Engine warning light on: what to do

The warning light that informs you of an engine failure comes on every time you start the car, but it must go out in a few moments: if it stays on, or if it lights up suddenly, a stop at the mechanic is almost mandatory. . Let’s find out why.

Engine light on: steady yellow light

The engine warning light is located with all the other indicators on the dashboard: it is a stylized silhouette that represents an engine, which in modern cars also appears in the multifunction display, often accompanied by a written warning.

The warning light has existed since 2002, and since then has a fixed place in the instrument panel to indicate any engine faults, but beware: the warning light can be flashing or fixed.

In the latter case, the warning light on assumes a failure in the injection , ignition or exhaust gas treatment system .

What does it mean? Driving with the engine warning light on steadily could lead to various problems, such as abnormal exhaust emissions and increased fuel consumption.

Engine warning light on: what to do

When the engine warning light is on steady, it is advisable to immediately go to the mechanic who can carry out a complete diagnosis, correcting the malfunctions present.

Remember that the engine failure warning light does not provide information on the specific problem but always refers to the various anomalies that may affect the engine.


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