Entrepreneurship (Small Business and Industrial entrepreneurship development concept)

One of the major tools of economic social development is the Entrepreneurship or small entrepreneur development program. To put it simply, to set up and operate a small business or industrial business organization with risks or challenges.

Entrepreneurship (Small Business and Industrial entrepreneurship development concept)

By means of the Entreprenuer, it refers to the particular person. Who takes initiative in business or industrial trade with all the challenges or risky heads. Niddrsta any enterprising person or any area where the new establishment of a business or industry, then he started entrapreniura is called.

Notable features of the Entraprenure

Risk Ability : An intrapreneur is extremely determined and confident in his work. Expect change is not a backward take on risk. Before taking any initiative, the investor will proceed with knowing the particular consequences of risk, whether good or bad, profit or loss, success or failure, etc., knowing what kind of benefits or disadvantages may arise and how to deal with it. The risk of intrapreneur is that
“either win, never learn or

Innovation in Business: The Entrepreneur must take the initiative to do something that is completely new to his area. No one has ever started such a business or business before. This does not mean that he has to create something new. In this case, imitation can be done. Whatever was in his area or not, there are other areas where the entrepreneur can start seeing what can be called something new. An entrepreneur is the one who is successful in this field.

Investing in Business: A successful entrepreneur does not end up with his own talent, intellect, and labor. He does not hesitate to invest his own capital in the business. It is not a matter of how much or how little your money will be here. The idea is to provide the maximum amount of money from yourself. There are also opportunities to invest money from loans, bank loans or other sources.

The owner of his own business: A entrapreniura  itself the owner of the business. He does not have to work under another. To bring about selfishness by conducting one’s work voluntarily and independently. Here the promoter may or may not involve other members of his family in the same business
. It is important to note that in this case, a farmer who works on his own land cannot be called an intrapreneur.

Which is helpful in qualifying for Entraprenew

The following aspects are helpful in being an Entrapurer.
2. Entrepreneurship is easy for anyone who is already involved in a specific business or has previous work experience. For example, after working under a masters (rickshaw or motorcycle repairs), she could set up a rickshaw or a bicycle repair garage on her own.

  1. Know how to read and write general calculations. In order to keep accountability, transactions and correspondence in the interest of the business not to be communicated by others in the exchange. In many cases, the expectation for a job is increased only after receiving one certificate.
  2. Suffering needs, failures, disappointments in life all the way to being an inspiration for intrapreneur. It is sometimes seen that there is no other way but the motivation of the parents or the wife can be very helpful.
  3. Depending on the income of the daily family, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to be single. Because after meeting the daily needs of the family, there is no new mindset.
  4. It is easy for an entrepreneur to have comparable responsibilities towards a family. Because he doesn’t have to think in an instant to meet his family’s needs. Income earns a chance to wait.
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