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Two people who are born at different times are quite different from each other. One of them is their way of thinking. In today’s time, the world is changing very fast due to which new generations are changing a lot from the older generations. If we take the example of India, then those born before independence are completely different in ideas from those born after independence and those born in the 21st century are quite different from previous ones. This is mainly due to being born at different times and circumstances.

When there is a difference between two generations, we call it generation gap or generation gap. With changing times, there is a change in the way people live, ideology, belief and overall behavior, which makes them completely different from others. Due to this difference between selling of parents and children, this relationship brings tension and often quarrels. However this can be overcome with proper management.

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Generation gap essay, generation gap essay in hindi 2 (200 words)

The difference in generation occurs when there is a great difference of age between two people so that their views do not match. Like parents and children, they have different opinions and for this reason they often clash. The generation gap or the generation gap is explained as the difference of ideologies of people from any two different generations. In today’s time when fast changes are taking place in every region of the whole world and for this reason people born in different times also have different views.

Let us take India as an example, here people born in the 21st century are completely different from those born in the last century in terms of ideologies. Thoughts of different people do not match, although both people are right on their own, but before the time changes, people are not able to organize themselves and that is why recently born people and their ideas do not match and Confrontation occurs.

The main impact of the generation gap is on the relationship between parents and children. Nowadays people prefer to be more independent and at the same time prefer to maintain more privacy although the thinking of parents is slightly different. Parents want to teach morality and practicality in their children, which often leads to conflict in this relationship. Although the generation gap cannot be eliminated from the root, but if parents and children keep all their thoughts and decide right and wrong, then the conflict can be reduced to a great extent. .

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When there is a difference in the thoughts and modalities of two generation individuals over time, it is called generation gap or generation gap. It is often seen that the views of parents and grandparents are quite different, apart from this, differences are often seen in the views of parents and children as well, due to such difference there is a generation gap due to which the two sides Thoughts change.

Origin of the Term

The term generation gap or generation gap first originated in 1960. This was a time when it was seen for the first time that a child started going against every rule of his parents or questioning them. This included their religious beliefs, political views, moral values, relationship advice and even music types. Some socialists researched the subject and examined the differences between generations and the rapidly changing ideas.

Interesting concept

Although the generation gap is a major cause of conflict between parents and children, it is also necessary to have a generation gap in this world. Because of this, every new generation does something new and if there was no generation gap, the pace of change in this world would be very slow. In today’s changing world, every new generation is making new fashion, new inventions because their ideas, methods and needs are changing and that is why technologies are evolving so fast in our world.

Due to the generation gap, there has been a lot of change in this world like India used to have large families in which more than one family used to live together, but now people’s perceptions have changed and now they are starting to want privacy, due to which most people in small families They live and even they do not like to live with their parents.


As everything has its benefits and losses as well, the generation gap also has its advantages and disadvantages. If this does not happen then our world will not grow at this speed, although we can reduce the damage caused by it to some extent.

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In today’s scenario, the world is changing quite rapidly. The field of science and technology is also getting more and at the same time, people’s lives and their thoughts and ways of living and needs are changing. As a result, the perceptions of a particular generation of people do not match those of the second generation, ie they are different and this is called the generation gap or generation gap.

How is the generation gap apparent? (How is the Generation Gap Evident?)

People belonging to different generations are given different names such as those who took place before independence are called traditionalists. Also those who were born between 1950-1965 are called Baby Boomers. With this, those who were born between 1965-1980 are called Generation X and the people who earned money after this are called Generation Y. The following points indicate the generation gap:

1. Joint Family and Small Family:

People of earlier generations often used to live together as joint families i.e. more than one family lived together in the same house, but with changing times, the situation of youth is changing and all of them have started giving preference to privacy. Families are emerging. Everybody wants to maintain privacy, due to which they prefer to stay away from a joint family and even they do not think to keep their parents with them.

2. Language:

Due to the generation gap, changes are also seen in the language being used. Like the Hindi people who spoke before independence, Hindi is no longer spoken in that, there has been a lot of change in it, as well as many new words have been added in the language, so if a person of the previous generation disputes the youth of today, then some Words are hindered by his understanding, which disrupts dialogue.

3. Gesture:

People of previous generations were loyal to their officers and they had no hesitation in working with the directions from them, but today’s young generation is totally different from this. Today everyone wants to open their own business and no one wants to work under anyone else. For this reason, there has been a lot of change in this generation compared to the previous generation and for this reason many new entrepreneurs have been created.

4. Behavior towards women:

Earlier women used to live mainly inside the house and they used to carry the full burden of household work. With this, only men were allowed to work outside and women used to do household work. But now society’s attitude towards women has changed and now they can do any work they want or go to any field. In the new era they have got freedom from the shackles of the house.


If two generations do not match each other then it is common but if one generation imposes its views on the other generation then it is a loss from the generation gap. We should avoid doing this because doing so increases tensions between two generations and often leads to confrontations.

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The generation gap is mainly the difference between two generations. Because of this difference their views vary. It was first recognized in 1960 when it was believed that the present generation is questioning every idea and belief etc. of the generation before it. It is the main odds of generation gap that one generation does not agree with the other generation’s views or questions them.

Classification of Generations

Different generations began to be classified from when the Grenratoin gap was identified. Accordingly, people who were born before independence came to be called traditional, after this people born to Baby Boomers and those born between 1965-1980 were named Generation X and those born after it were Generation Y.

  1. Traditional people:

The term began to be used for those who were born before independence i.e. 1946. These people are called traditionalists or traditionalists. They are 70 years of age or older and prefer to live a normal life. They never hesitate to take directions from people above them and live in love with people younger than them and like to tell about the events of their life. These people are quite different from the people of the coming generation.

2. Baby Boomers:

The term is used for people who were born independent but were born before 1965. People of this generation are hard workers but most people do not depend on feedback. They also need money and publicity as a reward for completing their work. Since most of them do not live comfortably, they make sure that their children get everything they want. Therefore, they take full care of the children and want to be appreciated. They want their officers and children to understand that they are valuable and necessary. The lack of all these things creates dissatisfaction between them.

3. Generation X:

The term Generation X is used for those who were born between 1965 and 1980. Generation X makes a mark with its work. They like to take leave from time to time and these people do not like to work by the rules. They like to do things in their own way. These people had seen their parents working, which affected them badly and now they like to spend time with their family.

4. Generation Y:

The term is used for individuals who were born between 1981 and 1999. Most of them have just entered working age. This group is interested in engaging in meaningful work and is also forward in giving their feedback towards their work.

People of this generation are quite creative. They like to work with creative individuals and in places where their creativity is allowed to be explored. It is a source of inspiration for them and keeps them alive. This is a generation that gets bored very quickly. Unlike traditionalists, they change their jobs quite frequently. They change their jobs several times a year. They work where they are employed according to their talent.


This world is changing very fast and at the same time human being is also changing itself, we should keep changing with the changing world. If our thoughts do not match with another person then it is not wrong, but if there is a dispute over this, then we should try to avoid it.

Essay on generation gap in hindi (600 words)


The generation gap or generation gap is a natural process. The conclusion of various experiments has shown that it is a simple thing to change in this rapidly changing world in two generations. Rather it is a very good thing for humans because on the basis of this we get better and change ourselves with the changing world. If there is no difference in the generation, we will not progress and no purpose will be left to live our life.

Impact on Relations

It is common for two generations to have divergent views. This is normal because not all are of the same opinion, but when there are differences in relationships due to differences in this idea, it reveals the disadvantages of the generation gap. As it is often seen, the idea of ​​distinction between parents and children is due to the generation gap. With this, the parents question the child who teaches them and his parents question what he does. Due to these reasons, the effects of generation gap are considered more.

Parents have high expectations from their child. They want their child to act according to them, but when the views of the child are different, it often leads to quarrels between them. Children want to know the reason of everything but parents only impose these things on children and their curiosity remains incomplete. When they do not know the reason for something, they do not even like it. Parents feel that they are right everywhere but they should take the opinion of both the parties and talk to their children well before every decision.

How can the generation gap end? (How to Bridge the Gap?)

The one between parents and children is very beautiful. In this, it is the duty of the parents to fulfill the needs of the children and keep them with love. In such a situation, if the child has different thoughts, then the parents should handle it efficiently and pacify every curiosity of the child.

It is necessary to understand that no generation is wrong about any of the two generations. Both of them are right in their place, so instead of quarreling, we need to churn our decision again and we can remove this gap.

Those who belong to the previous generation should understand that the new generation will certainly have different ideas because they are born in different times and because of this it is natural for their ideas to not match. Parents need to pay attention to why their child is behaving this way. They should tell all things to their child and encourage them to put their views before them.

Apart from this, parents should allow their child to become self-sufficient because if they come in the midst of every task, then they will not learn to take decisions on their own. In addition, they should talk regularly with their child. In some of these ways, they can avoid the damage caused by the generation gap and their relationship can remain.


If two generations do not match each other then it is common but if one generation imposes its views on the other generation then it is a loss from the generation gap. We should avoid doing this because doing so increases tensions between two generations and often leads to confrontations.

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