Essay About My Morning Routine

My morning routine feels outdated and does not give me the energy I want them to give me so it’s time to renew. Time to try something new and see what happens.

My morning routine has become casual

I love having a morning routine. Nothing makes me so focused on the day as when I go in for my morning routine. It’s easy to just do by chance, but I notice it directly on my result if I do it.

Lately, I think that my morning routine has felt blah and that it has not given the energy I want it to give at all. I do not know if it is due to the routine itself or that I sleep poorly. Poor sleep has not affected me before so I actually do not know. I think I should start tweaking my morning routine because I have the easiest time influencing it. The sleep is as it is and I have to let it fall into place gradually. I do not really know how to tweak yet, but I am starting to think about whether it is the planning part of my routine that bothers me. I know… it sounds completely crazy to come from me. It is not the planning itself that is wrong, but rather the order in the routine it ends up in.

Thoughts on what needs to be done

  • Because I am so fond of planning and it gives me a good feeling for the day, it usually comes early in my routine but I think it might be last instead. This is because the thought of what to do during the day puts me in work mode immediately and I really want a calmer awakening.
  • Something that has also happened is that writing has completely disappeared lately. I have always written during my morning routine but it has been dropped for some reason. Now I want to reintroduce it again. Write reflections and thoughts for at least ten minutes. What I write about is not very important but it is good if it contains thoughts about my feelings for the day in some way. From what I write, I think that my to-do list is shaped to some extent. By writing, what feels important comes out and what is important should be on the list for the most part.
  • One step that definitely needs to be done is that it’s time to bring out the cleaning mop again. Not for cleaning but for movement training. I need to soften my joints. They are not so kind to me and if they are to be kinder I need to take care of them.

New chain of thought for planning

And the planning of course. It should definitely be included, but it should be last and get a new chain of thought. By chain of thought I mean the order in which each step in my planning comes. I plan on habit but want to be more soulful, aware, when I think through the day. So in the future I want to go from soulful to concrete.

My new chain of thought:

  1. Visualize the day – the feeling, the work, the result
  2. Intention / focus – what do I need to focus on? It can be about a task but also about a feeling. I want to lift the feeling more than I do today. Affirmations can be included here, but I’m not very good at that.
  3. The actual planning – write and go through my to-do list and block the times.

So in summary:

  1. Exercise training
  2. Writing morning pages
  3. Soulful part of the planning
  4. Concrete part of the planning

When these parts are ready, it’s probably time to start the day for the rest of the family if I have not gone to bed in the morning and they have already left. Regardless, it’s time for me to have breakfast and when I’m done, I’ll take up the first item on my to-do list.

Of course, tea is part of my morning routine. Without tea, I think badly.

If you want a working morning routine

If you are thinking of starting a morning routine or changing something in your routine, ask yourself the questions:

What gives me the right energy?
What do I need to get the right focus in my work?

Once you have answered these questions honestly, you will be able to more easily plan the order of your steps in your morning routine. Order is important so it is good if you know what you want from your routine. Do you want to wake up right away or do you want to wake up slowly?


Remember that there is no achievement in this. The morning routine is just for you and your well-being. It should save you time, get your creativity going and make you feel like you are looking forward to the day.

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