How to eliminate the smell of dog urine?

Eliminating the smell of dog urine can be a headache for many people. Whether it is a puppy dog ​​that has learned to relieve itself, an untrained adult dog or one with medical problems, cleaning the dog’s pee and preventing it from using any area of ​​the house as a private bathroom is difficult if you apply the wrong techniques.

With this in mind, in Animal Expert, we offer below different methods to eliminate the smell of dog urine from different areas of the home, as well as tricks, repellents and tips to eradicate this habit permanently. Keep reading!

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  1. Methods To Eliminate Dog Urine Smell
  2. First of all, dry your dog’s urine
  3. Hydrogen peroxide to remove dog urine odor from soil
  4. White vinegar, a natural odor neutralizer
  5. Baking soda to clean dog pee
  6. Lemon, the best remedy to eliminate the smell of urine
  7. Enzymatic cleaners
  8. How to eliminate the smell of dog urine outdoors?
  9. Repellents for dogs that urinate at home
  10. Final recommendations

Methods To Eliminate Dog Urine Smell

Urinating inside the house can happen to any dog, even those that have been properly trained, either because you have not taken him for a walk when he needed it or because he has an illness. On the other hand, these accidents are common in puppies, as they are in the learning stage. In either case, scolding or punishing your dog is NOT recommended , as it will be unable to understand that a natural action such as urination involves punishment. Also, if it is not corrected right away, the animal will not understand why you are so angry, so it will feel frustrated and scared.

How to get rid of dog pee can be a bigger problem than teaching him where to relieve himself. Why? In many occasions, using the wrong products causes the olfactory footprint , that is, the smell of urine, to continue in the place even if you don’t notice it (remember that the dog’s smell is more acute than the human one). In addition, some products contain components that, instead of serving as an odor neutralizer for dogs, encourage them to continue using that place as a bath.

Do you want to know how to remove the dog smell from your house? Here we present the most effective methods.

1. First of all, dry your dog’s urine

Before applying any of the remedies to eliminate the smell of dog urine, it is necessary to dry it. The most advisable thing is to attack the problem when you just pee, this way the cleaning is more efficient.

Use absorbent, disposable paper towels to remove as much urine as possible; remember to wear gloves. Do not rub the urine to dry it, as you will only be able to impregnate it more on the surface, especially if it is a textile, such as carpets, rugs or curtains.

Once the urine is removed, pass another absorbent paper towel soaked in water in order to eliminate as much as possible. You will notice that you have removed all the pee possible because the yellow color disappears or decreases considerably.

After completing these steps, it is time to apply the methods explained below to eliminate the smell of dog urine. In case of pee stains that are dry, directly apply the remedies that we offer you.

2. Hydrogen peroxide to remove the smell of dog urine from the ground

Hydrogen peroxide, popularly known as hydrogen peroxide , is a chemical compound with powerful oxidizing properties . There are two effective ways to use it:

Hydrogen peroxide and water

Mix a portion of hydrogen peroxide with running water in a spray container. Once you have dried the urine (if it is recent), impregnate the area with the mixture and leave it to act for 30 minutes . After this time, remove with an absorbent towel and rinse with water.

This method is effective on light colored rugs, although it is not recommended for dark textiles, as hydrogen peroxide can discolor them (we suggest you test in an invisible area). Similarly, if you want to know how to remove the dog urine smell from the floor, this is a good method for ceramic floors.

Hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate

You need to mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, 2 of baking soda and 1 of liquid dishwasher detergent. Use a deep container, as the components have a bubbling reaction when stirring. This method is excellent as a detergent for cleaning dog urine .

When mixing, there should be a thick and uniform paste. This method is ideal for dry urine or old stains, you should only spread a thick amount of the mixture on the problem area, leave it on for an hour, remove with absorbent paper and rinse with water.

3. White vinegar, a natural odor neutralizer

White vinegar is a homemade ingredient frequently used as a natural cleanser , as it has disinfecting properties and a pungent odor. You can use it to clean fresh or old urine stains on floors or carpets, just avoid rubbing the latter so that the pee does not penetrate more into the textile fibers.

Applying the vinegar as an odor neutralizer is very simple: just mix 1 part of vinegar with 1 part of hot water in a container with spray. Subsequently, apply to the urinated area and leave to act for 20 minutes. Then, remove with an absorbent paper and dry completely.

The power of vinegar against odors is such that it is even used to control the body odor of dogs, mixing it with their shampoo when bathing them. Likewise, it is also an excellent home remedy against ticks . For more information, don’t miss this article: ” Benefits of vinegar for dogs “.

4. Baking soda to clean dog pee

Baking soda is an alkaline compound that is used for different purposes, among which its applications in the home stand out thanks to its antifungal and abrasive effect. For this reason, it is a good method to eliminate the smell of pee from the dog. You can use it in two ways:

Baking only

After removing the urine, sprinkle baking soda on the area and leave it on overnight. In the morning, vacuum it out. Baking soda can be toxic to dogs if they ingest it in large quantities, so you should only apply this method if your furry friend does not have access to the treated area.

Baking soda and vinegar

This remedy works for recent or old spots. Mix 150 milliliters of vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda . Then, apply the solution on the problem area and leave it to act for half an hour. After this time, remove and rinse with water.

In areas such as wood or carpets, test in a non-visible area to verify that it does not discolor.

5. Lemon, the best remedy to eliminate the smell of urine

Lemon, that preferred ingredient in the kitchen, can be very useful in eliminating the smell of dog urine. In addition, it is a natural method without risk of side effects. Not only does its aroma suppress the unpleasant stench of urine, but it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties .

The best way to apply it is by mixing 100 milliliters of lemon juice, 50 milliliters of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Fill the mixture with an atomizer and spray on the previously dry area. Leave to act for half an hour and then remove with water. If necessary, repeat the process.

In addition to eliminating the odor, lemon works as a repellent for dog urine, since citrus aromas discourage dogs from approaching places. IF you want to know other smells that dogs hate , check this article.

6. Enzymatic cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are ecological products made from enzymes . Among its functions is to eliminate unpleasant odors, since these enzymes dissolve the molecules that produce such stinks. Thanks to this, they are a good option when it comes to eliminating urine from the dog.

The brands of enzyme cleaners vary from country to country, but are easily found in supermarkets and household cleaning products stores. We recommend you go to the nearest establishment to purchase one and follow the introductions indicated on the container for its application.

How to eliminate the smell of dog urine outdoors?

Bad smells related to dog urine not only affect your house or apartment, they can also manifest outside, whether in the garden or patio. In addition, there are cases in which other dogs decide to use the entrance of your garden as a bathroom, so you need to apply measures to erase that olfactory footprint and stop them.

These are the methods that can be used to eliminate the smell of dog urine outdoors:

Cleaning garden slabs

Garden slabs, whether made of marble, granite or other material, can be affected by bad odors from the dog’s pee. To remove it, use:

  • Chemical bleach. It is acquired in stores selling cleaning products. Mix in equal parts with water and rub on the affected area. Then, remove with water until the product is completely removed, since it is toxic to animals.
  • Lemon and water. A mixture of equal parts lemon and water serves as a neutralizer for urine odor, as well as a dog repellent.

Lawn cleaning

When it comes to organic material like garden grass, removing bad odors requires different methods. In this case, it is best to buy garden lime in outdoor decoration stores or nurseries.

Once with the product at home, sprinkle the lime on the bad-smelling area and then irrigate with plenty of water so that the soil absorbs it.

Repellents for dogs that urinate at home

In addition to eliminating the smell of dog urine in affected places, you can choose to use products that serve as dog repellents. In this way, spraying the problem area will discourage your furry friend from peeing there. This is a good option when trying to teach your pet which places to use to relieve itself.

We recommend the following combinations as a repellent for dog urine :

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is highly appreciated in gastronomy, especially for its spicy and somewhat smoky flavor. In dogs, however, it produces an irritating effect on the mucosa, so they stay away from this smell.

Using it as a repellent is very simple, just sprinkle the pepper in the place where your furry friend uses to urinate and then he will stop. In addition, this method serves as an odor neutralizer, you can use it to reinforce the effect of any of the other applied remedies.


Isopropyl alcohol is commonly used to disinfect wounds, as it has antibacterial properties accompanied by an intense pungent odor, which is bothersome for dogs.

Mix 1 part of this alcohol with 2 of water and spray the area you want to release from the dog pee. This method works indoors and outdoors, but you should never apply it to plants. Also, make sure that your dog does not ingest it by accident.

Lemon and vinegar

Lemon and vinegar together combine their antifungal and disinfecting properties, as well as helping to create a strong odor layer that repels dogs. Mix 1 cup lemon juice and 1 cup vinegar and spray the affected area with dog urine. Repeat as many times as necessary while teaching your dog where to relieve itself.

Final recommendations

When it comes to eliminating the dog urine smell, it is important to determine the reason why your furry companion has started peeing in inappropriate places and to undertake the solution. In case it is a puppy, you should start educating it. If, on the contrary, it is an adult dog that manifests this behavior suddenly, pay attention to possible signs of stress, depression, need to change the routine, among others. In both cases, remember to go to your vet to rule out the presence of any disease that is causing incontinence. In the process of educating the dog, positive reinforcement is the most appropriate option and with better results.

Likewise, the use of products containing ammonia, chlorine or bleach is prohibited , since its smell encourages cats and dogs to urinate in the place that has been cleaned. In fact, this is one of the main mistakes when it comes to eradicating the behavior of urinating inside the house.

Although all the remedies explained during the article are excellent odor neutralizers, and some even help prevent the dog from urinating there again, it is essential to keep in mind that they are not the solution. The real solution is to train the dog to learn to relieve itself on the street , which will also allow it to enjoy walks, exercise, activities and interact with other dogs. Socialization is equally important to the animal, as doing physical exercise every day. Both in puppies and in adults, to be responsible owners we must assume these tasks and guarantee to the animals that all their needs are met.

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