eCall: what it is and how it works

The new life-saving system is called eCall and promises to be a real virtual assistant in the event of an accident : let’s see how this system works, which is now mandatory by law.

What is the eCall system

This innovative solution consists of a fundamental service whose usefulness is to inform the police if you were involved in a road accident.
But how can such a system work? In truth, it is an altogether simple idea, the functioning of which is equally banal.

The eCall system consists of an electronic-computer device that is installed on each car during its manufacture. The purpose of eCall is to perceive any impacts of the vehicle obviously caused by an accident and immediately notify the police and rescue, so that it is possible to intervene promptly in case you are in danger of life.

Official estimates claim that eCall is able to save at least 2,000 and 500 lives every year, a very high number if we consider the number of fatal accidents that occur over the same period, i.e. about 3,000 (source ISTAT for the year 2018 relating to Italy).

How the eCall system works

This device is simple and does not require any motorist skills to fulfill its purpose; eCall is connected directly to the car’s airbags and, if only one of the latter opens, it immediately calls the police and rescue services indicating the place of the accident, the type of vehicle involved, the fuel with it is fed and finally makes an estimate of the timing of the intervention. In practice, your car will be increasingly able to meet your needs and in this case to literally save your life in case you lose consciousness or are unable to call for help for any reason.

Obviously, eCall also works in a traditional way by means of a special button which in the dashboard is made clear by a bright red color; at any time you deem it appropriate, you just have to press the button and receive the appropriate assistance.

The eCall system and legislation

Some of you will no doubt be wondering what we are talking about, especially if you don’t own a new or very recent car.

The eCall system is in fact now fitted by all car manufacturers in the European Union and its presence on board is mandatory from April 2018 . Cars that were built before that date are not equipped with the eCall system, with the exception of a few cases; BMW has anticipated the times a little and has mounted the device on most of the motorcycles of its production starting from 2017. The eCall system cannot under any circumstances be installed on vehicles for which it was not intended.

ECall Considerations

The eCall system is so simple, obvious and effective that it doesn’t need much explanation; you do not have to do anything, as it is the manufacturers who have the obligation to install eCall as established by the legislation.

Its operation is automatic and requires the use of the red button only in emergency cases: the only problem you can run into is related to an erroneous and accidental call from the device, especially if you press the button inadvertently or someone else does it. person in the vehicle. In these cases, however, you have time and means to communicate your error to the police.

It can be said that eCall is therefore something extraordinarily effective and at the same time so obvious that you may wonder why it was not foreseen long ago. The main reason may be even more obvious; the installation cost is borne, at least for now and on paper, by the car manufacturers, who are therefore forced to “offer” this important technology.


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