high status. The medical profession is considered one of the neblast professions. It is also a profession which helps in earning attractive income.

Doctors are life savers:

Doctors are essential for any society. He is considered a life saver. In our regular lives, we often face health issues that are beyond our comprehension.

We have to seek the help of a doctor to understand the problem and to fix it. The condition may worsen without medical intervention. Thus, doctors are considered life saving. He spends many years of his life studying medical science. Once they gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the field, they are fully trained to handle the profession they aim to dive into.

The medical profession has evolved over the centuries and is still evolving. Medicines and treatments for various diseases and ailments that were not available before have now been developed. Medical technology has also increased over time. If there are good doctors and medical facilities in our vicinity then it provides a feeling of relief as we know that we have immediate help.

How to become a qualified doctor?

Many students aspire to go into the medical profession and become doctors. The first step for this is to appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), which is conducted every year in government and private medical institutions across the country to select students for MBBS and BDS courses.

If you want to appear in this entrance exam, then it is necessary to keep Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects during 11th and 12th grade. A minimum percentage criterion is also set. Those who are selected in this examination must pass the counseling and interview round to grab the seat.


While people trust their lives with doctors, some cases in the past have shaken their trust. Doctors are required to be right for their profession. So doctors are an important part of a society.

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Preface :

Doctors in India are given a high rank. However, the healthcare industry in India is not at par with the countries of the first world. Even though we have a good facility to study medicine and also have a pool of talented doctors, there is still a long way to go.

Doctors and Healthcare in India:

Here is a brief look at the state of healthcare industry and doctors in our country:

Many private nursing homes and hospitals are being set up in India. Ironically, none of these are being established for the purpose of serving the public. These are just for business.

The government has established several government hospitals. Many of these have a good infrastructure but most are not well managed. There is a lot of corruption at various levels in the healthcare industry. Everyone wants to make money, even if it is at the cost of one’s health.

Employees working in government hospitals are also not committed to serving patients properly. There are many cases in which reports go wrong and patients are not given medication on time. Also, when it comes to the supply of medicines and medical equipment in the hospital.

Not only patients, doctors also face problems in such set up. The duty of doctors is to examine the patient, diagnose the problem, treat and monitor the patient’s condition. However, due to lack of nurses and support staff, doctors are also forced to perform various menstrual functions.

Doctors should spend time analyzing reports and monitoring the patient’s condition such as injecting and moving patients from one ward to another. It puts a burden of work on the doctors and causes dissatisfaction among them.

Can we trust doctors?

As mentioned above, private hospitals and nursing homes are being established for the purpose of doing business and not with the intention of serving the public.

This has been proven repeatedly through many cases of forgery. People in India are hesitant to visit doctors these days due to confidence factor. Many people prefer to take medicines for the common cold, flu and fever at home because it is believed that doctors may unnecessarily aggravate the issue.


While you can avoid seeing a doctor for the common cold and mild fever, it cannot be avoided if the condition worsens or there is some other medical condition. It is necessary for doctors to build a trust factor while performing their duty honestly.

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Preface :

The field of medicine has evolved over time and so is the knowledge of doctors. India has been known to find a cure for various diseases since ancient times. The miraculous medical practices practiced here by the Vedic and Hakimas are known to provide new life to the people. They had their own methods of cataract removal, dental surgery, plastic surgery and more.

Medical practice in ancient India:

The art of performing surgery in ancient India was called Shastrakarma. It is basically one of the eight branches of Ayurveda. According to available records, 800 BC in our country. Sushruta, Charak and Atray were among the earliest Indian physicians.

Ayurveda, the ancient science of medicine, is still preferred to treat various diseases. It is practiced in various parts of the country and people come from far and wide to these doctors of ancient medicine for treatment. The word Ayurveda means the science of living long. Unlike modern medicines, Ayurvedic medicines and treatments have no side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are made entirely from herbs and herbal compounds.

Need for good and responsible doctors:

India is known for its talented minds. Not only do people from different parts of the world visit our country to receive treatment through ancient medical science, Ayurveda, Indian physicians with knowledge about modern day medical practices are also very much around the world.

Since medical degrees offered in Indian universities are not recognized in many parts of the world, many medical aspirants in our country are now enrolling for medical courses abroad.

People are attracted to first world countries because they provide higher incomes and better living standards. Every year many qualified doctors come abroad from India to search for better job prospects. Many others are going to study medicine abroad for the purpose of eventually settling there.

A good doctor is one of the basic requirements for improving the healthcare system in our country. Government of India should take steps to improve the medical facilities in the country as well as to prevent brain drain.

Why are better doctors going abroad?

The number of Indian students going abroad to pursue a medical degree has increased over the years. There are many reasons that pull these students. Apart from this, better job prospects, ease of getting admission abroad is also one of the top reasons. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) conducted in India to select students for medical and dental courses in medical colleges across the country. ) Is comparatively quite difficult.

Most of the students appearing for this exam each year fail to get admission and thus many of them choose to go abroad to pursue medicine. The infrastructure of medical colleges and research opportunities abroad are much better and hence the working condition of doctors.


Although doctors are highly respected in India but the above reasons attract these professionals abroad. Government of India should take steps to provide better working conditions for doctors.

My ambition essay on doctor, my ambition to become doctor essay in hindi (600 words)

Preface :

In our society, doctors are given equal status as God. This is because they give new life to people. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. They provide treatment with the help of other medical staff. Patients are helped to recover after care in hospitals and nursing homes.

How responsible are doctors these days?

People rely on doctors to ensure their health and well being. They believe that they do not have to worry about any medical issues as long as they have these professionals. Doctors provide a sense of security. However, some incidents that have come to Limelight in the last few decades have shaken people’s confidence in this noble profession.

Now, the question is, how responsible are doctors these days? While people these days are beginning to distrust these professionals and have all the reasons to do so, we cannot generalize the whole thing. Each person is different from the other. There may be some who use corrupt means, although there are many who work responsibly and do not take this profession as a means of earning money only.

The state of the medical profession and doctors:

In technical terms, the medical profession has developed extensively with the development of new medical devices and improved methods of dealing with various medical issues have demoralized.

India is already plagued with many problems when it comes to the medical system (even though it has a group of some of the best doctors around the world) and is on top with issues like corruption to make the situation worse.

Citizens of India have no national health insurance system and it dominates the private sector in the health sector in our country. While the government has established several government hospitals and nursing homes, their infrastructure and overall condition is poor and thus most people do not like to go there.

The Indian government spends very little on healthcare. This is the root cause of corruption here. People are attracted to the private sector which provides better facilities and is also well maintained. However, the main objective of this field is to earn money instead of treating patients.

It is common for doctors to suggest that they undergo all types of blood tests, X-rays and other tests, even if they do them for a simple fever or cough. Physicians take advantage of the need for people to reclaim their lack of knowledge about health and various medical conditions.

Even if people cannot afford it, they fear for these tests that the problem may increase. It has also become quite common to describe many medications and health tonics. This is just a way to earn money. Some of these also have side effects on patients but doctors do not take care these days. More problems for patients mean more money for doctors.

There have also been cases in which people have been hospitalized and kept for more than the required period so that the hospital makes a profit. People have been misinformed about their diseases, so that they can withdraw money from them. The medical business has become more of a business these days rather than a way to serve people. Furthermore, ill practices such as black marketing of organs have created all the greater insecurity among the public.


It is sad to see the condition of medical system in the country. The government should take initiative to improve this condition. Doctors should also work responsibly and maintain the dignity of this profession.

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