Enalapril – Heart Remedy

Enalapril or Enalapril Maleate is indicated for controlling high blood pressure or improving your heart’s performance in cases of heart failure. In addition, this medicine can also be used to prevent heart failure.This compound acts by dilating blood vessels, which helps the heart to pump blood more easily to all parts of the body.This remedy action lowers high blood pressure, and in cases of heart failure helps the heart to function better. Enalapril may also be known commercially as Eupressin.

How to take

Enalapril tablets should be taken daily between meals, along with some water, as directed by your doctor.

Generally, for the treatment of hypertension the recommended dose ranges from 10 to 20 mg per day, and for the treatment of heart failure between 20 and 40 mg per day.

Side effects

Some of the side effects of Enalapril may include diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, cough, headache, tiredness, weakness or sudden drop in pressure.


This medicine is contraindicated for patients with diabetes and on treatment with aliskiren, a history of allergy to drugs in the same group as enalapril maleate, and for patients who are allergic to any of the formula’s components.In addition, if you are pregnant or nursing you should talk to your doctor before starting Enalapril treatment.

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