How to end boredom in relationships (and in bed!)

After some time together, it is common for a couple’s relationship to become routine. There are no more surprises and the two live inertia, where boredom is the protagonist. The days go by without anything new coming up. Sex is no longer a novelty, and sometimes it is even avoided. When that point comes, it is better to act, because one of the two may tire and then it will be the death of the relationship. But calm, everything has a solution. Today I brought you some tips on how to end boredom in your relationship. Want to know what they are? So come on!

For some psychologists, when the routine is established, communication, creativity and activities that give pleasure decrease. All couples, at some point in the relationship, may experience periods of boredom. However, it is a crisis that must be overcome and it is necessary to know how to face it in the best possible way. Often, work, responsibilities and day-to-day concerns make us forget about the need of the person next to us. And it can never happen. Here’s how to overcome this problem.

In today’s text we will cover the following topics:

  • Not every routine is bad
  • When boredom takes over
  • Tips on how to end boredom in the relationship
  • Talk to each other

Not every routine is bad

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that not every routine leads to boredom. Some are even necessary for the couple, because it creates a union and stability in the relationship. For example, sometimes the two of you create some customs, like sleeping together in the same way, getting up at the same time and doing some of the same activities every day. This is bad? Of course not!

The problem is when this routine is taken to the extreme and the relationship falls into boredom and boredom. And when this boredom and routine are also taken to sex, the problem becomes even greater.

When boredom takes over

I’ll give you a practical example: imagine, for a moment, that your favorite dish is chicken and every day, at lunchtime, you are served roasted chicken. At first you will find it very good and will look forward to lunch time because you are going to eat your favorite dish, but in time, you will start to get sick and you will not want to know more about chicken, especially if it is roasted. But if you stop eating roast chicken every day and prepare it in other ways, you will not be sick and it will remain your favorite dish.

Relationships work the same way. By doing the same things with our partner, in the same way, we risk becoming bored. Although you love him and he reciprocates that feeling, boredom can end up destroying the relationship, because you will end up being disenchanted with each other.

Tips on how to end boredom in the relationship

The key is to maintain a balance between routine and constant innovation. For that, it is necessary to make some changes in the relationship.

Surprise your partner

It is important that the surprise factor is always present in the relationship and you will achieve this by doing, from time to time, something different for your partner. To put an end to boredom in the relationship, you can surprise him at least once with something special, that you know he will like. It could be dinner, a date for two, something you don’t usually do. Schedule that day on your calendar and take care of all the details carefully. Romantic encounters are always a beautiful preparation for a good sex night.

Explore, explore and explore

There is no better advice than that. Take a night just to explore each other’s bodies. Remember the power of a good kiss, of caresses and focus on finding the erogenous zones of each one. Remember that men and women do not only enjoy their genitals. The human body is wonderful and offers us countless points of pleasure.

Watch erotic movies

On some occasions it is a good idea to use an external stimulus to open our imagination and with it, our desire to have sex with our partner. In addition, erotic films provide us with ideas, positions and fantasies that we would not have thought of on our own. Choose a movie that you both like and have lots of inspirations. It can be a great aphrodisiac.

Sex games and fantasies

Disguises are real sexual stimulants. Stop by a sexy shop and buy a police costume and do it, invent different situations for you to act. You can even pick up some tips from the movie Fifty Shades of Gray and play domineering and submissive. All, of course, with the consent of both.
Likewise, sex toys and games can also take sex out of the routine. Vibrators, anal plugs, handcuffs, can give a different spice to the relationship and provide fun moments for two.

Lingerie and perfumes

A new bra and panties can do wonders with our self-esteem and crazy partners. A negligé, a garter belt, a thong. Everything is valid, the important thing is to let your imagination go. Enjoy and place perfumes in strategic and unexpected places. Imagine how sexy he will find when he finds out that you are scented in some secret places. Just don’t put it in places that can affect your intimate health, okay?

Talk to each other

These tips can help, but nothing is more important than a good conversation for two. Sit down and talk about the period you are going through. Finally, if you feel that in addition to the routine you are experiencing a sexual crisis and do not know how to end boredom in your relationship, it is best to ask for help from a specialist, who will be able to help you both find a solution to the problem and improve the couple’s intimate life.

As I said before, routines exist to organize time and schedules, but remember that sex should be free and full of sensations, not pre-established rules and times. Get rid of boredom and remember that you have a bond, that you need to keep alive. Only then will this relationship have a future.

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