Enhancing activities for the development of socio-economic conditions

In this country of large numbers, most people are somehow struggling with poverty. The number of unemployed young women educated in the country is increasing day by day. The amount of cultivated land is decreasing. The government is not able to create jobs for everyone for economic social development. Innovative creators of new enterprises in the developmental development activities . Private NGOs come forward with a more immediate and robust role.

The uddyekta lack of capital to start a business is unable to provide for their economic benefits. On the other hand, those who lack sufficient capital are unable to compete. Hold on to the business by providing them financial benefits. To facilitate the obtaining of bank loans in the business capital.

Another reason why small entrepreneurs can’t survive is because we don’t have good business experience in our country. In this case, to prepare, implement and evaluate the project plan as per the demand. Considering the efficiency and risk involved in project work.

Whether a project is undertaken by an individual enterprise or an institutional enterprise, it is a combination of their own funds and experience in that project. In our country, many NGOs provide training for the use and efficiency of the savings of the members of the party in income generating activities. The training motivates members to embark on new projects.

Some obstacles to income growth activities

Lack of adequate technical skills of entrepreneurs. However, some entrepreneurs are threatening to increase their income-based activities, such as the lack of antidote for poultry and livestock breeding. Which could not be collected in time.

In the general population of the village Elka, the number of readings required is low. As a result, choosing the right project that suits their work is ridiculous.

Due to lack of proper management, development projects are disrupted. Maintaining sound accountability in managerial weaknesses. Cash control and credit management.

The dependence of the local hats on marketing the products. To restrict the supply of products produced in the national and international markets, in such a way, the public should come forward to play a role in marketing through public-private communication.

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