Easter in quarantine: 7 tips to make this period special

Easter in Forty : Have you ever stopped to think about yours? Easter is the main Christian festival, celebrated by millions of people around the world. It marks the resurrection of Christ. This year there is no denying that we will have a different Easter due to the coronavirus pandemic, but know that it is possible to take advantage of the date and renew a very important feeling: hope.

Often, isolation can make people feel distressed , alone and sad . However, the arrival of Easter, which represents the unity of the family, can be a good opportunity to let creativity flow and enjoy the moment, even with limitations.

Keep in mind that it is possible to make Easter special, even strictly following the protocols to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Why not make next Sunday a day that children will remember for the rest of their lives? Maybe someday they will even tell some story of that day to their children and grandchildren!

Thinking to help you in this mission, I prepared this article, with some tips! Follow me until the end and have a very happy holiday with the one you love.

Easter in quarantine: how to discuss the issue with children?

Shall we start by talking about the children? Anyone with children at home will probably need to explain that Easter will be different this year.

First of all, it is important to understand how to deal with children in quarantine and address the issue of coronavirus without panic.

That done, the time has come to explain that, because of the quarantine, people need to stay home to stay safe. This way, there will be no family reunion, with the presence of the closest relatives, as it usually happens every year in many homes.

In this conversation, it is worth stressing that even with all the changes, Easter will happen, however, in a different way.

The explanation should vary according to the child’s age, because when they are very young they end up not understanding the situation very well. In such cases, the ideal is to even explain in a more playful way about what the Easter bunny will be like.

Easter in quarantine: tips for a special mega tip

Since people are confined to their homes, it is not recommended that they go anywhere except supermarkets and pharmacies.

So, before we get into the tips for making your Easter in the quarantine happier and more fun, remember that you should not invite family members to come to your home on that date. It is important, above all, to take care of your health and those you love.

And now for practical tips to make your Easter in the most happy quarantine despite all the adversities we are experiencing!

  1. Keep grandparents involved, but safe

Grandparents and older family members face an increased risk of coronavirus complications, but there are still ways to make them feel quarantined.

A simple, caring and possibly even surprising way is to leave homemade Easter baskets at your door. And, if possible, involve children in preparing their grandparents to pamper.

The only point of attention here is to be careful to clean and disinfect the basket, packaging and everything that will be delivered with great care.

  1. Connect with family members via video conference

Easter is always marked by a good family lunch, isn’t it? Since this year it will not be possible to bring together all loved ones, the tip is to prepare a delicious meal in your own home. Don’t forget traditional and delicious dishes, like the big cod.

So that no one feels alone, it is possible to take advantage of technology and make lunch even more joyful. Make a video conference and connect to celebrate the date together. It is a simple and safe way to see your family members during this day, even if virtually.

The main tip here is not to use Easter time to just talk about the coronavirus pandemic. Take advantage of the family being together to distract your mind and talk about other matters.

  1. Play Easter games

Who has children at home can make Easter in quarantine even more fun! How about creating the traditional game of egg hunting? Here are some tips to get everything going:

  • Make the drawings of rabbit’s legs, cut and spread them around the house;
  • Write a letter to the children in the name of the Easter Bunny (here, you can talk about the game and also convey messages of peace and togetherness about the moment we are living in);
  • Hide the eggs around the house and encourage the children to look for the treats by following the rabbit’s paws.

If you want to make the game even more real, place some bitten carrots next to the rabbit’s letter. That way, they’ll find that he actually went there and left the eggs.

Make homemade chocolate eggs during Easter in quarantine

For those who want to venture into the kitchen, a great way to spend time and still delight in chocolate is to make eggs at home. There are several recipes available on the internet and since everyone needs to stay indoors, it is a great way to get the family together for an activity together.

Oh, and the union in the kitchen doesn’t have to be limited to just eggs. You can all prepare the Easter lunch in the quarantine together , so it doesn’t matter to anyone and everyone has fun.

  1. Watch masses and concerts online

Quarantined Easter can be a challenge for those who are religious and are in the habit of attending services and masses at this time of year. The good news is that everyone will be able to attend mass online , as many churches will broadcast.

For those who are Catholic and like Pope Francis, he will hold ceremonies online on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. You can watch all the broadcasts through the Vatican channel on Youtube and Facebook.

In addition to religious attractions, artists like Andrea Bocelli will also broadcast online at Easter. The concert without an audience will take place at the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral, and promises to be exciting.

  1. Decorate the house

To make the environment more cheerful during Easter in quarantine you can also decorate the house. This does not mean spending a lot of money on decorative items, but adapting to what you already have at home.

If you don’t have an Easter theme decoration, the tip is to try to create something. Join everyone who lives in the house to work on drawings in the shape of rabbits and eggs, for example. The decoration can be simple and, at the same time, fun and beautiful. What matters is to find in the activity a moment of relaxation and union.

  1. Embrace the paschal spirit

As I said at the beginning, we must remember that Easter is a time of Christian celebration, which marks the rebirth of Jesus. It is time for the so-called give back , to give thanks, to have kind gestures, to give back and also to be supportive.

If this is possible, consider supporting an institution that is helping to combat covid-19. Especially on Sunday, we must remember that while we can have our lunch, many health professionals are on the front lines in hospitals taking care of infected people.

We may be feeling some discomfort with this whole situation, but keeping in mind that many are struggling in suffering or struggling for survival is also important. Therefore, also take the time to feel gratitude for your own health and for everyone around you.


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