Effective homemade anthormigas and products to eliminate ants

This animal species, whose scientific name attends to that of formicides, dates back more than one hundred million years and is known for working in groups .

Classified in a kind of pyramid, at the top of it are the fertile female ants to go down the ladder to those known as worker or soldier ants.


How to kill the ants?

Once this small introduction is made as a summary of the characteristics of this insect, we will focus our attention on those species that inhabit our houses and gardens in order to know how to kill the ants.

If you are reading this, you are probably faced with an invasion of these animals. If so, in this article we will propose a series of tricks or guidelines to kill ants quickly and efficiently.

In case these annoying animals have sneaked outside your homes, nothing better to remove ants from the garden than to carry out a series of recommendations such as those shown below:

  1. Poison or spermicideis usually the first resource of all those who have ever seen an invasion of ants. However, for this method to be completely effective, it is convenient to take the route of the same, which will take us to the final destination, the anthill.

If these are found at the base of a plant or the trunk of a tree, a cloth soaked in this solution around them will be the perfect alternative to end them.

  1. Another solution is natural remedies in the form of plants that give off aromasthat are not pleasant for them, such as thyme or lavender. Also salt (this remedy is widely used in millions of homes from our grandmothers) or garlic in the roots or in places of access such as doors or windows, is another alternative to get rid of this annoying insect.

Ants are great enemies of a careful garden , in fact, they can cause alterations such as gnawing plants and flowers or stealing the seeds that we have planted so carefully in our garden.

If we add that an anthill next to the root of any plant is synonymous that it will not take long to dry, the thing gets even more complicated.

As an unwanted tenant, ants are also regulars of homes, so it is advisable to avoid certain customs if we do not want to meet a tenant who in addition to not paying the rent is difficult to evict.

Heat and leftover food are the perfect combination to attract these little bicharracos, so the cleaning of the home must be regular and if it uses a few drops of vinegar, holy remedy.

An ant wandering alone in the kitchen is an indicator that others are close, so extreme vigilance as if it were a war zone, because the enemy will soon be giving signs of life.

Always airtight containers to avoid spilling any crumb that can attract them is another way to remove them. In the same way it is convenient to seal the access places with products such as silicone to prevent its entry.

If you wonder how to eliminate ants at home , there are plenty of remedies that our grandmothers already used to end them once and for all.

Homemade anthormigas insecticides

Some of the most effective home anthormigas:

  1. Cinnamon and pepper for example.
  2. Also squeeze the juice of several lemons and sprinkle on them, preferably with a sprinkler.
  3. Baking soda and sugar, a combination that will make them run away in terror.
  4. White vinegar, in addition to being a great ally to maintain glossy soils and be a magnificent disinfectant, is also one of the greatest enemies of these little intruders.
  5. In places of access such that doors and windows cast talcum powder.
  6. A branch of oregano in the cupboards will also keep them away.
  7. Coffee lovers can use granites to scare them away.
  8. Although the smell is not pleasant, ammonia is a great fighter in this field. You can always try to spray the possible entries when you are going to spend a few hours outside, so on the way back the smell will not be so strong.

Repellents all of them of natural elaboration whose cost is affordable to all the pockets and that allows to exterminate any plague of ants that is tried to become a corner in house.

If you still have not been able to eliminate them, perhaps the best solution, although something more expensive will be to call a professional, the so-called exterminators specialized in killing pests of different animals, such as cockroaches or ants.

It should be noted that absolutely all ants have eusocial character. This definition refers among other things, to which they are insects that are characterized because several generations coexist among them.

Although rare, this characteristic makes these animals act in colonies, as if it were a single unit that works together. Therefore, if you find a pair of ants hanging around your house or garden, do not doubt that there will be many others around you.

Additional curiosities about ants

Once immersed in the world of ants, point out how some of the curiosities of this animal species, among other things that are capable of carrying their weight fifty times, interact with other species such as aphids or enslave other species of ants forcing them to work for their colony.

But the most curious thing is that these tiny beings have lived with gigantic dinosaurs , since they have been part of the earth for millions of years.

In this anti-enemy battle we hope to have been useful to all those people who have encountered them to date, making known not only different anti-enemy remedies and products , but also the way in which these animals are related and coexist. Studying their customs we play with advantage with respect to them.


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