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Addiction to anything is bad – be it a drug, a person or a habit. While everyone around can recommend quitting addiction, the person who is really addicted to something knows how difficult it is to do so.

It is difficult to get rid of intoxication and some of these can also be contagious. So your addiction is not only spoiling you but can negatively impact the people around you. It can be anyone – your children, siblings or friends.

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Essay on addiction, addiction essay in hindi (200 words)

Different types of people get addicted to various addictions or bad habits. Our companionship and circumstances usually play an important role in this. People are aware of the consequences before indulging in such habits but still they do so.

For example, people know that drugs are not good for them and it is likely for them to become addicted. But many times they try to get out of these curiosities or try to cure their pain temporarily by thinking that they will do it just once or twice but soon they will get addicted to it.

Likewise, people know that once they start playing a video game between their office hours they will get addicted and not stop, but they still play and waste their time.

It is very difficult to overcome any kind of addiction – be it addiction, mobile addiction, gambling addiction, social media addiction or shopping addiction. Even if treatments are available, it can take several months or years to get rid of them. Many people return to their addiction after weeks, months or years of recovery as it serves as an escape for them. Thus it is suggested to avoid these in the first place. Stay away from such old habits to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Essay on addiction, drug addiction essay in hindi (300 words)


Intoxication is one thing that can make us lose interest in everything around us and keeps us tied to one particular thing. It can be specifically medicine, mobile, internet, foods, gambling or anything. Addiction to anything can adversely affect our lives.

Due to addiction

Pain relief:  Drugs, alcohol, mobile phones, social media, excessive shopping, eating our favorite foods help relieve stress and relieve pain. People consume these to temporarily relieve pain. These habits can turn into addiction if we do not preserve ourselves in time.

Together:  Our company and social environment have a great impact on our habits and overall personality. If we socialize with people who party every other day and drink heavily, we can also develop that habit. Similarly, if your friends have a shopping habit, you are also likely to develop that habit.

Lack of knowledge:  Many times, people are not aware of the consequences of engaging in a particular sport or having a certain substance. They indulge in it just for fun and then get used to it.

Ways to avoid drugs

It is easier to avoid any kind of addiction than to get rid of the habit later. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Be aware and alert all the time. Before eating or drinking anything regularly, know if it can cause intoxication.
  • Choose your company wisely.
  • Even if people in your family or circle of friends are addicted to alcohol, drugs or any other habit, you should practice self control to avoid this.
  • Self-control is basically the key to avoid it.
  • Instead of going for these temporary escapes, look for healthier options to relieve your pain.


Addiction to anything affects our body as well as our mind. Thus we should identify the causes of various types of addiction and refrain from taking the above measures.

Essay on addiction in hindi (400 words)


Addiction is defined as a complex brain condition that can be caused by an overgrowth in a particular habit or thing. As Patrick Carnes put it, “intoxication is a relationship, a pathological relationship in which passion changes people”. To see anything is called addiction to that particular thing. Addiction to anything – these can have fatal consequences for drugs, the Internet, social media or gaming.

Addiction to anything is bad:

Different people are addicted to different things. Some people may be enamored of a person and thus accustomed to talking with him or being with him at all times, some may be infatuated with their own self and take selfies and boast about themselves on social media May be accustomed to doing, some may be obsessed with shopping and may be accustomed to going to markets and malls to buy unnecessary items. Our company and circumstances usually play an important role in developing such addictions.

Even though people are aware of the harmful consequences of intoxication, they are unable to stop themselves from indulging in it. Drug addiction is the worst kind of addiction. People usually develop this habit in their youth and are unable to get rid of it later in life even after trying a lot. Several treatments have been developed to overcome drug addiction. However, if a person does not follow self-control then no amount of treatment or amount of treatment can help him get rid of it.

Addiction Free India:

Many youth in India are addicted to alcohol and drugs. This affects both their mental and physical health. Drug addiction not only hurts the addict but his entire family is with him. In addition, a person’s professional life also leads to a toss due to this habit.

While on the one hand we talk about empowering our youth and hope that they will contribute to the development of our country, on the other hand we see thousands of youth ruining their lives due to addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The youth should be sensitive to this issue. The government should also play its role by banning the sale of such substances to curb these practices. Anyone selling them illegally should be punished severely.


This is the time to act responsibly and say no to addiction to drugs or for that matter. The government or our friends and family members cannot help much if we are not ready to help ourselves.

Essay on addiction addiction, essay on drug addiction in hindi (500 words)


Any kind of addiction can adversely affect the victim as well as those close to him. It is said that, “intoxication is a family disease. One person can use, but the whole family suffers ”.

Addiction Results:

Here is a brief look at the consequences of intoxication:

Health hazards:  Everyone knows the health hazards associated with drug and alcohol addiction. These are bad for your physical as well as mental health. Eating disorders develop in people addicted to certain foods and also lead to various health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Other types of addiction also negatively affect health.

Monetary Issues:  When you are addicted to something you spend excessively on it. You are so obsessed with it that you don’t even realize you are over spending. It can dig holes in your pocket and your budget can go for a toss. People who are addicted to gambling, drugs and alcohol borrow most of the money to quench their addiction and often drown in debt.

Relationship problems:  People addicted to drugs and alcohol often lose their sense of control and engage in unnecessary debate and conflict with those around them, making their relationship tense. People accustomed to social media and the internet are so engrossed in their mobiles that they ignore and ignore their family members. People with gambling addiction are frustrated most of the time and this affects their relationship negatively.

Adverse effects on study / work:  Addiction also impedes the study and work life of people. When you are addicted to something, all of you can think that it is something special. You lose focus and your grasping power is also greatly reduced. Apart from drugs and alcohol, mobile addiction is becoming a hurdle to a great extent these days.

Ways to get rid of addiction:

While the harmful consequences of addiction are said time and again, people are still addicted to various things. Although these things give them temporary happiness, they know that it is not good for them. Those who try hard to get rid of any kind of addiction can do the following:

You need to understand that you cannot fix just one day and leave your addiction then and there. You have to go slow on this. Give yourself some time. It is a good idea to choose a date when you will eventually quit your addiction. This will keep you inspired.

Take one step at a time to get rid of your addiction and persevere. It is suggested what you have to trigger to get into that habit and avoid the trigger. Also identify what you have to do and what to do otherwise.

If you are trying to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction then it is wise to seek professional help.
Your friends and family members are always ready to support you in this direction. Seek help from them.


Addiction to anything affects our decisions and choices. We are not able to think rationally when we are addicted to something because our main focus is the thing or habit we are accustomed to. This has a negative impact on our relationships as well as work.

It is suggested to avoid these in the first place although if you develop any kind of addiction, you can get rid of them with the help of the above tips.

Essay on drug addiction, essay on drug addiction among youth in hindi (600 words)


The term addictive is often associated with drugs. However, this is not the only type of addiction a person can get addicted to many other things. This can include food addiction, video game addiction, mobile addiction, Internet addiction, social media addiction, addiction to name a few and gaming addiction.

Types of intoxication:

Here is a brief look at common types of addictions:

Food addiction

Many people become accustomed to the taste of certain foods such as certain types of chips or a particular flavor or noodles from a particular restaurant or burger or just about anything. Some people are addicted to eating spicy food so they can have anything that is spicy.

Similarly, some people have sweet teeth and thus crave for sweets all the time. The addiction is so much that even after feeling hungry, they crave for such foods and food. People are unhealthy with most foods. Eating more in unhealthy eating habits can be dangerous for health.

Mobile and video game addiction

Everyone is clinging to mobile phones these days. We are constantly on our phones, texting, calling and surfing endlessly. We are so engrossed in it that we forget the people around us. Many gaming sites have been developed these days and most of the games on these sites are highly addictive.

These days people can be seen playing games like Candy Crush on their mobile phones and laptops continuously. This addiction to mobile and video games disrupts not only our personal relationships but also our work.

Internet and social media addiction (mobile, internet addiction in hindi)

Internet surfing has also become an addiction for some people. Social media platforms have increased this addiction further. We want to show everything to the world. We are so stuck with recording those moments to promote that we are having fun that we actually forget to have fun. Taking selfie is another addiction that people have developed these days.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It is the worst kind of addiction as it can adversely affect your mental as well as physical health. Also it is very difficult to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction. Drug addiction often develops serious health problems.

However, they are not able to quit this addiction, even if they know the consequences. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, hallucinogens, and crack are some common types of drugs that have been used for a while in that feeling of ecstasy.

Shopping addiction

Many people develop a habit of spending money on things they do not need. They see shopping as a way to release their stress. It gives them a different kind of enjoyment and experiences what they regularly take for granted. For some, it becomes addiction. They go shopping, even if they don’t need anything. They keep buying goods not only for themselves but for anyone and everyone.

Gambling addiction

Once a person starts to gamble, he cannot easily give up the habit. Whether he wins or loses, he gets involved in it again and again. It soon becomes an addiction. Gambling has ruined the personal and professional lives of many people around the world. Casinos and bars exploit this weakness of people and build profitable businesses.


Ironically, even though people know that indulging in anything can lead to addiction, they are still not stopping themselves from doing so. We should take control of our lives and avoid these harmful habits so that they do not ultimately take over our life.


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