El Jardin Cafeteria

Cafeteria “El Jardín”. Gastronomic establishment of the Chilean People’s Council, San Luis municipality , Santiago de Cuba province . Founded December 31 , 1984 .


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This establishment is located in the Consejo Popular Chile, calle Jesús Menéndez .


The cafeteria founded the 31 of December of 1984 , built of masonry, with doors and windows plate glass ceiling and tiled floor. Previously it was divided by several areas, the first, a cafeteria lounge with 7 tables each with four chairs, a court with 10 chairs, a counter with a cold preservation of two doors.

Food processing area where there was a cold storage with three doors, electric fryer, electric can opener, bread toaster, large and small electric blender, there were four bathing areas, two internal for workers and two external for the service to the population, a local office of the administrator, warehouse area with its cold room, a Bar with its counter and a large cold with three doors and four tables each with 4 chairs.

Currently in this establishment there is a cafeteria lounge with 6 tables each with 4 chairs, a court without chairs, a counter, a food preparation area, four bathrooms, a manager’s premises, a kitchen in the outdoor area for wood for preparation. of food at the moment, warehouse with 1 fridge, a cold room (it does not work), bar with 4 tables each with 4 chairs, in the outside area on the roof is the terrace with a small counter area and two bathrooms.

Social object

It serves the population in gastronomy offers, bar rum and beer are sold from 1:30 PM and on weekends in recreation to the population. On carnival days it is used as a bar where Creole food and beers are offered.


Budgeted by the Gastronomy Company and made by the Cañera Chile Company construction brigade


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