Electronic cigarette: is it bad or not? Here are pros and cons

The electronic cigarettes , also known as e-cig , are devices that are very effective for quitting smoking traditional cigarettes . In fact, they represent a valid alternative to this harmful habit and also for this reason they are enjoying very significant success by consumers all over the world .

If from many researches, among which the one conducted on a sample of 886 smokers and reported in the article ” A Randomized Trial of E-Cigarettes versus Nicotine-Replacement Therapy published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it is possible to state that the cig have the ability to replace regular cigarettes in a much more effective way than nicotine patches or other remedies available, it is still being debated whether vaping is actually absolutely safe.

Electronic cigarettes work by heating a liquid , which is formed by a neutral base, one or more aromas and can also contain nicotine in varying quantities, provided that the vaper does not prefer a liquid that is devoid of it. Both in specialized stores and online you can buy liquids for electronic cigarettes , both ready-made and broken down into the three elements just indicated.

Each electronic cigarette is an accessory that makes you feel all those sensations of traditional cigarettes that bring pleasure and satisfaction, including the throwing out of “smoke” from the mouth, which in the case of electronic cigarettes is actually vapor. From this point of view, it is interesting to underline the fact that in different e-cig models there is also the possibility of regulating the amount of vapor to be emitted during the vape.

But why should a person choose to switch to vaping ? Although the actual damage that the electronic cigarette can cause has not yet been verified, it seems that compared to traditional cigarettes, these potentially harmful effects (to health and not only) of the e-cig are somewhat lower .

This last point would seem to be confirmed by the document that was presented by Public Health England in 2015. This British government agency stated that the electronic cigarette is significantly less harmful than the traditional one (the data reported even speak of 95% more).

On the other hand, the cases of intoxication, even severe, of many vapers in the United States cannot be overlooked, a case that has questioned the most optimistic theories on electronic cigarettes. In this regard, however, it remains to be considered that overseas there was no federal law that regulated the matter uniformly and therefore there was a great regulatory chaos regarding e-liquid substances and the ascertainment of their non-toxicity. Moreover, in that country it is very common for people to compose liquids themselves starting from raw materials, so the control over them is practically nil by the state.

It seems clear that further studies are absolutely necessary, involving the chemical compounds of liquids for electronic cigarettes and also the functioning of the same. In the meantime, however, we can count on some fixed points.


  • The benefits of the electronic cigarette on health and beauty
  • Other advantages offered by the electronic cigarette
  • What are the costs for an electronic cigarette

The benefits of the electronic cigarette on health and beauty

As highlighted in the introduction, deciding to use an electronic cigarette instead of the traditional ones can have some not negligible advantages. Here are some that relate to health and beauty :

  • The e-cig does not heat the liquid until it reaches combustion temperature, so many of the toxic substances that in traditional cigarettes are released during this process and that can cause damage to lungs or other organs are avoided by vaping.
  • Benefits regarding the aesthetic aspect: using the electronic cigarette instead of the traditional ones, the teeth can become whiter, the hair can appear more beautiful and pleasant to the touch, and also the skin derives important advantages.
  • Less odors: the vapor of the electronic cigarette is not odorless, but, unless you choose a tobacco aroma, it usually has nothing to do with the smell of smoke of traditional cigarettes. Consequently, if you vape at home, the rooms and fabrics will not have annoying odors. Even the hands and breath will not be unpleasant to smell.
  • There is no risk of burning your fingers, which can accidentally occur with traditional cigarettes.

Other advantages offered by the electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette also offers other advantages, in addition to those inherent to health and beauty, compared to normal ones, namely:

  • According to some studies of the English NHS (National Health System), vaping can help to quit smoking, and in fact in that country the e-cig is recommended for those who intend to give up that harmful habit. In Italy, the Veronesi Foundation is more dubious, but has found partially positive results, but still to be fully validated.
  • It may be worth an attempt, then, to gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine contained in the refill liquid to try to combat nicotine addiction, as the AIRC (Italian association for cancer research) affirms. In fact, each liquid contains variable amounts of this substance, or even does not contain any at all. As a result, a smoker who wants to reduce his physical addiction to cigarettes can gradually decrease the nicotine doses taken.
  • It also allows you to delay the vape at various times. This is a very advantageous aspect, which allows you not to waste money. For example, if you smoke a normal cigarette at the bus stop, you run the risk of having to throw it out suddenly when the bus arrives: with the electronic cigarette, similar problems do not exist.
  • There are tons of flavors available: a vape, unlike a smoker, has a lot more choice in terms of flavors available. There are several tobacco liquids for those who are still tied to that flavor, but they can also be of different types, such as fruity or creamy.
  • You save: with a quick calculation you can see that even per month smokers spend much more than vapers.

What are the costs for an electronic cigarette

Each electronic cigarette is different from another model, but on the market there are many models that only require the periodic purchase of coils (also called resistors ) and liquids .

A resistance can last about 1-2 weeks, and has low costs (about 1-3 euros). The cost of liquids is also very affordable, although variable. Many small bottles of liquid cost no more than 6 euros.

The duration of these liquids depends on each person, but also on the amount of nicotine that each product contains: in fact, if the nicotine rate is high, generally the liquid tends to last longer, because the user vapes less.

On the Terpy.it website, there is the possibility to buy many different types of liquids: there are many flavors to choose from.

There are also other spare parts for the e-cig in addition to the resistors, which could be useful if those mounted on your device were to break (as in the case of the glass inside which the liquid is to be placed).

On the market, there are electronic cigarettes ideal for those who use them for the first time, which are very simple to use and cost little (about 15-30 euros). However, there are also more advanced and expensive models, which offer additional functions for a more satisfying vaping experience.


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