ELEX. Completing all side quests in the Ignadon location

In this article, you will find the passage of all side quests in the Ignadon location.

One of the side quests. You will unlock it when you reach Hort’s location in Ignadon. Hort is the main headquarters of the clerics. You have several options for entering this location.

How to unlock: Talk to Xander near the entrance to Hort.

Near the entrance to Hort there is a guard named Xander (east end of the map). You will learn that not everyone can enter the clerics headquarters. I will give you a couple of options for solving this problem:

  • Obtain permission to trade – more information will be described below.
  • Find Reiner, who is wandering around Abessa’s location, and talk to him about the process of recruiting clerics.
  • Try to bribe. He will give the money back and will be able to let you in if you do him a favor.

The trade permit can be purchased from a merchant named Levin, who sits on the ground next to one of the war machines. He can give you a mini-quest “Hunters and Collectors”, during which you must collect all of his lost goods.

Head west. Unfortunately, the crates are guarded by powerful monsters. You must lure them out and kill them one by one. You can also try to lure them to the clerics so that they do all the dirty work for you. After clearing the area, you can collect three boxes with food (one hundred experience points) and return them to Levin. You will receive four hundred experience points and will be able to trade with Levin in the future. In addition, you can choose another reward: a pass and one hundred experience points, a rifle + six batteries, or two hundred thirty eleksites.

If you have chosen a pass, then feel free to go to Xander and enter the city. Regardless of your choice, the task will be completed, and you will receive two hundred experience points.

Final Arrangements

This is one of the side quests that can be completed at the headquarters of the clerics. During this quest, you must solve the problem with the outcasts. You will have several options for passing this task.

How to unlock: Talk to the Wolf in Hort.

The wolf can be found in the mine, and he will give you a task during which you must kill a prisoner named Eli. Listen to his plan. You will need to kill your target when he leaves the city. In addition, during your first conversation with the Wolf, you can get experience and two natural eleks, if you have a crafting parameter for four units.

Go to the prison where the prisoners will be. Talk to Eli about how to leave this place and you will receive two new quests:

  • In the first task, you need to pick up your target’s sword. The weapon is in a warehouse next to Balder’s office. Ordinary people cannot access the warehouse. You can wait for the night and sneak inside (the guard – the robot can be active) or quickly run into the room and take the weapon before someone sees you and tries to stop you.
  • In the second task you need to find the disguise of the clerics. Go to a merchant named Ferdinand in the city and buy clothes for one hundred eleksites (one hundred experience points).

Now you can go back to Eli. Here you will have two options for completing the quest:

  • Fulfill the request of the Wolf and kill Eli – your target will stop at the bridge leading to the city. You can attack him immediately or after a short conversation. Kill Eli (thirty twenty five units) and return to the Wolf. For this task you will receive one hundred and thirty eleksits as a reward.
  • Arrange a meeting between Wolf and Eli – Eli will automatically go to the mine where Wolf is working. First, there will be a conversation. After a short conversation, they will start fighting. Do not attack the Wolf, even if you want to help Eli, because then all the clerics and machines will take up arms against you. You must let Eli lose the fight and die (two hundred experience points). Get your reward and complete this quest.

Warning: This quest has a short epilogue. During one of your conversations, Balder will talk about an escaped prisoner. He will demand compensation in the form of three hundred eleksites. You can obey or attack Balder. In the second option, the whole city will take up arms against you, so I advise you to pay off with money.

Subversive Elements

One of the larger side quests that is given out in Hort. Completing this quest can improve your relationship with the clerics and increase your chances of joining this faction.

How to unlock: Talk to Reinhold at the fort.

Reinhold is the leader of the cleric, and he can issue an important assignment. You need to find a person who illegally sells elex. Reinhold will give you a couple of tips that may help in this investigation.

This is not all. Dietrich in the administration building will be able to give more information about this case. He will suggest that you check the clergy camp and find an elex supplier.

Now you need to visit the castle in western Ignadon. On the way to the castle, you can stumble upon strong enemies, so be careful and ready. You need to go to the entrance, which is not guarded by strong monsters. In the castle you have to ask three clerics about Elex.

Gerd guards one of the entrances to the castle. You can use combat experience and get twenty-five experience points and six plasma cells. Show the warrant and listen to it.

Dirk is in ruins. Show the warrant, and he will give the code for the safe (4979). The safe is in the side room (behind the painting). Check the content.

Karsten wanders around the castle. Show the warrant and get Karsten’s code from the safe (8195). Find a safe in the camp and take clothes from there (one hundred experience points). Return to Carsten and file charges. Then you have several options for solving the current situation:

  • Collaboration with Carsten. At the beginning of cooperation in trade, you will receive two hundred experience points and seventy-five eleksites.
  • Karsten’s murder. In this case, he attacks the main character. You must kill him one on one (three hundred twenty five experience points).

Return to Dietrich at Hort regardless of how you solved the situation. Tell him about Carsten’s death and stopped trading, or lie and tell him you got rid of the supplier. To reinforce the words, show the clothes from the safe. You will receive five hundred experience points and fifty eleksites.

In the next task, you need to collect three observation reports from the guards. The guard from the pit and from the factory will give reports without any problems. Xander may ask you to say that Siegfried is the person responsible for the illegal trade (two hundred experience points). If you legally entered the city and do not owe Xander anything, then you can not comply with his request.

You can complete this task immediately. Just choose the culprit at random, without any investigation. However, after completing all the steps above, it is recommended that you return to Reinhold at the Cathedral. You will have three suspects: Hagen, Siegfried, and Oswald. Choose Siegfried to work off a debt to Xander or Oswald to destroy the true merchant. Reinhold will trust you anyway, and you will receive five hundred experience points. A little later, you can talk to Reinhold again. If you pointed to a real merchant, you will receive four hundred eleksites, but in the service of a lie, Reinhold will be angry with you.

Warning: if you owed Xander and didn’t choose Siegfried, then the guard will take revenge on you. He will persuade all the merchants in the city, and they will stop trading with you. You can pay Xander four hundred eleksites or use the additional dialogue option if you have six charisma points. As a result, you will receive four hundred experience points and the ability to trade in the city.

Note: you have the opportunity to receive an additional reward for completing the task and correctly guessing about the merchant – three thousand experience and five hundred eleksites. You will get this automatically if you join the Clerics faction. If you have chosen a different faction, then still return to Reinhold – he will give you a reward.

Food for the clerics

How to unlock: Talk to Martha in Hort.

Martha runs the canteen in Hort and during your first meeting she will give you free soup. Alternatively, you can unlock a quest in which you need to solve a food problem. You need to find a supplier.

Your destination is an abandoned base southwest of the city of the clerics. You will have several options for obtaining food. The most obvious one is to talk to Raudur (you can use three charisma points and six crafting points to get four hundred and seventy-five experience points) and burn him two hundred and fifty eleksites for supplies. You will receive Raudur’s notes, which contain the codes for the safes in the camp (9981, 1758, 1455). Check all the safes and take whatever you can.

The first alternative solution is to steal Raudur’s notes. This will allow you to skip the entire conversation with him and go for supplies.

The second solution is to break into all the safes. If you use this method, then make sure that your hacking rate is very high.

Return to Martha in Hort and give her supplies (four hundred experience points). This information will appear to the woman. If you stole them, you can lie or tell the truth. Martha will be angry with you in this case, since she wanted to establish a trade relationship with this person (four hundred experience points).

Question of Faith

How to unlock: Talk to Eve in Hort.

Eve is standing next to a building in Hort, and she will speak to the hero when he walks past her. She will ask you to find a rare book by Arvid. You need to go to the archives. Go to the cathedral and try to go to the basement where the archives are. Karl will stop you. You will not be able to enter the archives even if you try to bribe the guard.

Wait for the night. At night Karl leaves his post and goes to pray. After that, you can calmly go to the archives.

If you don’t want to wait for the night, you can hack the console located near the entrance to the basement. You can hack the console if you have three points in crafting skill. Add your name to the list of people with access to the archives (fifty experiences) and talk to Karl. He let you pass.

The longest option is to join the clerics faction and get the rank of assistant. Helpers have full access to the archives.

Pick up the Teachings of Arvid and take it to Eve. You will receive two hundred experience points and fifty-five eleksites.

Cause and Effect

How to unlock: Talk to Hagen at Hort.

Paladin Hagen is in the administrative task of Horte, and he will ask you to study mutants that can be dangerous for the city (you can use three combat skill points and get fifty experience points). I advise you to complete this task when your character is at a high level, because you will need to defeat these monsters.

The nest of monsters is located north of the city of the clerics. Don’t rush inside, because there are so many of them. Lure out smaller beasts and then switch to the remaining boss. You can weaken it from afar, because the monster has no ranged attacks. After the end of the battle, check the cave (two hundred and fifty experience points). There will be dead clerics (four hundred experience points). Return to Hagen and receive eight hundred experience points, as well as two hundred eleksites.

Warning: if you cannot fight the monsters, then immediately run into the cave. After that, forget about the task for a while. When Hagen receives a report on the activities of mutants in the region, he will gather other clerics and go to clear the territory of monsters.

Hard as steel

How to unlock: Talk to Godhard at Hort.

Godhard works in a factory. During a conversation, you can keep silent or interrupt it. He will give you a hundred eleksites and ask you to buy one thing. Go shopping in the evening. The vendor can be found west of the clerics headquarters. You need to get the box and you have two ways to solve this problem:

  • Buy a crate from a vendor. Pay a hundred eleksit, and he will demand more. You can pay him out of your own pocket, threaten him and pay only half (twenty-five experience points), or attack and kill him (one hundred experience points).
  • Use the pickpocketing skill and steal from this character.

After that (one hundred experience points), you can return to Godhard. You will receive two hundred experience points and seventy-five eleksites.

From Old to New

How to unlock: Talk to Anna in Hort.

Note: try to complete this task immediately so that certain clerics do not die prematurely. Otherwise, robots can attack and kill innocent NPCs.

Anna in Hort will ask you to collect chips from faulty robots. Head to the airport, southeast of the clerics’ settlement. There you will notice a group of mechanics fighting robots. Join the battle and kill all enemies. Leave the Colossus for last – watch out for energy attacks and try not to get hit by them.

After the battle, investigate the remains of cars and take all the chips (seven hundred experience points). Bring them to Anna (eight hundred experience points). Your reward depends on the speed of completion of this task and on your politeness at the beginning of the conversation (more politeness = more eleksites).


How to unlock: Talk to Dirk at the West Ignadon Castle Ruins.

Dirk can be found in the castle ruins. This is where clerics are recruited. The ruins are very far from Hort, and you can visit them during the “Subversive Elements” quest. Dirk will ask you to deliver the report to headquarters (if you have six points in the survival skill, you can use a special dialogue before starting this task). The report can be read in the inventory, but it is not required.

Go to Hort and report back. For this task you will receive two hundred experience points.

Neighbor Troubles

How to unlock: Talk to Gerd at the West Ignadon Castle Ruins.

In this task you need to get rid of the monsters. They are very powerful creatures, so I advise you to start this quest at level 20+. Monsters are located east of the ruins. Lure out the monsters one by one and kill them. For each monster you will be given one hundred and sixty experience points. For all you will receive one thousand four hundred experience points. Return and receive a reward – one hundred and forty eleksites.

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