Emotional salary: key to attracting talent

The emotional salary is and will be a concept that you will hear more and more. But what is the emotional salary?

As humans, one feels protected from the knowledge that is within the common. They call this community, to be part of a group that has a common thought or habits that group them into a single collective.

It is considered positive to be part of the common but luckily the new generations. Those so-called generations Z or millennials are going to teach us a lesson that they never gave us before, either at school or at home: they are going to prioritize their life over their work.

They are demanding the best conditions for their emotional salary.

How to be happy and discover your greatest passion?

This year I finished my third course as a teacher on an online platform. This is Udemy , probably the website with the highest visibility and range of online training.

Among the 3 courses I have, the second is the one with the best performance. It is this: How to be happy and discover your greatest passion?

In 36 minutes I give you the opportunity to know your values , focus to know what your objectives are and apply an immediate change with my 360 Perspective.

It is the course that I wish I had been taught in school, in college or that I would have loved to read.

A compilation and creation of the best strategies not only to know what I want in my life, but how to achieve it.

But the best of the course is in the change it promotes. Notice:

Obviously, the best of the course is in the possibility that you have to discover what is important to you. And what you care about, may be far from the ordinary.

Or at least it can be far from the daily habits that brings you closer to performing the same actions to be within the circle of what is established.

This is what the course is about. That you rethink what it is you really want in your life. That you put it in writing.

Face what you want and what you don’t. That you are able to guide a goal to achieve your desire. But above all, that you decide for what you really want, not what is well seen.

Right now, this course has 7473 students from all over the world. Surely the ego does its thing when I see these figures or read the reviews. It makes me feel important but I cannot lose the north, if I built and created this course it was to share what the world did not do with me when it should have done it.

Fortunately I learned it and have been able to pass it on.

The emotional salary. A generation that claims it.

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Although you may not understand it, there is a generation whose first wish is not always financial. At least not when looking for work. Many want to keep learning. Others put what they have learned into practice. There are those who prefer to be able to share their talent. And the vast majority want to be able to combine their work with their lives.

Did you read it correctly? Combine your work with your life.

Much of today’s workforce has lived their life experience around their need for work. They have educated you to study and be among the first. To have a steady and well-paid job. In my book Hello Creativity I already make the following clear:

35% of today’s careers will be eliminated or replaced in the next 5 years. And 65% of children who have just started primary school will go in search of a workplace with characteristics that we do not know today.

At a business level that means that many of today’s jobs are going to change very quickly. The company that is not prepared or willing to do so has a big problem for the future. I collect in the article The emotional salary, the new handicap of companies:

Economic salary is the main motivation for 74% of employees. Although 53% of those surveyed consider the power to combine personal and professional life decisive when changing jobs . Other determining factors are having a better schedule (50%), working on a more motivating project (42%) or being able to continue learning at work (39.5%).

The truth is, it makes all the sense in the world. Why should the manager or the HR director be in charge of deciding what their worker prefers? Their views are totally opposite.

Look at the profile of a manager and imagine that he is leading a large company. With a large financial salary in addition to other benefits, you have extraordinary motivation to have more than you own.

Let’s talk about typical common topics: this manager works too many hours to spend time with his family and his family spends their days hoping that one day they will retire and they can share more time.

If the company is looking for talent in order not to separate itself from the future needs of its consumer and market, they need to forget what the values ​​and main motivations of the manager are. It seems logical, right?

Well, in the real world, job offers are still decided by people who have different values ​​than the profiles they are looking for. And I know this because everyone has their own motivations and nobody can determine what yours are.

Imagine what it would be like to prepare your own job offer according to your main motivations and values.

Of course, you need minimum knowledge and obligations to develop your work according to what your company needs, but if they give you a blank page with what you are willing to offer and what you want to receive, would your main value be money?

Do you want to increase the productivity of your company by 40%?

The first of the courses I shared on Udemy was on Time Management: Double Your Time and Improve Your Productivity . As I have always been curious, I have wanted to learn about everything and do it constantly.

There came a time when with such interest to discover I had a constant lack of time so I wanted to learn how I could be more productive and especially how to have more time.

With all the lessons and practices that I learned, I took this course apart from other formations.

Today, I consider that knowing how to manage your time and discover what you want it for is essential in your day to day.

But what is a company looking for today? Committed, good workers with a set schedule.

From my point of view this is outdated. Who can determine the work schedule if you want to be productive?

The only thing companies with fixed and limiting schedules are doing is locking up workers to carry out routine tasks.

What should a company really look for: Productivity or Hours of Work? It is already more than confirmed that working hours is not related to being more productive.

Microsoft itself carried out a study in which it managed to increase the productivity of its workers by 40%.

Do you know how I do it? Microsoft reduced the work week to 4 days at its Japan offices. In the very country of Japan, probably the country where there is less social life and more hours of work you dedicate to your office.

What company would not want to increase the productivity of its workers by 40% ?

Companies must sit down with their workers and see what their vital needs are and how they can feed them so that they are more productive in their work.

It is not about working less, but what you should be being more productive. In what mind can someone be productive 8 hours of work?

Not even the manager himself is capable of doing it because being productive does not mean spending the hours you work, but performing in your tasks in the most effective and efficient way.

Entrepreneur: if you want to attract talent for 2020, do not count the hours your worker will dedicate. Find out what their emotional salary is. 


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