ELEX. Walkthrough of the first chapter (prologue)

In this article you will find the passage of the first chapter (prologue) in the game ELEX

First mission. To survive

This is the first story quest that is unlocked shortly after the start of the game. You need to escape from the starting location and get to one of the large settlements in the area to buy some decent gear. I advise you to take the help of a berserker named Duras and go with him to Goliet.

How to unlock: Unlocks automatically at the start of the game.

You will appear near the ruins of the observatory, and the only weapon will be an iron bar. Do not be lazy and explore the entire area, because all the collected items can be useful to you in the future, you can sell them or use them for crafting.

After a moment, you will face the first enemy on your long path to the endgame – a sick massive rat. Not far from here, you will find an unmanned drone. Examine it and a new task will open to you – “Semi-working tin can”.

Before entering the building, head left and explore the hill. There you will meet a stronger beast (you can run away from it for now). The most valuable item in the area will be here – the Adventurer’s Amulet (+1 to Block and +5 to Armor).

Enter the building and defeat the other rat. In one of the rooms you should find a bow that will be a worthy replacement for your stick if you prefer ranged combat (just remember that you need arrows and they cannot be pulled out of your enemies). As soon as you reach the large balcony, the game will add a new quest to your journal (it will remain in your journal almost until the end of the game).

Use the balconies to get to the elevator and call it. A jetpack will be waiting for you below. From now on, you will be able to use this gadget for short flights (use it to get to the upper corridor), but remember that it has limited energy (it will automatically regenerate when the backpack is not in use.

At the exit from the ruins, the berserker Duras will be waiting for you. You will also receive the first two hundred experience points. Your decisions during a conversation with this character will affect the attitude of Duras towards your character. I advise you to agree to travel to Goliet, where Jax can get the basic equipment. You can also opt out if you like. In this case, you can walk alone to this settlement (it is located to the east of the observatory) or study the world on your own terms.

Note: Walking with Douras into town will allow you to join the Berserker faction. There won’t be a second chance.

After a while, Douras will offer to inspect the ruins where people from another faction were. I advise you to agree, as you can find good weapons here. Also, Duras will kill all monsters, and you will get the necessary experience. You can help him or watch him masterfully deal with monsters (in any case, you will get a full experience).

You will gain a total of four hundred experience points during your journey, and you will soon encounter large ruins. Here you can make a choice:

  • Skip the ruins and head straight to Goliet. You will miss the monsters, but also the experience and loot you could get from visiting the ruins.
  • Explore the ruins (Douras will appreciate this) and find out what happened to the missing squad of people from another faction. You will have to kill several monsters, but Duras will help you with this.

Inside you will meet a couple of wild boars. You can deal with them yourself or lure them to Duras. He will only be glad of this coincidence. Inside you will find the corpses of the clerics. Search all the corpses to get their weapons (this weapon can be destroyed in Goliet on assignment), five in total. Collect all the weapons to get one hundred experience points, then talk to the berserker and get another two hundred experience points. After that you can go to the city. Upon arrival in the city, you will receive two hundred units of experience and a new task “Berserker Warrior”.

Approach the gate and talk to the gatekeeper to complete the task and get four hundred experience points. You can now explore the village and unlock new side quests. Also, I advise you to visit Ragnar (the local chief) and local merchants.

Second task. Stolen equipment

This is one of the tasks of the revenge campaign in the hero’s journal. In the course of this task, you need to find the person who stole Jax’s equipment at the beginning of the game. This person’s name is Rei.

How to unlock the quest: Automatically when meeting with Duras during the main story quest.

You will find out about this person during your first conversation with Duras. If you mention stolen equipment in a conversation, then he will give a tip to this person. I advise you to postpone the search for this thief and pump up a little (or just avoid strong monsters during your journey). Destination: motel. It is located north of the first city.

Find Ray in the motel (don’t forget about the monsters) and watch the scene (get two hundred experience points). Ray will tell you that he has already sold your equipment and the game will give you a new task. And also Rey will offer you help and you will have a couple more tasks from companions. I advise you to complete the first task, because after completing it, you can take Ray to the team.

Third task. Separatist sanctuary

This is one of the tasks of the revenge campaign in the hero’s journal. During this quest, you need to find the refuge of the Albian separatists and meet with them in order to find potential allies.

How to unlock the quest: Automatically after talking to Duras during the main quest.

This quest will become available in your journal after talking with Duras. In addition, you can learn about this mission if you meet an alb patrol led by Kerakh.

The hideout can be found in the South Abesa Transformer. Approach the place and talk to their leader – Sestak (get two hundred experience points). Convince their boss that you hate the Albians with all your heart and want to weaken them.

Sestak will give you the first task – to reconfigure the converter to its current location. Find the elevator and use it. Walk to the next elevators in the tower until you reach the top of the transformer where the control room is. Interact with the computer and you will turn on the converter in South Abes (gain a thousand experience points). After that, you can inform Sestak about the successfully completed task, but this is optional. I advise you to check the roof, because there are several elex drinks (free bonuses for the development of your character).

Warning: the process of tampering the inverter data is essentially the same. You don’t need to do this right now, but sabotaging them is a must for moving forward towards the end of the story.

There is also a second assignment from the separatists. You must kill two albs. I advise you to start this task when you reach the tenth level. Go to the Transformer at Edan’s location. The fight will begin after the scene. You will need to kill two albs at once. For this you will be given almost seven hundred experience points. Return to the Converter in South Abes and report your victory to Sestak. Watch another scene and get seven hundred experience points.

You can return to Sestak after joining one of the factions and gaining a rank that allows you to unlock better gear. You will receive a thousand experience points and another two thousand units on top of a bonus when you complete all the main tasks from the revenge campaign journal. This will take you to the second chapter.

Fourth task. Origin – The Power of the Center

In this quest, you must visit a place where friendly NPCs live. In addition, you must also help develop the village and protect its inhabitants.

How to unlock this quest: Talk to Lloyd at the Center camp or after receiving information about the existence of this village. The camp in the center is a fortified village in the mountains located on the border between Abesa and Edan, east of Doom City and north of Goliet.

You can visit this village at any time (I advise you to avoid strong enemies that will be on your way) and unlock this task. However, there is an alternative way – talking with people. For example, talk to Ray after you find him at the motel and he will tell you about the village.

Talk to Lloyd when you get there. You will find out that there are a couple of people in the village who would benefit from your help.


Eckard is the first person who can give you a task (don’t hit him if you don’t want to fight him). He needs to find three volunteers who will help protect the village. You can send your partners to protect the village. For each partner you will receive five hundred experience points, and at the end of the task you will receive a thousand experience points.

Note: if you send a person to protect the village, this does not mean that he will be unavailable for further travel. You can still travel with them. They will simply be in this village and wait until they are called to battle (in a group).


Harley is the second person who can give you an assignment. The mechanic will ask you to remove the parts from the broken car. This is a very strong monster, so you should wait until your character gets stronger.


Jonesy is the third person who can give you a task. You must get rid of ten monsters that can be found in the village. If your character is strong enough, you can kill them yourself. If you are weak, you can lure monsters to this character, and he will help in killing them. For killing one boar you will be given one hundred twenty-five experience points. For killing all the boars, you will receive a thousand experience. Return to Jonesy with the report. You will receive two hundred eleksites and a thousand more experience.

End of the quest

After completing these quests, you can return to Lloyd. For this you will be given three thousand units of experience and a key to the tower. The tower comes into your possession. In addition, from now on you will be considered the leader of this village.

Fifth task. The big bang

Another main quest in Elex. It is associated with a large bomb created by the rogue. You must help them prepare for detonation. In the second part of this quest, there will be a plot twist and you will have to fight with a rather difficult boss.

How to unlock this quest: Talk to Conrad or Duke Logan in the bunker.

You need to reach the fort, that is, the rogue base. Find the entrance to the bunker and talk to Konrad about the bombs. Then talk to Logan to find out that he wants to use the bomb to dominate other factions. You can help outcasts build a bomb.

Return to Konrad and ask about the remaining pieces needed to complete the bomb. He will tell you that you need to find three components. Intimidate, ask, or pay one hundred eleksites to Konrad to find out where these parts can be found. The order of collection is not that important.

Finding Bomb Parts

The first part of the bomb can be found at the military base, which is located west of the motel and northwest of the fort. Minefields surround the base and there are still many dangers inside, but all of these dangers can be circumvented.

Enter the main building and use the jetpack to fly into the room on the first floor. Pick up the first piece and you will receive four hundred experience points.

In order to find the second part, you need to go north from the fort. You must get to a place with a huge, destroyed dome – there will be monsters. You can fight them or focus on finding the necessary part. For finding the second part, you will receive four hundred experience points.

The third component can be found in the large factory west of the Fort, which is easily accessible from Goliet. Explore the plant, destroy monsters and use a jetpack. You need to enter the high radiation chamber. Take countermeasures and go for the component. You will receive four hundred experience.

After collecting all the parts, return to Konrad and give them to him to get two thousand experience. Return to Logan and tell him the bomb is finished.

Find Conrad

Leave the fort and head north towards the ruins. Beware of strong beasts. The final destination will be the destroyed dome. Upon arrival there you will receive four hundred experience points. Before jumping into the arena, save your game and make sure you have good ranged weapons (or magic) – laser and plasma cannons are ideal choices. After going inside, there will be a scene during which you learn that Konrad has created an unusual bomb. You must defeat the giant machine alone (if you had a companion, it will go back).

At the beginning of the battle, do not try to attack a huge machine. Use the environment to hide from energy attacks and watch out for the powerful hit to the ground he sometimes does (just step aside).

Wait for the moment until the small car flies out of the robot. This machine will head to the eleks fields to extract some of them. Attack him while he is in the air with a ranged weapon, or melee when the vehicle goes down. Try to move often, because a big car likes to throw explosives.

After the destruction of the workshop (two hundred and fifty units of experience), you will be taken to the second stage of the battle. At this point, the levitating robot will use a flamethrower. If you don’t have armor or skills that increase fire resistance then stay away from the boss. Use ranged attacks to weaken the boss. For defeating him, you will receive two thousand five hundred experience points.

End of mission and epilogue

Return to the bunker and tell Logan everything. This will complete the main quest (two thousand experience points), but you will also receive an additional quest during which you can kill Konrad.

Konrad will be hiding with the clerics – in Hort. Find it in the factory. Talk to him first. If you want to fulfill Logan’s order, then attack Konrad and kill him (one thousand one hundred experience points). Return to the duke and ask for a reward – three thousand eleksites. If you care about your reputation in the clerics faction, then you need to leave Konrad alone.

Sixth task. Ulbricht’s big offensive

Another story quest. It is designed for high level characters. And also you need to control the converter which belongs to the albums. Now you need to find a good leader who will lead the group and then take part in the attack.

How to open this quest: Talk to Ulbricht at the cathedral in Hort.

Appointing a leader

Ulbricht is in the office. You will learn about the planned attack on the Albs and can be rewarded if you find a good leader for the battle. If you want to find a leader, then I advise you to talk to the following characters:

  • Ragnar in Goliet
  • Logan at Fort
  • Sestaki in South Abesa converter
  • Zardom
  • Thorald

After talking with these characters, you will realize that they are not suitable. The most important candidate is Nastya from Fort. You won’t be able to convince her to join your team right away. First, you need to do something for her. You must win several battles and defeat monsters. If you do everything right (two thousand experience), then she will go to Hort, and you can join her a little later.

Preparing to attack

Warning: you should be able to complete this quest at about level twenty. If your character is too weak, then you will not be able to win all battles or you will lose important allies.

Return to the fort and travel to Ulbricht’s office. Nastya will already be there. After entering the battlefield, you need to make a plan. This is a rather important decision that will affect the difficulty of battles and, therefore, the likelihood of losing your own allies.

Note: some options are only available if your character has reached a certain level of reputation (coldness). You can:

  • Asking Ulbricht and Nastya to join the main character – Ulbricht will help in the initial battles, but he can die forever during the battle.
  • Going without Ulbricht will increase the difficulty of the battles.
  • Order Ulbricht to support Reinhold’s team – this means that you and Nastya will have less support.


Regardless of which options you choose, you need to get to the converter in Ignadone. There will be three battles:

  • The first battle – mechs of colossus and a group of robots (two thousand eight hundred experience units).
  • The second battle – three mechanical colossus and a group of robots (two thousand eight hundred experience units).
  • The third battle will take place in the courtyard in front of the transformer. You must fight three colossi, a group of robots and a group of Albs under the command of Jurek (two thousand eight hundred experience units).

In each of these battles, try to focus on eliminating the colossus, especially if they are attacking your allies. EMP charges can come in handy here (you can add them to electric weapons, because they stun these enemies for a short time. Keep the game between battles and heal the main character. After that you can talk to Nastya to start another battle.

Talk to Nastya after you have mastered all the battles. As a reward for this, you will receive twelve thousand experience points.


Now it is time to reconfigure the converter in Ignadone. Find Jurek’s body on the battlefield and take the key card (eight hundred experience points) from him and use it to get to the transformer. You need to get to the highest level. Use the elevators and kill enemies (everything is already simple here). Get to the desired room and use the panel to turn off the car.

Seventh task. Free like a bird

Picture caption

There will be a critical choice in this assignment. Here you choose which of the three factions to join – Berserkers, Clerics or Outcasts. This quest is added to your journal when you talk to one of the leaders of the aforementioned factions. This quest is updated when you meet with the leaders of other groups. But it’s not that simple. To join one of the factions, you need to prove that you will be good and complete a number of tasks.

Ragnar from the village of Goliet, located in Edan, decides who can join the berserkers. You can first meet him near the stairs in the central part of the village. However, it can be found later in the ruins of the Goliet Hotel.

Warning: you may have problems with this character if you tell him that you deserted from the Alb faction. Start completing all the tasks given by Ragnar and the rest of the berserkers in the village.

William of Fort decides who can join the outcasts. However, the entire faction is ruled by the Duke. You must start completing the tasks that William and the rest of the faction will give you.

Reinhold, from the cathedral in the eastern part of Ignadon, decides who can join the clerics. You must start completing quests from the clerics that can be found in the city. And also you need to go through a separate quest that Reinhold gives.

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