Does Electric Muscle Toner Work? Do you lose weight?

A device that promises to help you get fit easier than regular physical training can be a bit appealing to those who don’t like or believe they don’t have time to go to the gym.However, before investing in one of these products it is essential to know if it really works, right? For example, does  electric muscle toner work?.

But what is the electric muscle toner? 

The idea behind the use of the electric muscle toner is that it is possible to work on a certain region of the body through activating electrical pulses, from which electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin.The promise is that muscle toners transmitters work the muscles through contraction and relaxation, even when standing still.The supposed benefits of the product also include toning – as the name of the equipment already delivers – endurance and strength.

There are those who use the device hoping to decrease measurements, while others use it for greater muscle definition. The electric muscle toner can also be used to supplement physical exercises such as abdominal exercises .

The Electric Muscle Toner works as follows: The user places the equipment in the body region they want to tone and after the device is turned on, electrical currents are sent through the skin to cause the muscles to contract.

Muscle toners usually come with a contact gel that fits the equipment to the skin, and manufacturers recommend not using the electric muscle toner without first applying such a contact gel.

And then, does the electric muscle toner really work?

The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved electric muscle toners for weight loss, waist circumference reduction or the so-called “six pack” abdomen.

However, publications point out that regular use of a muscle toner called the Slendertone Bottom Toner can improve glute strength and endurance.

According to the American Exercise Council, the scientists in charge of the experiment recruited 72 women aged 20 to 60 years with a body mass index between 18 and 32 who could not have attended any lower body training in the six months previous (to research).

During the study, the equipment was compared with traditional glute-working exercises such as hip extension. The result presented was that exercise produced a 9% increase in strength and 26% in endurance after six weeks, while muscle toner brought a 15% improvement in strength and 26% in endurance.

The Executive Director of the American Exercise Council does not equate the benefits of muscle toning with regular exercise.

However, the American Exercise Council warns against equalizing the benefits of electric muscle toning to regular exercise.

The organization pointed out that during the survey, participants who used the equipment spent more time than those who do glute exercises – the former spent 30 minutes with the appliance while the second group spent five minutes working out.

“If individuals in the exercise group had devoted an amount of time to traditional exercises equivalent to the (time) that individuals in the stimulating (device) group devoted using the equipment, they would probably have exceeded (the benefits) of those who used the exercise. electric muscle tonifier, ”said the American Science Council’s chief science officer.

The organization also pointed out that if people cite a lack of time not to exercise but can find time to use electric muscle toners over 30 minutes a day, they may be able to find 30 minutes a day to practice physical activity. which will bring more benefits than the electric muscle toner can offer such as overall health improvements, decreased risk of disease, reduced stress, improved mood and weight loss.

In this regard, most manufacturers recommend using the electric muscle toner for at least 30 minutes a day over most days of the week. If so, they agree that a more time-efficient job would be to adhere to cardio training and physical activities that naturally tone muscles.

Also, you cannot see results with these equipment unless you follow a calorie-controlled diet and make time to practice cardio exercises regularly. That is, these devices do not work any miracles.

To ensure that the electric muscle toner you want to buy and use can really help you in some way, consult a doctor before purchasing the equipment. 

Contraindications, side effects and care with electric muscle toner 

It is necessary to talk to the doctor about the safety of appliances such as the electric muscle toner before purchasing and starting to use the equipment. Once the professional approves the use of the equipment, it is important to purchase the product from a reputable, reputable trademark.

Muscle toners may not be used by pregnant women, patients with a cardiac stimulator, persons suffering from a neuromuscular condition, those with a bleeding disorder and those with a medical device implanting them. In addition, the device should not be used in the heart region.

Electric muscle toners may cause side effects such as burns, electric shocks, bruises, pain and skin irritation. It is recommended that you follow all manufacturer’s instructions to prevent serious injury such as electrocution (electrical current flowing through the body that can kill).

When experiencing any of these adverse reactions or other side effects as a result of using the equipment, seek medical advice quickly, even if the problem does not appear to be serious, to check the severity of the reaction in question and to receive appropriate treatment if appropriate. be necessary.

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