Error: “Roblox doesn’t work and won’t let me play” – Roblox Solution

Roblox is available to anyone with a functional computer or portable device (you can download it from its official website ). Being one of the platforms with the largest number of users today as well as holding a record of 100 million monthly visits. Therefore, any errors such as “Roblox does not work and won’t let me play” or “Roblox won’t load or won’t open ” could be counterproductive for those stats.

In most of the occasions that an error like the one mentioned appears, the solution of the same usually tends to be induced by itself without the need to intervene. Being nothing more than a small but unpleasant scare; However, when the problem persists, it is urgent to implement the appropriate way to combat it (so that you do not have to eliminate or uninstall Roblox forever ).

Error: ‘Roblox doesn’t work and won’t let me play’ – Roblox Solution

Basic requirements to avoid the error “Roblox does not work and does not let me play”

Normally, the error makes an appearance when one of these requirements is not fully met,  which mainly have to do with the computer hardware, the internet connection and finally the operating system in use.

To play Roblox, you should know beforehand that it is not compatible with Linux and as for Windows, it is advisable to use the Vista edition onwards. However, for Windows 8 or 8.1 versions, the game platform will only allow the user to access Roblox in desktop mode.


As for MacOS, version 10.7 is indicated but only on “Intel Mac”; Chrome OS, in its 53rd edition or higher, having previously enabled the Play Store on the device; SmartPhones, like Android, will only be compatible with Android 4.4 onwards and in Apple, the iOS 8 version is correct.

The game requires a “DirectX 9 ” and “Shader Model 2.0” graphics card as well as a processor with a speed greater than 1.6 Ghz. The RAM memory must have 1 GB of capacity and the storage space must have at least 20 Mb to run Roblox.

If everything mentioned is in order, then the problem “Roblox does not work and does not let me play” lies in the internet connection. This is because it must have a bandwidth between 4 to 8 Mb / s preferably or higher in the event that the use by a considerable number of individuals at the same time is recurrent.

I meet the minimum requirements but the error remains, how to fix it?

You cannot make a list with the errors where users say verbatim that “Roblox does not work and does not let me play” since it would be endless. However, Roblox summarizes some of these problems in the most common ones. Such as not finding the official site in the browser, repeated loading of the Roblox installer, or not being able to connect to an online game.


First, the platform recommends shutting down the computer for a few minutes or restarting it as the simplest option. If the problem persists, it is necessary to eliminate or clear the cookies and cache of a web page , also extensions or files of that nature that may be on the computer.

To do so, go to ” Settings ” in Chrome, followed by “Advanced settings ” and go to “Content settings “. Then select the option ” Cookies ” and in the line corresponding to “All cookies and website data” write ” Roblox ” to finally press ” Remove all that are displayed”.

Accompanying this action, enter ” Settings ” and then “Advanced Settings “. Then hover the mouse cursor over ” Restore the original settings to default” and finally select ” Reset .”

Verify that your antivirus allows access to the Roblox website by marking it as ” secure ” or make sure that the date and time on your computer are correct. Also keep updates of any kind and I assure you that the error “Roblox does not work and does not let me play ” will be a thing of the past. So you can now proceed to create an account on Roblox .


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