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We all understand the word man. This is a familiar term commonly used. But do we really know how man or human species came into existence and how it evolved over time?

Human beings as we see today are a result of development which took place over millions of years. Man is said to be the wisest creature on earth. No wonder, it has brought many things to make life comfortable and liveable.

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Essay on man in essay (200 words)

Man is the most amazing creation of God. The Almighty equips man with the power to think and reason and this is what sets him apart from other beings. Not only does man exist, but he lives his entire life using the various resources available on earth.

The human species has evolved from monkeys and apes. Man has evolved since ancient times. The early man had a huge build, ate raw food, lived in caves and wore bare minimum clothes made of leaves and animal skins. After inventing fire, man roasted animals and vegetables before eating. Many inventions occurred over time. Man came out of the caves and built houses to live.

This happened and soon villages were formed and then towns and cities came into existence. Means of transportation also evolved and so did many other things. Therefore, originally with the development of man, many things were invented and they evolved over time.

Today man has progressed in every sphere of life. He has invented many things to make his life comfortable and entertaining. However, in this incident they have spoiled the environment. The environment that was once fresh and pure has now become polluted. It has extinct various species of flora and fauna and has also given rise to a variety of diseases.

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Preface :

Humans have always loved being in groups. From primitive times, humans lived and went in groups. This made him feel safe and helped him protect himself from wild animals. It is a human behavior that has not changed much over time. People still love socializing. Society, family and culture have great importance for human beings.

Man is a social animal:

Leave a man alone for a month and see what happens to him. He will suffer from loneliness, depression and physical and mental health related diseases due to it. It is not possible for a man to be alone. Man has always been a social animal.

He loves being around other people. Sharing their thoughts with their friends and family members, spending time with them and engaging in various activities with them makes them feel alive and makes them feel connected.

In earlier times, people in India lived in joint families. The joint family system had many advantages. This was good for all round development of children. It also proved to be good for the elderly. However, there has been a change in culture recently. The younger generation is falling apart and wants to live independently for various reasons.

Now, while the younger generation wants their privacy and wants to do things in their own way, this does not mean that they do not feel the need to be around people. They have their own ways of doing this. If it had not, the social media platform and social networking app would not have gained so much popularity.


Human mind is constantly evolving and human intelligence is also constantly growing but if there is one thing that remains constant, it needs to feel safe and secure. This feeling of security comes from being in contact with our near and dear ones.

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Preface :

God made all men the same. It also created an environment suitable for human existence. However, the man has played with both of these things. Men created boundaries and created many differences based on their religion, caste, creed, economic status and whatnot. He prefers to socialize with people of his stature and see fewer people than him. Advances in technology brought by humans have interfered with the normal functioning of the environment and are on the verge of destruction.

Humans and Culture:

Culture has a huge impact on the upbringing of man. It affects the way a person’s mind and overall personality is shaped to a great extent. This is why people belonging to different cultures have different mindset. One thing or situation that may appear normal to people associated with one culture may seem completely bizarre to others. People of India have a high regard for their culture. Indians respect and obey their elders. Unlike foreign nations, children in India stay with their parents even when they are adults.

Indians openly welcome everyone and respect the religious and cultural sentiments of others. People belonging to different castes and religions live here in peace and harmony. Similarly, people belonging to other cultures tend to cling to their values ​​which help to shape their personality and outlook.

Humans and Environment:

While human life has improved and increased in various ways, this advancement has also had many negative consequences. One of these is its impact on the environment. The Industrial Revolution proved to be a boon for society. Many people got jobs and many new products were produced to make life comfortable for humans. Many industries have been established since then.

Many products are being manufactured each day for our use. In order to enhance our lifestyles these industries are producing luxury items along with the items used day to day. While our lifestyle is being enhanced, life on earth is degrading. The increasing number of industries and vehicles has given rise to air, water and land pollution.

This pollution is degrading the environment. Many other human practices also contribute to pollution. It has affected biodiversity and is causing many diseases in humans as well as other organisms.


The time has come that man should stop and think where he is going. It is time for us to go to our roots and stop polluting the environment. If we continue in this way, then our planet will not be worth living.

Essay on man, essay on man in hindi (500 words)

Preface :

Man is considered the most intelligent species. Unlike other animals on Earth, man is involved in many activities which help him to grow mentally and also affect his physical well-being. Man has been provided with intelligence and has made full use of it to make his life comfortable.

Etc. – Human and Past:

The person leading the early life was completely different from how we live today. In ancient times or the Stone Age, which was about 2 million years ago, man lived in the wild among wild animals. He struggled to find food. He hunted wild animals, caught fish and birds and ate them to quench their hunger. He climbed trees to keep fruits, vegetables and leaves.

Thus early humans are also known as hunters. He lived in caves and wore clothes made of animal skins and leaves. Like modern humans, early man also preferred to live with his family.

Early people often moved from one place to another in search of food and settled in places that were near the river or streams of water. They traveled mainly from one place to another when their sources of food ran out. Animals and birds usually migrate from one place to another. Since the main source of food for the early man was cattle, he also went with them.

Also, different trees and plants eat fruits and vegetables in different seasons. Thus, the early men also moved according to the season. He went in groups because it gave a sense of security.

Initially, the early men walked on foot, they soon designed the wheel and built bullock carts to travel long distances. He also designed many tools with stone and wood.

Medieval humans:

As mankind evolved, humans came out of caves and built houses. Soon, various human civilizations were formed. The focus of man shifted from hunting for food to creating new things to improve life. This was the beginning of a new era and men living in this era came to be called medieval men. The physical characteristics as well as man’s level of thinking had developed a great deal compared to the Stone Age.

 Modern and Present Man:

Man’s lifestyle, culture and various other aspects evolved and came to be known as modern humans. Further development of man gave him the name of post-modern man. The designation is quite different from the early man in terms of modern man looks, behavior as well as mental ability. Several human factors emerged, along with some human intervention, about this change.


Man has evolved and has come away from the way he lived in early times. The early man was certainly physically stronger and fitter than the modern man. However, when it comes to the mental aspect, it has increased manifold over time. Human intelligence has increased and is still growing. This is clear from the inventions we are bringing. We cannot imagine the way humans lived in the Stone Age.

Essay on humans, human essay in hindi (600 words)

Preface :

Human beings, as we see today, are the result of millions of years of development. We are nothing but a small part of this vast universe, which has its own mysterious ways of putting things together and bringing changes from time to time.

Human development:

Man is said to have evolved from an ancestor. Chimpanzees and gorillas are said to be our closest relatives. Much of the research has been done on how humans evolved and different researchers have come up with different theories that are more or less the same.

Among all the theories, the one by Charles Darwin is quite popular. He describes in detail the evolution of man in his book The Origin of Species which was published back in 1859.

In addition to Darwinism theory, synthetic and Lamarckism theory of evolution also generated great interest. However, research on this topic is still ongoing and many new conclusions are drawn each time.

The human species continued to evolve even as it evolved into such a creature. The first humans had huge built, large ears, sharp teeth and thick skin. She looked completely different from what she looks today. Human beings evolved continuously over the centuries and are still evolving both physically and mentally.

New discoveries on human development:

Scientists and researchers claim that man is still evolving and by 2050 a new type of human species will come into existence. The average age of a human is likely to increase to 100–120 years. It is also being said that the human species will be able to breed even in old age.

If we look at it, we too have changed and evolved and are quite different from the people who lived in the last century. In those times people were more developed in agricultural activities, which included manual labor. He had a good body as these activities ensured regular exercise. There was a good diet filled with ghee, oil and sugar to keep them healthy and involved in laborious tasks.

Even when they used to eat large amounts of ghee and sugar, they did not have diseases like heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. as they used to shed it in the field. The growth of industries has marked a change in the nature of job-connected people.

These days people have become physically weak because they are more involved in desk jobs and lack physical activities. Many new diseases have also emerged – which were never heard of in the last century. With the advancement in technology, most people stick to their phones for most part of the day.

It is common for people to chit-chat or watch videos on the phone, ignoring the people sitting next to them. It is a part of much growth. People’s mental and physical health is being affected by it and is developing in a way.

Just as people spend most of their time on mobile phones and tabs, by 2050 people will spend most of their time in virtual reality. It is being said that humans will rely on artificial intelligence in the near future and will get most of their day’s work done by robots. Advances in technology will lead to all these important changes. The whole way of living of a human being will change.


Human development is indeed a miracle in itself. Initially, nature played a major role in the development of man. In the coming years, it seems that man, through his intelligence, will be responsible for further development. Time is likely to change and we hope they will change for good.

Essay on man in essay (800 words)

Preface :

“Man” is a term used to identify the male of humans. The term usually refers to an adult male who has gone through boyhood and attains maturity. “Man” is a singular word and the plural form of the word is “man”.

Man is genetically and physically different from the female of the species, called a female. Men are generally identified with masculine and broad characteristics and a deeper voice with lower voice than women and children.

History :

Male or Homo sapiens (Latin word for intelligent men) as we know it today; Evolved from primates, which in turn evolved from other mammals. Human evolution from early mammals and primates took one hundred million years. Both male and female species of humans i.e. male and female respectively; Was developed simultaneously.

physical features :

The physical appearance of a man is quite different from that of a woman in terms of height, weight and body composition. Men build the longest and strongest; However, there may be exceptions to this rule because some men are less than women. In addition, the average height and physical appearance of men worldwide varies from place to place, mainly based on the area in which they live. For example – an ideal American male has a fair skin and broad upper body while his Indian counterparts usually have a wheatish complexion and comparatively low height.

Some of the most common physical symptoms of men are – more body hair, larger arms and legs, wider chest, larger bone structure and greater muscle mass. Males usually have a thick brow, bulging and prominent chin.

Genetic Characteristics:

A man’s sex is determined at the time of fertilization in his mother’s womb. A male (XY) embryo is produced when a sperm cell carrying the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg on the other side when a female (XX) is produced when a chromosome carrying the X chromosome.

This combination of chromosomes – XY forms the basis of physical and behavioral characteristics of males. In addition to having specific chromosomal combinations, males have greater secretion of testosterone hormone than females; Give them a rugged, strong feel, beard and an aggressive personality.


Men are more dominating and vocal than women. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and there can be exceptions. Some women may dominate more than men. However, men are protective of their female partners and tend to resort to violence when aroused. On the other hand, women are less violent and submissive; However, they also become furious when it comes to protecting their off springs.

There are behavioral traits specific to a man. She likes to present herself as tough and is also less emotional than women.

Role of human beings in a society:

Usually men play the role of head of household or society. Although, the situation depends on the culture and region, but the trend is that men will lead the family. The ancient male Homo sapiens wandered in search of food, while the female lived at home, taking care of the children and the house.

Prehistoric men were responsible for gathering food for the family, building huts, feeding cattle, and performing all such tasks requiring physical labor.

However, there have been many behavioral and physical changes between ancient and modern humans today, as we know, their status and responsibilities in family and society are largely the same. In many cultures around the world, men still play the role of a bread winner and protector. They go out on jobs and businesses to earn money and to meet the demands of their families, while women stay at home and do household chores.

Benefits over other species:

Man is one of the most amazing creations of nature. They have the advantage of skilled organs and intelligent brain with distinct ability to think and act. These rare abilities have positioned humans as the most powerful species on the planet today.

A skilled brain and hands have helped him make steady progress in science and development. She is also the only species with the power to protect other species from extinction or other threats.

Man has amazing ability to assess any situation and take appropriate measures accordingly. Another strange feature of a man is curiosity and a distinct ability to satisfy it.


Man is the most important and important creation of God. He is entrusted by God to provide shelter and protection to his other creations. There is a reason that nature has made men smarter than other species and that reason is to take care of their family and protect other vulnerable species. The future of the world and other species is in the hands of man and is dependent on how he bears responsibility.


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