How to earn revenue from the sale of infoproducts?

Currently, shopping malls and street stores do not have the same movement as some years ago. Commemorative dates no longer fill the parking lots, nor do they produce that uproar inside the stores. The main responsible for this low demand for purchases in physical locations? The Internet. It is easier and more practical to buy online, without leaving your home or facing queues for parking, stores and markets. But how to take advantage of this change in consumer behavior and earn revenue from the sale of infoproducts ?

The numbers do not lie: the digital market is the fastest growing sector in Brazil and in the world. “Digital advertising in Brazil moved R $ 14.8 billion in 2017. In 2018, that number reached R $ 18 billion and the expectation for 2019 is to exceed the figure of R $ 20 billion.” – according to the Digital Adspend 2018 survey by IAB Brasil – Interactive Advertising Bureau. These data reflect how access to the Internet has created new markets and are gaining more and more space.

Therefore, in today’s text we are going to talk a little about sales, infoproducts and how to generate revenue from this new consumer phase.

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  • How to sell your infoproduct?

The digital market

The 18th Global Entertainment and Media Survey 2017-2021, which took data from 54 countries into account, showed that investment in digital media will grow by 21% per year until 2021. The digital medium will outperform other more consolidated forms of advertising , with television, and in Brazil alone it already represents one third of the total invested in the area.

It is easy to understand where this change in efforts to reach the public comes from. People are no longer looking at the big screens and have started to give most of their attention to smartphones, and the tendency is that the influence of this device will only increase. In Brazil, 21% of people shop online at least once a week. The most used means of shopping is still the computer (58%), but smartphones are not far behind, being cited by 41% of those interviewed by the consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). These and other results are present in the Global Consumer Insight Survey 2018, a survey that brings together consumer trends and characteristics from 27 countries.

All of these changes are being noticed by the market, and entrepreneurs have managed to divide opportunities into three main pillars. The first concerns producers , those who create infoproducts, business platforms , which function as stores and sell digital products, and affiliates , sellers or digital influencers who encourage consumption and earn a commission for each sale.

This new segment is very strong, and selling knowledge has become a very profitable business. If people are constantly looking for know-how, whether to have new skills at work or just to learn a new hobby, there are specialists on the market willing to teach.

And as we have already seen, the digital revolution has expanded the possibilities of learning: in place of the traditional classroom, infoproducts enter. More practical and agile, this new way of learning accompanies the user wherever he goes.

What are infoproducts?

Infoproducts are 100% online information materials. This format allows to reach more people, since it does not restrict to a physical location. Let’s take, for example, a digital marketing course. If it happens in a certain city, it will only be viable for the professionals who live there. Now, if the content is distributed via an infoproduct (later on we will list the most common types), it will have a much greater reach.

Another reason that leads entrepreneurs to bet on this modality is its cost: without renting a space, and basic bills like electricity and water, it is much cheaper to produce the content. The consumer also wins, since the final product is priced much more cheaply than he would pay in physical format.

Types of infoproducts


It is one of the most common infoproducts, as it is simple to create and can be distributed via links. They are mostly used in online courses, such as a gateway or content testing. Based on customer feedback, it is possible to improve the material and use it as a base for other formats, such as video classes.

Writers can use Google Drive or Word to write the content and then save it in .pdf (most common format) or .epub. Ebooks are used in two ways: to capture leads or to sell material. The second case is simpler: the author provides the download link in exchange for a fee. Whoever wants, can make available on platforms like Amazon to increase the audience reached (but it is necessary to pay a small fee for each book sold, as a commission for the site).

Ebooks can also be used to capture leads, data from people interested in that subject who, in exchange for this information, receive some content. Lead capture is a very effective and low-cost strategy, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, and generates a lot of sales. Capturing this information allows you to understand who the audience you are reaching is, and so think of strategies for conversion.


The Brazilian Podcaster Association (ABPOD), in partnership with CBN, conducted a survey to understand the podcast market in Brazil. Most of the professionals who consume this type of product have completed higher education, and 22% belong to the technology area. Most of the interviewees were attracted by the quality and diversity of the content, as well as the possibility to listen when, how and where they want. Another positive aspect is that it is possible to listen to the programs while doing other activities.

Podcasts are similar to radio programs, but without advertising interruptions and with a greater depth on the topic discussed. They serve to get closer to the public, and can be made available on platforms like Spotify.

Video classes

The Distance Learning business continues to grow: around 21% per year. A good part of this number is thanks to professionals who, without time for face-to-face courses, look for knowledge in online formats to advance their careers.

For entrepreneurs, this segment offers great opportunities, starting with its low investment cost. The video classes can be recorded in a small space such as the room of a house, with just one camera. Of course, quality videos call for a bigger infrastructure, like editing staff and more sophisticated equipment, but a simple video is a good start to test the market.

How to sell your infoproduct?

Before giving tips on how to sell your infoproduct online, it is good to clarify a point that generates many doubts among entrepreneurs: it is not necessary to have a CNPJ to sell on the Internet. But, just like any other business, you need to justify your earnings and pay taxes. For those who do not have a regularized company, rates may be higher. But for those who are starting and want to test this market, you can do the procedures as an Individual, using the CPF. If your business is growing, it is recommended to take a CNPJ to bear less charges.

Now for the tips. The first is to choose your audience’s niche . One of the biggest mistakes of entrepreneurs is wanting to reach everyone – as a consequence, the contents are shallow and do not arouse people’s interest. Try to restrict as much as possible and look for differentials to stand out among the available offers. Then, it’s time to study the target audience and see what format they consumed the most. Do detailed market research to analyze opportunities and, if necessary, create a form to understand the needs of the people you want to reach.

A practice widely used by servants is to offer part of their content for free . This arouses interest and encourages consumers to want to consume more, and for that they must pay. Those who have their own website can separate an area for subscribers with different plans, each giving a different access. This tactic makes the user see all the possibilities of content and, if your content attracts him, increase the chances of him willing to pay.

With this information, you are now ready to venture into the digital market. For entrepreneurs, this is a great investment opportunity, as it is an expanding segment with infinite possibilities. Infoproducts are a good gateway with their low production costs and greater public reach.

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