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Bipati Kasauti Je Kasse Te Hi Sacho Meet is a saying that shows the importance and value of true friends in life and states that a friend is a true friend only when he helps his friend in need.

Friend has great importance for everyone, especially in bad times. Actually, we know the truth about a friend in our bad times when we really need him and his help. Good friends always help us and all of us are with us in good or bad times but selfish and mean friends are only with us in our good times and they left us in bad times when we really need them.

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Bipati Kasauti Je Kasse Te Hi Sacho Meet is actually a famous saying that tells us about true friends in life. True friends are those who really help us in the bad times of life. They never leave us alone, they inspire us and always support us whenever we need them. True friends become very special in our lives and stay with us.

This is the true friend who proves this saying Bipati Kasauti Je kase te hi sacho meet good friends always support us in our difficulties; Those who do not have to be from a particular region, same class or same caste. True friends always listen to you and rectify the mistakes you bring to the right path. True friendship is the most reliable and important relationship among all relationships in life.

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It is very important for us to distinguish between bad and good friends, to prevent them from cheating and to be benefited throughout their lives. A friend who remains the same in all circumstances (good or bad) and supports wholeheartedly, truly becomes a true friend forever. A Friend in Need A friend is actually one of the most famous old proverb which means that a friend who helps us when we are in need really becomes a true friend.

A true friend never sees differences (whether financial racial, cultural or traditional), he simply agrees to help in any situation. A true friend always gives and does not have the feeling of taking in return. Every one of us needs someone who can help us anytime.

He / she not only helps us but also exchanges good thoughts, thoughts and ideas, sorrows, hopes, joys and other feelings. He never cheats and always cares for us. He / she will never become arrogant and never change upon attaining wealth and power.

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Bipati Kasauti Je Kasse Te Hi Sacho Meet is actually a famous saying that tells us about the qualities of a true friend. For anyone true friends are gifts of God and become precious gifts for the whole life. He has a very special role in the lives of his friends. Some cheating friends have lowered their level of trust in friendship, but they can never spoil this true relationship.

It is more valuable than other relationships in life. Some people do not make friends because of the fear of finding fraudulent friends because they cannot recognize them first. Usually, we call everyone we talk to as friends, but true friends become different and very special.

It is God’s blessing to have a true friend and not every one of us is such a friend. True friendship becomes great but very rare. Being a good friend is the most valuable earning and most valuable asset of life. Our life is dry and dull without a true friend. True friends give us good and safe company and make our life happy, interesting and worth living.

He understands us and all our needs. They appreciate our bad circumstances and inspire us and try to solve problems by sharing all the happiness and misfortune. They become very good counselors and guides in our lives as well as sources of joy, strength and courage. They never left us in the dark even they became rich, rich and powerful. Thus, true friends always prove the adage that a friend in need is actually a friend.

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As the saying goes, ‘Bipati kasauti je kase te hi sacho meet, as a standard of true relationship of friends. The meaning of this saying is that the person who helps us in our need or difficulty is a true friend. From childhood to the end of life, we come across different people with different qualities and behaviors. Some of them become common friends; Few become good friends and few or only become true friends.

Over time some friends become distant and some remain close to us which become true. Sometimes, we get confused and cannot be sure whether someone is good or bad and he can be a true friend or just a fair-weather friend.

Some greedy people only form relationships with influential people to get benefits but it becomes their big mistake as this trick can never bless them with true friends. A true friendship can be tested in times of difficulties. Whereas, the greedy friend disappears in difficult times. They give many excuses for being at a distance from us.

A true friend always moves close to his friend even in deep trouble and always worries about his welfare. True friends always help in every way possible and keep their friends happy all the time. We can see many examples of the friendship between Rama and Sugriva, the true friendship of Krishna and Kuchela (Sudama), Duryodhana and Karna, etc. from ancient times till today. Such friends become life’s greatest blessings and lifetime achievement. This proverb not only explains the nature of a true friend, but also gives us a way to choose good friends.

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It is believed that college life becomes the happiest time of life as we are surrounded by good friends and enjoy it to the fullest. Good friends live happily together and participate in activities together. The proverb needs a friend. A friend actually indicates the quality of a true friend.

In the beginning, it is difficult to recognize the quality of a friend but not so difficult. This proverb tells us that those who are willing to help you in times of crisis are truly truthful and God’s blessings to you are greater than those who just want to be in your fun times.

A true friend always supports us whenever we need to. We cannot identify whether a friend is good or bad but they are naturally identifiable during difficult times. Each one of us usually needs a friend who can help us in bad times and not just for fun. Sometimes the condition actually becomes very bad and we do not find a way to get out of it, in that case we need the help of others.

This is the time when we miss a friend who can help us and get us out of difficulty. True friends matter a lot; Whenever we are absent in school someday, they discuss important topics and help us with all the notes and materials made in class.

No one can really help us like a true friend because they share all the high parts of life. Thus, we learn from the proverb that it is only real friends who appear with us all the time; But those who live with us in times of happiness are not good friends. True friends keep good memories and reasons in friendship forever.

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Bipati Kasauti Je Kasse Te Hi Sacho Meet is actually a saying that indicates the quality of a real friend. Sometimes, a true relationship with a friend is very influential compared to other relationships. Real friends become lifelong friends. Friends may feel good or bad during difficult times of life.

True friends are always close while cheaters get away because they only want to enjoy happy times. Whenever we have problems, we miss someone special that can take us away from the problems and this can only be done by best friends. It is not necessary that a good friend can only be from outside. A good friend can be one of the family members such as mother, father, sister, brother, etc.

Good people don’t want to be crowded in their lives; He has only a few friends, but is true and trustworthy. They always maintain a true relationship in friendship and are ever ready to help. They never rate their friends because they do not have the quality to form a healthy and long lasting friendship. True friends are trustworthy, honest, loyal, sympathetic, confident, supportive, non-decision making and most importantly a good listener.

If we earn a good friend in life, then we earn the most precious thing. We can share them with anything and any secret of life. It is very important for all of us to be a good friend in such a busy life so that we can talk to them to relieve the pressure of study, job, business, family, etc. A true friend can have a variety of good qualities, but it is necessary to have basic qualities, which engage in a good friendship.

We should not rush in friendship to avoid strangers and fraudulent friends. We should take the appropriate time to understand the friends around us and choose someone who will take us forward in life for our friendship.

Maybe, you find true friendships very quickly, however, long-term relationships become long lasting and valuable. Living in true friendship for a long time is a lot harder than good friends. Not everyone is blessed with true friendship, only a lucky few are blessed with this true relationship.

A true friend becomes very polite (sometimes difficult) and soft-spoken with gentle manners. He never shows dominance in a relationship and is never selfish and mean. True friends never get the benefit of our innocence and softness. They always protect us to go on the wrong path and get into wrong habits.


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