Economic importance and use of rhinoceros flowers

The fog moon is coming again in the winter. Although winter has not yet been felt in Dhaka, winter has come out of Dhaka. After the swing of nawabn, winter vegetables have fallen in the field in the village. The function of beauty building began with various winter flowers, even though winter was not coming, in the corridors of the dilapidated city. Educational institutions, office-court courtyards have already boiled a very well-known flower, which we know as a rhinoceros flower.

Yellow, orange, reddish-brown, this common flower has great importance in the city or the village, everywhere. There are no bouquets of flowers made for weddings, worships, ceremonies, meetings, processions, or special tributes for the day of mourning. Therefore, its economic importance is also immense. Learn about belly flowers .

Flour flower is cultivated all over the country. This flower started to be commercially grown in Bangladesh since the 1970s. These flowers are grown commercially in Gadkhali, Jhikargachha, Jhenaidah, Chuadanga, Gazipur district, Sadar upazila, Chittagong district, Hathazari and Patiya, Dhaka district.

Importance of rhinoceros flowers

১. Flower is one of the popular flowers for decoration of rhinos and is used widely in religious and social events to create rosary, flower bouquet.

  1. Due to its easy cultivation and adaptability, it has gained popularity with gardeners.


৩. Rhinestone flowers have attracted the attention of flower growers in the short term due to their marketable, attractive wide spectrum, great size and good quality.

৪. Ideal for making flower flowers, especially beads.

৫. They can grow in a wide-spread bed or tub. French mattress flowers are perfect for hanging baskets and small tubs.

Use of marigold flowers

Reduces eye inflammation and conjunctivitis

The results of the study show that rhinoceros is capable of treating conjunctivitis and other chronic eye inflammatory problems with the extracted juice of flowers .

Contains natural antiseptic properties

When doing a study on rhubarb juice, the bacteria are applied in the form of a drop inside the ear cavity  to treat ear infections and reduce pain  . Studies have found that the use of rhubarb juice can reduce the inflammation and inflammation of the inner ear in just two days, in some cases without the use of antibiotics.

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Heals wounds, burns and bruises on the skin

Historically, and still, one of the most popular uses of rhubarb is that it is well-known for reducing itching, redness, sensitivity, dryness and swelling (or on the eyelids and elsewhere). It has been found that calendula improves the growth of healthy new tissues, increases blood flow to the affected site, enhances collagen production which strengthens and strengthens the skin, moistens dry skin and accelerates the skin repair process after surgery.


Dandelion flowers are not an option to quickly heal damaged skin. Mulberry flower juice can be mixed with coconut oil to create a special herbal ingredient, which can be of great use to us. In-

  • In the treatment of insect bites
  • In the treatment of burns
  • To reduce dermatitis and eczema
  • To reduce wounds
  • Healing infected cuts
  • To shave the skin after shaving the beard
  • In the treatment of new hair loss
  • On the scalp  dandruff reduction Ease
  • To reduce impaired blood flow and other signs of inflammation affecting the skin

The mosquito prevents flies

Due to its strong odor, antioxidant content and volatile oils, rhinoceros is naturally used to ward off mosquitoes, pests and other insects. Because of this, rhinoceros flowers are usually planted in the garden and sprayed with extracted juice, sprinkled on the house, or by making lotions, the insect or mosquito can not be sprayed around the body throughout the body.

Rhinoceros tea throughout the winter

There is a special kind of rhinoceros flowers in South America. Their leaves are fragrant. For this reason, mattress leaves are used in the preparation of aromatic tea. The juice of this tree is especially useful for colds. This species is not seen in Bangladesh.

Special use of marigold

At the end of the season when the rhinoceros is planted, it can be used very easily without leaving it. From the soil you can spread the tree dry and spread it all over the land. It protects the land from the scourge of deadly diseases like nematodes.


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