Essay Life in quarantine

Who would have thought that we would end up here? Everything is unreal. Like being in a movie. A film that you are horrified by and think: “This is not going to happen. It’s too much. ” But here we are and I test on life in quarantine.

Up and down

The world is upside down. It’s a crisis. The economy crashes completely and entrepreneurs lose their customers overnight. It’s tough. Very, very tough. I see this daily now. Friends who sit without bookings because everything is canceled and nothing new comes in. The forecast does not look good. But do you know what I see most of? People who take care of each other. People who constantly check how others are feeling and want to help. This despite the fact that their own location is anything but bright. I see a united small business world.

It makes me happy,

My location

How am I? I do not really know. Than. I work mostly digitally so in this way I am not as hard hit but I can not really plan my activities in the future. I have no idea what my finances will look like. I planned an open lecture in April. I have turned it on now. It does not feel relevant in any way.

I’m in the middle of starting a new business, as you know, and it’s a little disappointing, of course, that the world around me is collapsing in one fell swoop. But that’s how it is and I’m not changing my plans in this case. I fix what needs to be fixed and I think that what happens happens. It is not possible to have control over everything so I choose to handle what I can control.

Life in quarantine

At my home, we test on life in quarantine. Think about it, I never thought I would experience either. It’s a strange feeling to be isolated at home, but at the same time I’m used to it. I work from home. The tricky thing is that food is to be bought and certain meetings, which I have been looking forward to, need to be canceled. Of course I can do a lot online, but not everything works.

The man and I are sick. The man was out first. I have no idea what we have, but we are not healthy. We have a fever, body aches and I have heavy lungs. Despite that, I’m quite alert and work as usual, so it’s still mild. If it gets worse, I can try to get to the hospital, but as long as I feel I can handle it, I stay at home. I belong to the risk group because of my rheumatic diseases and the medications I take. I’m not worried but it’s all a little scary.

Create normality

I think it’s important to create normality in the middle of everything. Although quarantine is a fact. Of course I follow all news broadcasts and try to get an overview of what is happening because I feel it is a public duty at the moment. Even if I do, I want life here at home to feel as ordinary as possible. I work, have my meetings and make sure that the children can maintain some of their daily routines. I take a cup of tea and sit on the couch and watch Netflix or just enjoy. The usual thing I always do.

The son is at home, he is also so from tomorrow before we go to school here at home. His teacher sends out a letter every day with what they have done in school so the next day I can do what they did with him. As well as possible. Of course, we do not have all the material, but with a little imagination, it should probably be possible to do a lot. After all, I am a teacher so I get to fish out my teaching experiences. Today he will learn about runic writing, write a message with runes and in math he will count angles. That is what they did at school yesterday.

I’m positive

In all anxiety and scaryness, I am positive. That’s how I am. I rarely let anything crack me but I look for new ways to solve things and look in my big bank of ideas that I have in my head. I’m good at crisis management. I always have been and I think it’s stupid to change that now. I talk to my entrepreneurial colleagues and together we believe that there is a future. Another one than we might have thought, but it’s there.

It will be fine.

Take care of each other

Life goes on at the same time as much collapses. I care for people around me and hope that when the worst storm is over I can be a part of the building and if not then I will be a conversation partner. Take care of each other. Check how others around you are feeling and see if anyone needs help with shopping or something else necessary.


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