Zoom is a service for webinars, conferences, online lessons. It works on different platforms and devices: phones, tablets, PCs. With all the convenience and many tools available, there are some drawbacks. Problems with sound are especially common, and now we will try to consider options for solving them.

Why are there problems with sound

Usually, those who followed the link indicated by the speaker and joined the webinar have problems with sound. The image is there and works great, but it is accompanied by absolute silence.

Why is there no sound in Zoom:

  1. Having connected to the broadcast, you forgot to separately indicate that you would like to accompany it with voice acting (in Zoom this item is not implied by itself).
  2. You have incorrect parameters specified in the program settings.
  3. Speakers or headphones do not work directly.
  4. Audio output setting is incorrect.

How to turn on sound on a computer or laptop

Let’s figure out how to set up a broadcast with voice in Zoom: to turn on the sound, you need to do the following on your computer or laptop:

  1. Log in using the provided link to the webinar.
  2. In the offered window, click “Join Audio” and put a checkmark opposite “Automatically Join Audio” – in this case, you immediately provide yourself with sound.
  3. If it does not appear, check to see if the icon labeled “Mute” located in the lower left corner is crossed out. If so, click on it to make the red line disappear.
  4. If that doesn’t work again, expand the options hidden under the pointer next to the Mute icon. Let’s try to work with the settings.
  5. Click on “Audio Options” and select “Test Microphone and Speakers.” You will be asked to indicate connected devices. If you don’t remember them, click everything until you hear the music. Its appearance means that there will be sound in the broadcast too.
  6. Sometimes computers do not automatically switch between audio output devices . For example, if you plug in speakers from time to time and then remove them, the laptop will not talk to the internal speakers by itself. Open “Control Panel” – “Hardware and Sound” – “Manage Sound Devices” and check if you are dealing with just such a problem. If the green check marks are in front of all devices, remove them from everywhere, except for the speakers or headphones that you are using now.
  7. When all else fails to enable voice playback in the broadcast, while everything is heard on other sites, try reinstalling the Zoom program.

Setting up sound on a mobile device

Now let’s try to figure out how to set up audio in the Zoom Android app:

  1. When you follow the link to join the webinar, a window will appear stating that Zoom needs permission to access the OS. Please confirm this.
  2. Then confirm that you allow audio recording .
  3. Give access to video recording .
  4. Since the sound in the broadcast does not turn on automatically, you need to click the button with the headphone icon in the lower left corner (“Call using sound”). If you didn’t do this right away and don’t hear anything, click the crossed-out microphone in the same corner.

Now you know what to do if you have problems with audio in Zoom on your Android device. If the above settings did not help, reinstall the application:

  • select a widget and drag it up;
  • a basket icon will appear – hover your finger over it
  • agree to uninstall the program;
  • clear the cache using the built-in or downloaded OS optimizer;
  • install Zoom from Google Play.

By the way, problems may be caused by the fact that you previously downloaded software from an outside source – it is better not to do this. Also note that older Android versions are not always compatible with the conferencing app.

Just in case, try to go to “Settings” – “General” – “About phone”. Click “Software Information” – “Search for Updates”. Install the latest firmware and then open Zoom and see if it works better. This method is not suitable for outdated models of smartphones, as well as used and unlocked ones – the manufacturer stops support from some point and does not release update packages. In this case, the device must be reflashed at the service center.

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