Easy to make natural juice and smoothie recipes

How to make natural juices easily? Here I leave you tips for making natural juices or smoothies. This is an easy way to incorporate everything your body needs into your routine.

Healthy eating trends made the combinations infinite . It is that they are not only made with fruit, vegetables were incorporated as new players. The star vegetable of the smoothies is the kale, now it is quite easy. It is a kale that has many properties. Some attribute detoxifying and anticancer benefits.

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Benefits of green leafy vegetables and seeds in natural juices

Thanks to healthy eating, the first green smoothies were born. It’s very simple, chlorophyll is so potent that, with a small portion of leafy vegetables, pum everything was that color so … so … so healthy looking! It really is not just pint , leafy vegetables have more benefits if eaten raw , since cooking takes away nutrients. They are rich in vitamins A, C, the complex B, E and K, minerals such as calcium, iron , magnesium, potassium and fiber. By incorporating them into smoothies with fruits their flavor is neutralized and is a super rich way to consume them.

Another great trend is to add cereals and seeds. The use of these was also popularized and, once again, mixing it with fruits always seems a good idea to incorporate new products into our diet. In addition, as they are very energizing ingredients just like fruits are transformed into a full breakfast that you can take on the trip to work without too much effort .

What I find most difficult of all these shakes is to have this amount of ingredients always available at home. So my recommendation is that you choose one that you like very much every season and always have the ingredients for your battle smoothie . And I emphasize the season because nature is wise and sends us what our body needs in each season. You can find what fruits and vegetables are from each season, but it is best to go to the greengrocer and what is in abundance and at a good price, that is seasonal.

Recommended fruits according to the seasons

Seasonal fruits during the summer are watermelon, peach, fig, plum, lettuce, basil, cucumbers, tomatoes. The best options during the fall are grapes, avocado, apple, zucchini. For winter the seasonal fruits are orange, tangerine, spinach, kiwi, celery, cauliflower, kale, artichokes. During the spring you have strawberries (strawberries), lemons, cherries, chard, celery and carrots.

For the following recipes I noticed that they do not have many ingredients and that they are beneficial combinations. Also, I’m going to show you how to cut a citrus to live.

Photos: Soledad Assandri

Peeled live orange looks like something that takes time and is complicated. I swear it’s very easy and it’s done in a couple of minutes. In the photos I did not use the most appropriate knife, those with the smooth blade are better.

I put them live in the blender because you have to eat the whole fruit with its contribution of fibers, but if we only peel it the blender does not get to undo the skin. Finding bits while we drink is not the cutest texture. If you are lazy, bancate the skins, but avoid making them with juice. Fiber causes the sugar in the fruit to be absorbed gradually in the body and gives more satiety.

You can use both blender and minipimer , the result is the same as a normal blender. If you make them followed by a powerful, semi-professional blender, it is a good investment. You can make them frozen , changing the water for ice and also get super creamy textures.

Recommendations to sweeten natural juices and smoothies

Sweeten or not the smoothie goes in each. Try to avoid white sugar . The ultra naturists say that if you can it is better not to sweeten. If you use ripe fruit, they really don’t need to. Honey, stevia or mascabo sugar are more natural options . I am very fond of honey so I put a little on everyone.

Strawberry and oatmeal smoothie recipe

Photo: Soledad Assandri

For a traditional glass (200cc) put four strawberries, a tablespoon of traditional oatmeal, half a glass of ice water and a tablespoon of honey or your preferred sweetener. I recommend that you have the strawberries in the refrigerator so that it is very fresh. This will leave you full for a while. Oatmeal is hydrated over time and gives a lot of satiety. I recommend it as breakfast.

Spinach, apple and chia juice recipe

Photo: Soledad Assandri

For a traditional glass (200 cc) put a small apple, a handful of approximately 10 spinach leaves, half a glass of ice water, a tablespoon of chia, juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of honey or other sweetener.

Here I have several recommendations for preserving leafy vegetables, clean the spinach (I simply tied the cut over the zuncho and discard the bottom) wash it and centrifuge it. Then keep it with two sheets of absorbent paper in a bag or container in the refrigerator. You have fresh and clean spinach for 4 or 5 days.

On the other hand, for chia to take effect, it must be crushed or hydrated for a couple of hours. The blender blades do not break it and our digestive system does not. It turns out to me to have the mortar on the counter and crush the ones I am going to use at the moment. But I decided what method you find. Ah if you have coffee grinder you can break them there!

I recommend this to start on Mondays and detoxify the body of the weekend.

Recipe smoothie with orange, red fruits and almonds

Photo: Soledad Assandri

For a glass, a lively cut orange, a tablespoon of frozen red fruits, 5 almonds, half a glass of ice cold water and sweetener. In this case the almonds are always better to soak them the night before , but if you don’t do it, nothing happens. And if you have almond milk, you can make the replacement.

I recommend this one for dessert!

Try to think what you lack in your diet and invent your natural juice. Do not fear, almost everything can be eaten raw. It makes special focus on leafy vegetables. Although they color everything green, their taste is hidden behind the fruit. The fruit that best covers any other taste is the banana . But if you do not like it, try to combine, for example: the apple that is not as potent with red fruits or lemon as its acidity makes the flavor potentiate. Do you have a favorite natural juice recipe?

And if you don’t want to do it or want to try new combinations, there are many places that make their own recipes, I propose some …


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