Error solution: ‘I cannot enter or use Uber from my cell phone’ – Uber does not work

Signing in to your Uber account is undoubtedly a basic and very simple process. Even so, on many occasions problems can arise, so today we bring you the solution to ‘I cannot enter or use Uber from my cell phone’ – Uber does not work.

You are entering the wrong data

The first thing you should verify in the event that you cannot access your Google account from your cell phone, is to check your data. It may seem basic, but sometimes the most obvious thing turns out to be the problem, that is, you may be entering your data in the wrong way .

Therefore, carefully check what you are typing while entering your password. Verify that you do not have capital letters activated, or that you enter an incorrect symbol. At the same time, it is recommended that you analyze each of the letters you type, since there is the possibility that you are skipping one or another character.

Keep in mind that if you enter the wrong password too many times, the platform may detect it as suspicious. This could lead to access to your account being prohibited, for this reason, try to enter your data correctly .

And what if you changed your number? There are also ways to get your Uber account back if you changed your number , on the other hand, you can try other options if you can’t log in.

Try resetting your password if you can’t use Uber

If after verifying the data when entering the password, the problem continues to arise, there is a possibility that you have forgotten the password . If so, you can try resetting your Uber account password.

Fortunately, the company provides all the tools to recover your account with great ease. You can try this method by going to recover Uber account . In this space write your email and the information requested by the platform.

After providing the above information, you will receive all the pertinent information to recover your account. In this way, you can put a new password on your account, fixing the problem of not being able to enter Uber from your mobile.

Check your internet connection

We must discard the obvious in order to solve our problems. You may not be able to access your Uber account from your mobile, simply because there is no Internet connection . It’s rare, but a momentary glitch can cause you to be unable to log into your account.

Just check that the internet connection is working. If you cannot log in after verifying that the Internet is not the culprit, you can try other technical settings to fix this problem.

Clear the cache when you cannot access your Uber account from your mobile

It is very common to talk about cleaning the cache or data of an application to make it work, the truth is that it often works. In fact, if you have a constant error, it may be due to the data that is stored on the mobile. Therefore, it is best to try clearing the cache and Uber data.

  • The process is basic, just go to ” Settings “.
  • Look for the ” Applications ” option and there locate the Uber application.
  • Click on the Uber application, then on ” Storage ” and finally activate the ” Clear cache ” and ” Clear data ” options .

Update the Uber application if you cannot enter from your cell phone

The reason that prohibits you from entering Uber from your mobile may be that you do not have the updated application. Given this, simply go to the application store of your mobile device, search for ” Uber ” and verify that the application is updated.

In the event that the ” Update ” option is displayed , simply click on it and wait for the update process to finish.

On the other hand, if none of the above works to enter your Uber account, contact the company’s technical support, where they can possibly help you. And if there is still no solution, remember that you can always create an Uber account easily and continue enjoying its services.


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