Error Code: 277 on Roblox

If you know what Roblox is and how it can be played , you may have seen Error Code: 277. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution and that is why we invite you to read this article with which you will learn what Error Code: 277 is in Roblox –Easy and fast solution

What is the Code 277 error in Roblox?

The “Error Code: 277” in Roblox is a problem that occurs when there is no connection to the server . Although the Roblox company has not offered some kind of official solution in order to resolve this error, many users still see the message “Error Code: 277” when they try to run their games.

Error Code: 277 in Roblox – Quick and Easy Solution

Generally, the “Error Code: 277” is displayed on Windows or Mac computers, although it may also occasionally appear on video game consoles and mobile devices. Sometimes the message that indicates this problem pops up right when at startup or during the game making Roblox not working and not letting you play .

Why does the error code: 277 occur on Roblox?

Commonly, the error code 277 in Roblox is displayed when there are problems with the internet connection . If you are trying to access the game over a poorly stable wireless network, this may be the cause of the problem. Also, the error may be related to the port used by the router or “router” to establish the connection.

It is important to mention that the cause of Error Code: 277 is not always due to access problems by the user. Sometimes Roblox server crashes occur and in this case the only solution is to reconnect after a few minutes or wait until Roblox modifies the server .

Error Code: 277 on Roblox – Quick and Easy Solution

If you are playing on the Roblox platform of your choice and you see a message with the Error Code: 277, do not worry because it is possible to correct this problem through the steps that we explain below .

Reboot the system and use a cleaning tool

It is recommended that you reboot the system and access a cleaning tool such as “CCleaner” which you can get for free at the official ccleaner website . Once you download and install this program, look for the “Cleaner” and “Registry” options in order to remove unnecessary files and faulty registry entries.

Check Roblox requirements

Verify that your computer meets the minimum requirements established by Roblox: 1.6 Ghz CPU (or more) , 20 Mb of free space on the hard disk, 3Gb of RAM, Windows system version 7 (or higher), DirectX 9 and a minimum browsing speed of 4Mb / s.

Reconfigure the range of the router ports

Also, the cause of the error could be related to the ports used by the router. Therefore, it is advisable that you change the network and check if the problem persists or that you reconfigure the range of ports established for the router.

To do this, enter the IP address of your router in your web browser. Access the “Advanced Tools” or “Applications” section (depending on the router). Enter the name “Roblox”, type of service “UDP”, start: 49152 and end: 65535. Enter your private IP address and finally, press the “Apply” or “OK” button.

Check if the settings solve the problem

Restart the router for the changes to take effect. Then, disconnect your PC from the router and reconnect it to it and check if the problem has been resolved.

Run Roblox in compatibility mode

Eventually, error 277 occurs due to compatibility issues with Windows 10 . To fix this bug, right-click on the application icon and click “Properties.” Select “Compatibility” and press “Run this program in compatibility mode.” Then select your operating system and press “Apply”.

Check your internet browser

It is essential that you check your internet browser in order to keep it updated. Also, you need to disable the extensions because they could cause problems while Roblox is running


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