Escape From Tarkov cheats for PC

Anarchy has ended up bringing chaos to a Russia that is upside down. Surviving in extensive battlefields depends on your own skills and abilities, which is not easy considering that this video game is more of a simulator that avoids arcade philosophy.

That is, all the shooting mechanics of the title developed by Battlestate Games is realistic to the fullest . Even the Battlefield franchise looks like wild action next to this great game that has garnered such rave reviews.


  1. The best equipment
  2. ‘Camper’ technique, the most effective
  3. Take on the AI
  4. Learn to crouch

As a worker for a privately operated military company, your goal will be to flee Tarkov with worthwhile loot. Getting it will be quite a difficult challenge to overcome, but with our tricks everything will be easier even though you start the first games without previous experience.

The best equipment

As a good simulator, Escape from Tarkov does not allow you to carry everything you want in your backpack or vest. Both elements have limited spaces, so you must select very carefully what to wear on your forays into desolate Russia.

Faced with a wide arsenal, it is difficult to choose, but you have to bear in mind that the best equipment of all is the one that allows you to recover, especially painkillers . And it is that they not only heal you from the blows – very common – and small impacts that you receive, but also increase your precision when targeting enemies.

Therefore, whenever you see painkillers on stage be sure to add them to your backpack , as well as other healing items such as medicine cabinets and bandages.

‘Camper’ technique, the most effective

Being a camper or a mushroom is not very well seen in the first-person-shooters of pure action, as it could be a Call of Duty. But this is a simulator, remember that. Going to sack is counterproductive . In fact, the most effective strategy is the one we will detail below.

Find an area that provides good visibility and does not mean leaving your head at the mercy of potential snipers. Stay hidden as much as possible and wait for someone to end up passing your position . It will be then that the surprise factor will give you an invaluable advantage.

This technique is if possible more effective in case of putting it into practice near a box, a chest or barrel . The rewards are highly sought after by gamers and, when they find one, they will not hesitate to go for it. You will be there waiting to liquidate the enemy and keep their loot and that of the box that you have been observing from a safe distance for some time.

As is necessary, when there is little left to finish a game and reach the extraction area, other users will surely try to apply the same strategy. Evaluate it to go very carefully towards the area in question.

Take on the AI

Escape from Tarkov has a very active and experienced community. So getting fully into the multiplayer battlefield is foolhardy. Preferably put into practice a simple trick that is summarized in starting with bots .

It is a training that will be very useful for you to get hold of the controls , which although it is true that they remind of most first-person shooters -R to reload, Tab to see the inventory, etc.-, present a series of complexities. This is demonstrated by the mechanics of crouching.

Learn to crouch

In many FPS you can only shoot standing, crouching or lying down. Escape from Tarkov goes further by posing intermediate positions so that you have a wide range of possibilities.

The first thing you need to do to master the game is learn to crouch. We are not referring to pressing the appropriate key, but to knowing exactly which position is the most appropriate depending on the war scenario that you have in front of you.

For example, if you want to go unnoticed lie completely with your character, but bear in mind that you will aim with very little precision. Just the opposite will happen if, when you bend over, you show little area covered by your own body. The level of concealment will be low – although higher compared to standing – but in return you will shoot as accurately as possible .


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