Easter Egg and Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode Secrets

The Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular modes in the game, aside from the battle royale mode. This mode is not another simple zombie mode where you just shoot the zombie. There are loads of COD Mobile Easter Eggs in this mode that are well hidden and only the most curious of players will be able to discover them.

However, don’t worry if you are not those players because we will reveal every Call of Duty Mobile Zombies easter egg and secret in this article so that you have the best experience of killing zombies with all kinds of cool traps, as well as the hidden boss.

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Death Machine, Secret Weapons / Buffs

Death machine

In Call of Duty mobile zombie mode, you’ll start with the basic weapons to fight weak zombies and score points. You can then spend your points to buy more buffs to increase your damage, your survivability, as well as strong weapons in the store to fight stronger zombies after each round. However, there is a super powerful weapon in this mode that you cannot buy anywhere, the Death Machine.

Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter Egg – A powerful weapon with infinite ammo

The Death Machine is a machine gun with unlimited ammo and insane damage, rate of fire, and accuracy. This is what you have to do to get this weapon:

Go to the fishing hut, it will cost you 1,000 points to open the large patio door, and you will see the pans hanging on the walls of the room, shoot them.

Shoot the pans

You will have to go out and find blue seeds on the right side to destroy them all with your weapon. There are 3 of them near the house and 2 of them on the other side of the nearby bridge.

Find and destroy the seeds in the ground

The weapon will appear in the place of the last seed.


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Maximum ammo bonus

This polisher will give you the maximum amount of ammo for any weapon you carry. To activate this bonus, you need to open the Storage Hutand and look for the strange rock with blue lights off the map. When you shoot this rock, there will be blue skulls spawning on the map, flying around. After killing all these skulls, you will be able to get the Maximum Ammo bonus.

Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter Egg – Max Ammo Bonus

Teddy bear

There are 4 mysterious teddy bears floating on the map, which will disappear when you shoot them. Here are all their locations:

  • Fishing Hut: After entering, go to the left side of the balcony.
  • Storage shed: After entering, look out the window on the right side.
  • Communications room: After entering, look out the window on the right side.
  • Doctor’s Room: The teddy bear will be outside the left window. You should reduce your graphics to low to find it easier.

However, there are apparently no rewards for destroying these teddy bears.

Radio message

You can find 5 radios all over the map. Shoot them and you can learn the story of the zombie outbreak in Shi No Numa.

Hidden Tree Chief Jubokko

By default, you will face the Abomination boss in Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode as the final boss. However, by going through this series of steps, you will eventually be able to unlock a new zombie tree boss named Jubokko.

The Abomination boss in Call of Duty Mobile Zombie

This will take a long time, so the best way to do it is by leaving a zombie alive so the round doesn’t end. In this way, you will have all the time in the world to discover the map and activate the hidden boss. Also, you can only reach this boss if you choose Hardcore mode.


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Here are all the steps to unlock the Jubokko Tree Boss:

  • Search around your starting building to find 2 repair parts. They will be randomly generated in the building. You can find them more often on the first floor.
  • Now go to the balcony on the top floor and you will find a broken elevator. Use the 2 repair pieces to fix it and go to the underground laboratory.
  • Find a piece of paper on the lab table called the Experiment Diary and read it.
  • You will find many blue seeds in that lab in separate rooms. Enter the room to make them grow and then destroy them. You will receive the bonus from Max Ammo after killing them all.
  • Now run to the other room and then activate the machine with a red flashlight.


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