Essay of my grandmother

My grandmother is like a goddess as a woman. The only purpose of his life is the service and sacrifice of others. Thus he is entitled to claims and orders and respect in our family.

My grandmother is the busiest member of the family. He is the most important wheel of the family vehicle. She is a woman who takes care of children. She is a religious woman. Immediately after waking up before dawn, she takes a bath and becomes engrossed in prayer. She reads the holy books and while sitting in front of the temple reads in a songlike manner which she has established in the house.

My grandmother is a good cook. She loves preparing food and serving delicious family members. She acts like a machine. She is a healthy and powerful woman. She looks after every household chores. So we love him very much. We all consult him in all matters of family. Thus our family affairs are going smoothly, we have no difficulty. There is no quarrel between us.

He is very kind and considerate. She is very useful. He never wasted a single moment of his life. She is always busy with this work or that work. Thus our family is moving fast under his guidance. She takes care of us. He is not fond of ostentatious clothes or jewelry. He is very hospitable. She is an ideal and pious woman. He loves the motherland very much.

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My grandmother’s name is Mrs. Sushila Rani. She is a very old woman. She is around a hundred years old. She does not feel old by her age. She does not know her date of birth. He never celebrated his birthday.

He has silver-like white hair. He has lost all his teeth. His eyesight is very weak. Even after having glasses on her nose, she cannot see very clearly. She loves animals very much and has raised a cat, which she cares for a lot.

She is always humming something with her lips. We speculate that she is always praying to God. She is an illiterate woman. She is a very superstitious woman. He has strong faith in God. She worships both morning and evening.

She is very weak, and walks with a stick. She cannot walk much with a stick. She says that she is no longer able to visit the temple. She spends most of her time in bed. He suffers from so many diseases. Sometimes, he has a cough.

Sometimes, a sharp pain is felt in his legs, abdomen or head. But he has a great power of tolerance. When she has a problem, she prays to God instead of crying and groaning. Still, he rarely has depression, remembering his childhood and youth.

It is very surprising that even though her memory has become very weak, she can remember some events of her life clearly. Even though she is illiterate, she asks me to pay full attention to my studies.

Although she loves the whole human race, she especially loves and hugs me. I love him very much and try to help him in walking and other activities. I want him to live for many years!

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My grandmother loves me very much. She is an old woman. His name is Mrs. Santosh Gupta. She is sixty-five years old. He is very active even at this age. She takes care of my every need.

She wakes up early in the morning. She is a religious woman. His hair is white like snow. She is tall and thin. She wears clean and loose clothes. She is a very nice woman. She is old but loved by everyone. She oversees all important family jobs. He is simple in every way. She eats very little food.

My parents consult him in all matters. She loves watching religious films. He is always seen praying to God. At night, she tells me stories. She also asks me to focus on my studies. She loves me very much. I love him very much


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