Error: «Roblox does not load or does not open me» – Solution to play Roblox

Being one of the most used development video games in the world, due to the multiple facilities to create content that it offers to its users, Roblox does not escape showing, on occasions, frequent errors that can make more than one lose their minds.

Error: ‘Roblox does not load or does not open’ – Solution to Play Roblox

These errors can manifest themselves in the following way: when pressing play, a ‘download and install’ advertisement appears, even though the game is already installed on our computer. It can also indicate a ‘Roblox error ID 17, 149, 148’ that does not allow us to play, or the screen stays in ‘getting the latest Roblox’ infinitely.

And speaking of infinity, it can also get stuck in a loop that doesn’t allow for secure installation; There is also the warning of ‘an error occurred while starting Roblox detail’s httpgetstring-httpsendrequest Error: hresults OX80072f19’ a warning that can make more than one feel the creeps.

Among another of the main warnings is that an ‘unexpected error has occurred, for which Roblox must stop’; close itself or show errors in specific games when we run the game on our Smartphone or Tablet , or show an error message when loading the critical information configuration.

It can also tell you at the time of running it that it cannot connect to the website since the antivirus on your computer does not allow access to the internet, despite not having an antivirus or having previously placed Roblox on the list of trusted applications; If you have a Norton or Avira antivirus , you can check how to make exceptions here.

These errors are just some of a long list of possibilities, and they can be generated by several causes, being to begin with the type of connection you have, be it wireless and unstable or a low bandwidth; It may also be that the game has a corrupted or incorrect script , which prevents it from running normally.

Possible solutions

First of all, make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser , be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, which are some of the browsers that in normal situations should run Roblox without any problem.

Another possible solution is that you should reestablish the internet options, although this works exclusively in Windows as follows: go to the ‘Settings’ option in Internet Explorer and immediately, when you find ‘Advanced internet options’ click on it, then on reboot; try to play again.

Remove or disable any AdBlocker plugins that you have previously installed on your computer as this prevents the game from loading completely. Other elements that you can try to delete are cookies and temporary files (cache) of any computer from which you want to run Roblox .

After completing these steps, restart your computer; You can also try disabling all the plugins, and then executing them one by one until you find which of them is incompatible with Roblox; Also make sure that the date and time on your computer is correct.

Solution for Smartphones and Tablets

Make sure your device is compatible with Roblox Mobile , and you can find out this in this article; If you have a computer from Apple iPad 3, or an iPhone 4S, the game should run without any problem; If you have the iOS 8 operating system , you can run Roblox, if you don’t have it, make sure your device is compatible with this version.

If you have a device whose operating system is Android 4.0.3 , you will be able to run Roblox without problems, and if it is not, you will receive a warning message, indicating that the game will have lag, so it is not recommended to install it since it is not what powerful enough; any mid-range or high-end device is.


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